Repatriate Michael Campbell

Michael Campbell is an Irish political prisoner who has been held in a Lithuanian prison since he was entrapped in a British Security Services so-called ‘sting operation’ in 2008.  In 2011 he was sentenced under the most questionable of evidence to 12 years imprisonment in Lukiskes prison.  The circumstances of his arrest, trial and sentencing are currently the subject of repeated judicial challenges which are ongoing.

Of immediate importance and of concern to all freedom loving people are the draconian prison conditions that Michael Campbell is being held in.  For those unfamiliar with Michael Campbell’s case for repatriation to a prison in Ireland or the Dickensian conditions he endures on a daily basis, it is suffice to paraphrase the late Hugo Chavez’s description of the foul prison system (his own government inherited) that Lukiskes prison resembles “the fifth circle of Hell.”

IRSP Campaigns For Michael Campbell

The Irish Republican Socialist Party which has a long and honourable tradition of campaigning for political prisoners’ rights since it’s formation in 1974.  In 1981 3 of it’s members, Patsy O’Hara, Kevin Lynch and Mickey Devine gave their lives during the campaign for political recognition in the H Blocks,.  The IRSP has unconditionally supported and campaigned for Michael Campbell’s repatriation from the Lukiskes prison hell hole.  IRSP spokesperson, Michael McLaughlin, recently stated:

“Since Michael Campbell’s imprisonment in Lithuania concern has been growing amongst Human Rights watchdogs and Political Prisoner support groups in Ireland and the USA over the conditions he is being held in. He is serving his sentence in Lukiskes Prison in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Lukiskes Prison has a brutal regime where political prisoners are detained in small cells with common criminals, people with mental health issues and Heroin addicts for 23 hours per day laying on damp thin mattresses on the floor, two people have attempted suicide in the cell with Michael since 2009. The conditions of the cells are medieval they are infested with Maggots and Cockroaches and inmates are forced to eat, sleep and use the toilet in the cell, which is a hole in the middle of the floor, whilst being denied proper hygiene products; each inmate only gets allocated less than one roll of toilet paper per month. Michael Campbell is only allowed one shower per week and only leaves his cell once per day to use the “exercise yard” which is a 10ft by 10ft room. He is unable to communicate with anyone in Lukiskes Prison and only gets limited contact with his family as there is no regular post.”

The IRSP in Belfast and elsewhere in Ireland, who successfully spearheaded the campaign for the release on humanitarian grounds of terminally ill former H-Block prisoner, Brendan Lillis, will be holding white-line pickets and other events to raise awareness of Michael Campbell’s plight.

Many more Irish Republican, Socialist and human rights groups have added their voice to the campaign for the repatriation of Michael Campbell.  In 2013, all right thinking people should do what they can to prevent a political prisoner, convicted under the most dubious of evidence, being held in Bastille-type conditions.

What You can do?

  • Sign the Repatriate Michael Campbell petition and encourage your friends to sign it: Here!
  • Join the Repatriate Michael Campbell Facebook page for the latest news on the campaign: Here!
  • Take part in Repatriate Michael Campbell events in your area or organise one
  • Write to your political representatives asking that they highlight Michael Campbell’s plight
  • Write to the media highlighting the plight of Michael Campbell

An injury to one is an injury to all!


Alex McGuigan,
Belfast July 2013



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