The IRSM 40 Years Of Revolutionary Resilience

The Irish Republican Socialist Movement, now approaching it’s 40th year, is a revolutionary survivor.  Like many revolutionary movements in history it had a baptism of fire during it’s inception and faced counter-revolutionary pogroms throughout it’s history.  Despite it’s relatively small size in comparison to, at one time the Officials and later the Provisionals during the recent conflict, it is a movement that has held true to it’s aims, never jettisoning core values as mere ‘tactics.’

Never falling for the self-delusionary practice of historical revisionism, the movement has experienced the successes and set-backs of all revolutionary organisations, aptly described by Lenin as ‘two steps forward, one step back’.  Throughout it’s 4 decades of existence it has survived near strangulation at birth and been viciously attacked by a variety of sources, including:

  • Both the Officials and the Provisionals
  • The British army including it’s undercover death-squads
  • Various armed agencies of the 26 County regime
  • Loyalist death-squads
  • Counter-revolutionaries such as the IPLO and the Torney cabal
  • The ‘security services’ of various states

A Real Threat To The Status Quo

Unlike one-dimensional Nationalist movements whose ultimate goal is a unitary Capitalist Ireland, aptly described,in Let Us Free Ireland, by James Connolly, where a 32 county Gombeen state:

“will protect all classes, and if you won’t pay your rent you will be evicted same as now. But the evicting party, under command of the sheriff, will wear green uniforms and the Harp without the Crown, and the warrant turning you out on the roadside will be stamped with the arms of the Irish Republic.”

The IRSM has always stressed, indeed it’s core Connollyite ideology, is that there can be no real freedom in a unitary Ireland without economic freedom, sloganised by “National Liberation and Socialism”.  By the same token, for obvious reasons, including the very raison d’etre of the early IRSM, the ‘Stages’ theories of the Officials and their various off-shoots are anathema.

A clear and tragic indication of how the ideology of the IRSM is viewed as a threat to the status quo of both Britain, it’s 6 county statelet and the Leinster House Gombeen regime is that every articulate leader of the movement has been assassinated either by armed agents of the state or their proxies, these include:

  • Seamus Costello
  • Ronnie Bunting
  • Noel Little
  • Miriam Daly
  • Seamus Grew
  • Ta Power
  • Gino Gallagher
  • Dominic McGlinchey

Most, if not all of these murders happened at key stages in the IRSM’s history and it is far from an exhaustive list, a more in depth list can be found on the Fallen Comrades of the IRSM webpage.

The IRSM Today

It is suffice to say that the IRSM, unlike others, will not be going away!  Splinter groups from the Provisonal movement, for allegedly opportunist reasons, have tried to adopt, in some cases verbatim, the IRSM’s politics, even to the truly bizarre lengths of claiming Seamus Costello as their posthumous leader!  Ironically, many of the nouveau Republican Socialists were the most vociferous critics of IRSM policies and active participants in the Undermine and Absorb offensive against Republican Socialist POWS in Long Kesh.  Nevertheless, imitation is often cited as the highest form of flattery..

With the INLA leaving centre stage, the IRSP is growing as a revolutionary party.  We have always had a coherent alternative to the one-dimensional nationalism of other Irish Republican entities and avoid the political cul de sac of ‘Provo bashing’.  The party has been at the forefront of the anti-austerity campaigns, spearheaded campaigns for human rights for Republican prisoners, were highly visible during the recent obscenity of the G8 conference and are involved in a host of other activism.  Unlike the Brit-centric parties, we refuse to ignore the ‘elephant in the living room’ of British imperialism in Ireland.

If Seamus Costello’s words have an ideological resonance for you then membership of the IRSP may very well be for you:

“We must make no secret of the fact that we are a revolutionary party, prepared to give leadership on the streets as well as in the elected chambers and that we are out for a revolutionary state!”

Alex McGuigan


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