IRSP PRO Interviewed By Catalan Publication Diagonal


(Alex Mcguigan, IRSP PRO and Joan Mas Autonell reporter for the Catalan Newpaper ‘Diadonal’ at Costello House, Belfast today)

Joan Mas Autonell, a reporter from the Catalan publication ‘Diagonal’ visited Costello House to conduct an interview with the Irish Republican Socialist Party.  After formal introductions and meeting some of the Teach na Failte full time staff, the interview got underway.

The IRSP PRO outlined the politics of the party stressing the Marxist and Connollyite ideology of the party, that national liberation and the struggle for Socialism were of equal importance and at the core of the party’s raison d’etre.

 Other issues covered during the interview were:

. The failure and counterproductive nature of the Good Friday & St Andrews Agreements

. The current economic situation

. The current ‘austerity’ measures designed to screw working-class people to despair

. The fact that over 5000 British troops are still stationed in the north of Ireland

. The continued repression of Irish Republicans and the use of selective internment of those who  challenged the status quo

 . The IRSP’s recent involvement in electoral politics after a 30 year gap from fielding candidates

Other issues relating to the proud history of the Republican Socialist Movement were discussed and in the room the interview took place where framed pictures of Gino Gallagher, Seamus Costello, Ronnie Bunting are displayed amongst others, it was explained to  Joan Mas Autonell that at every juncture in our movement’s history out most able and articulate leaders have been assassinated by pro-British death-squads, which is a fair indication that our politics have always been a serious threat to the ruling classes in both the 6 counties and indeed the Leinster House regime.

It is hoped that yet another link of solidarity will have been forged and that Diagonal will have a much clearer understanding of the politics of the Irish Republican Socialist Party.



Here is a link to the Diagonal website, there is an option to translate the content to English or any other language:

Read more:




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