David Versus Goliath?

Award Winning Journalist Allison Morris of The Irish News

For those not already in the know a ‘David versus Goliath’ battle has been raging in the Irish politics sector of the Blogosphere which has made the jump back and forth into the print media.  The main protagonists are Anthony McIntyre’s popular blog, The Pensive Quill and The Irish News, the north of Ireland’s premier nationalist daily newspaper.  It is an expansive battle within the Irish Fourth Estate whose prime pugilists involve leading local journalists Alison Morris, Ciaran Barnes, Dr Anthony McIntyre, Ed Moloney and indeed Noel Doran, editor of the Irish News.

Dr Anthony Mcintyre Editor of The Pensive Quill

Issues involved have included accusations of breach of ethics which saw Anthony McIntyre initially suspended from the National Union of Journalists, only to be later vindicated and reinstated.  It far from being a clear battle of personalities, as issues such as the Boston College History Project, allegations of unethical practice over the late Dolours Price interview, censorship and a plethora of other inter-related incidents and allegations play their part.  At present threats of litigation from the ‘Goliath’ have made an appearance, while David has refused to self censor one iota.

The Plough And The Stars has played no part in the simmering battle royale but it’s inclination is to oppose censorship as a matter of principle and as a Republican Socialist blog, it would no supporter of the Goliaths of this world.  As a sometime reader of both The Irish News and The Pensive Quill, I have enjoyed articles written by both Anthony McIntyre and Allison Morris.

It would be impossible for this blog to give an in depth critique of the ongoing war of words but the following Internet links will inform the reader on the protagonists and it’s casus belli, hopefully in as balanced a way as possible


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