A Tribute To Seamus Costello From A Comrade


(Image created by Keitho Dunleavio Medusa)

 Seamus Costello 

I was just thinking about Seamus today.  It is coming near to your anniversary and you have been gone 36 years.  I loved you for the person you were and in your own words your “allegiance to the working class” people of Ireland.  Your passion and commitment was something to behold.  It was awesome.  Thanks to you for the dedication and inspiration that you instilled in me.  I have many memories of just how great a man you were. You could be arrogant at times but beneath that you were a gentle caring person who did so much to help people in need.

You were a man who if someone needed help you would be there to assist them in any way you could. You once said to me “I see the poverty here and I want to try to eradicate it.” You said that we were all equal and that we must use our revolutionary socialism to change the capitalist mind of this country by whatever means we needed to use.

You were taken from us before you had the chance to do the things you wanted to do.  The “boy general” was gone (you hated being called that) and we were left to carry on what you had begun.  We will never find a leader of the same calibre as you, the charisma of yourself had people in thrall to you but I keep looking and will never stop searching until the day I take my last breath. I owe that to you Seamus and we all owe it to you to make your vision a reality. You were one of the greatest Irishmen of the 20th century one of the greatest socialists and most of you were one of the greatest soldiers of Ireland. We will never see your like again. But most of all you were my friend and I still miss that rapier sharp wit and the laughs that came with it.

Rest easy Seamus one day we will succeed and wherever you are I will close my eyes and see the smile on your face. Mission completed comrade.


By Mary McClure, a beloved friend, comrade and lifelong admirer of the late Seamus Costello, co-founder of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement


3 Responses to “A Tribute To Seamus Costello From A Comrade”

  1. You have done a great job there comrade That looks really beautiful. Thank you for that .

  2. […] answers to these can be found in the radical thinking and analysis of Seamus Costello and if we apply his analysis and vigorously pursue them we are on the right road. Our task first […]

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