Christmas Vigil for Fallen Comrades of the IRSM 29 December 2013 by Alex McGuigan

On Sunday 29th December 2013 Belfast IRSP will be holding it’s annual Christmas Vigil to remember the fallen comrades of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement.  The vigil begins at 12 noon at Milltown Cemetery, Belfast.  All available members, supporters and of utmost importance, the families of our fallen comrades, are warmly welcomed to the annual vigil for the Fallen.   All freedom loving people, trade unionists and fellow Republicans and Socialists are of course welcome.  For further details, please contact the IRSP’s national headquarters at Costello House, 392b Falls Road, Belfast or contact your local IRSP representative.

Let us never forget those INLA volunteers and IRSP comrades who gave their lives in the fight for a Irish Workers’ Republic and the protection of our movement from the forces of Imperialism’s death-squads, counter-revolutionaries and assorted fascists.

We can all give an hour of our time during this special time for families for those who gave their lives for us, Irish national liberation and the economic freedom of the Irish proletariat.

Saoirse go deo!


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