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INLA Vol Neil McMonagle 31st Anniversary Commemoration

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The commemoration for INLA Neil McMonagle will take place shortly before the Bloody Sunday March For Justice.  All available members, supporters and their families are asked to attend.

Saoirse go deo!


Crumlin Road Gaol Escapes by Alex McGuigan

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An aerial view of the ‘Crum’

The Crumlin Road Gaol, since it’s first use as a prison in 1846, has had it’s fair share of controversy and tragedy in it’s century and a half of history. Built to Charles Lanyon’s design’s based on 19th Century Utilitarian philosopher, Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon model.  Most Victorian prisons adopted this model as it afforded guards maximum surveillance potential via the ‘wings’ of the prison, which aerial views show radiate like the spokes of a wheel from a central position known as the ‘circle.’

Tom Williams, a young IRA member from the Beechmount area of Belfast, who was executed in 1942, was perhaps the best known of the 17 people executed in the gaol. The Crum is famous for having the maximum number of escapes and escape attempts from any prison in Ireland. It would be impossible, in this short articles to detail every escape and attempted escape from the Crum, but there is suffice space to briefly examine some of the best known, of the more recent escapes.

The Crum’s escapees and attempted escapees were almost to a man, Republican prisoners, held in the prison, either on political charges or as internees. Tom Williams’ co-accused, lifelong Republican, the late Joe Cahill, had been involved in an unsuccessful escape plan on January 15th, 1943. His efforts were thwarted at the last moment, by the observant son of a prison official, who had earlier spotted Cahill’s fellow escapees disappearing over the gaol’s wall(Cahill admitted later in life that he was perhaps the worst prison escapee during  his lengthy periods of incarceration, having being apprehended or thwarted during every attempt!)  However, four Republican prisoners made good their escape that day, including Hugh McAteer, whose brother was later to become leader of the Nationalist Party and Jimmy Steele, a founding member of the Provisional IRA.

One of the most audacious plans for an escape from the ‘Crum’ occurred in 1989, when a mass escape by Republican remand prisoners in the gaol’s C Wing was thwarted at almost the last moment. A JCB digger had been hijacked earlier and a powerful bomb placed in it’s bucket, which then was to be used to blast down the perimeter wall adjoining Saint Malachy’s College, just off the Antrim Road. Small amounts of the powerful plastic explosive Semtex had been smuggled into the gaol, to enable the prisoners to blast their way out of C Wing’s exercise yard. Hijacked vehicles, unlocked and still with their ignition keys, had been left parked strategically in the backstreets surrounding the gaol, for the escaping prisoners to make good their escapes. Rioting in West Belfast was co-ordinated to tie up RUC and military resources on the day of the escape. The daring plan was thwarted, ostensibly because the JCB digger developed a puncture but there is suspicion that an informer had alerted the security forces to the plan.

The Crumlin Kangaroos

Perhaps the best known of the escapes from the Crumlin Road was the successful jailbreak by the famous ‘Crumlin Kangaroos!’ On the 17th of November 1971, as Republican prisoners were engaged in a match on the gaol’s football pitch, 9 prisoners using improvised rope-ladders, clambered over the wall on their way to freedom! After negotiating a pre-cut hole in the final perimeter fencing, the nine prisoners piled into two cars left for them near the Antrim Road. Almost instantaneously, the nine Crumlin Road escapees: Thomas Kane, Seamus Storey, Bernard Elliman, Danny Mullan, Thomas Fox, Tom Maguire, Peter Rogers, Christy Keenan and Terrence ‘Cleaky’Clarke became forever known as the ‘Crumlin Kangaroos.’  Christy Keenan and Danny Mullan’s good luck deserted them the following day when they were recaptured in County Tyrone disguised as Cistercian monks, accompanied by two genuine members of the Portglenone based religious order.

Shortly after the escape, the Wolfhounds folk group recorded the now famous Crumlin Kangaroos ballad, which became an instant hit in Ireland and among the Irish diaspora. The Wolfhounds had played their own remarkable part in Republican penal history, when they took part in what could be termed a reverse escape from Long Kesh internment camp in 1971. The band were smuggled into Long Kesh, disguised as visiting clergymen and played an impromptu concert in Cage 4! When the screws twigged that they had been duped, a British Army riot squad surrounded the cage, with the prisoners confronting them and rubber bullets being fired by the troops.

The M60 Squad Escape

The M60 Squad’s dramatic jailbreak from the Crum, ten years after the Kangaroos lept to freedom, occurred in the midst of the heartbreaking H Block Hunger Strikes in Long Kesh, during 1981. The M60 Squad, so called because of their use of the powerful American military M60 machine-gun possessing a withering cyclic rate, during planned ambushes of enemy forces.

Eventually, they were captured in premises at the junction of the Antrim and Limestone Roads in May 1980. As the Provisional IRA active service unit were about to open fire on the nearby, heavily fortified, Antrim Road RUC barracks, they were surprised by undercover SAS troopers. In the ensuing gun battle, an SAS Captain, Herbert Westmacott, was fatally wounded and the M60 Squad were captured, following a stand-off where a priest negotiated their surrender.

In June 1981, the seven members of the M60 Squad including Joe Doherty, Paul ‘Dingus’ Magee, Robert ‘Fats’ Campbell, Gerard McKee, Tony Sloan, Gerry Sloan, Angelo Fusco, who had been held in the Crum since their arrest, were within days of their trial, at the no-jury Crown Court. The Courthouse itself was situated just across the road from the gaol but as events proved, the M60 Squad had other plans regarding their attendance at their forthcoming trial there..

On June 10th when the M60 Squad and an eighth prisoner Pete Ryan from Ardboe, in Tyrone, were attending pre-trial consultations in the legal visiting area of the prison, they produced handguns, relieved the screws on duty of their uniforms and the lawyers of their suits. The eight then made their way towards the gaol’s front gate, with two of the M60 Squad in prison guard’s uniforms where they bluffed their way through the inner gate of the airlock type exit. A prison guard on the outer gate recognised one of the prisoners, promptly raised the alarm but was unable to stop the fleeing Republican prisoners who stormed past him, exiting onto the Crumlin Road itself.

By this stage, sirens were sounding in the gaol and British forces guarding the Gaol and Courthouse were alerted. As the M60 Squad made their way across the Crumlin Road, it must have appeared to the British Army sentries on duty in the gaol’s sangars, that two prison guards were chasing six well dressed men! Undercover RUC men opened fire on the fleeing IRA escapees who took cover and returned fire, as they ran through the parking lot of the Crumlin Road Health Centre, adjacent to the Courthouse. IRA support units had left unlocked cars, with keys left in the ignition, in the Health Centre car-park, which some members of the escapees availed of. Joe Doherty and some of the escaping IRA prisoners managed to hijack vehicles in the nearby Loyalist Shankill Estate.

Eventually, all the M60 Squad escapees made their way to the Republican heartland of nearby West Belfast, and were subsequently moved to the relative safety of Southern Ireland. The 1981 Crumlin Road escapees enjoyed mixed fortunes during their periods on the run. Of the escapees, Pete Ryan was tragically gunned down in an SAS, Paul ‘Dingus’ Magee was arrested on active service in Britain and Joe Doherty fought a lengthy extradition battle from the USA. Joe Doherty who was eventually deported in 1992, remained in Long Kesh Prison until 1998, when he was freed under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement.

There were, of course, many other escapes and attempted jailbreaks from Crumlin Road Prison throughout the years but the ones listed above are arguably the most memorable. Through the years, Republican prisoners have managed to escape from places of confinement as diverse as Long Kesh, Mountjoy Gaol, Brixton Prison, Derry Gaol, Portlaoise and the Maidstone Prison Ship. Through sheer ingenuity, patience and determination, Republican prisoners have tunnelled, swam, sawed, blasted, driven and even flown out of prisons they have been held in. The Crumlin Road saw approximately 25,000 political prisoners pass through it’s grim doors, in it’s 150 lifetime. Now that it has been preserved as a museum, many Crumlin Road Gaol ‘Alumni’ including ex-prisoners, ex-guards and indeed ex-escapees, have once again entered the precincts of the prison sans hand-cuffs but this time on guided tours, which no doubt induce bitter-sweet nostalgia for many.

The central point of the prison known as ‘the circle.’ The prison’s extensive security measures have now largely been removed during it’s gentrification to a tourist attraction..

Republican POW’s drilling in one of the gaol’s exercise yards

(This article was first published using the pseudonym ‘Iskra’ on another website but fell victim to concerted campaign of censorship. C’est la vie)

Alex McGuigan

Socialist Productions – The Web’s Premiere Site for Left Wing Merchandise

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Socialist Productions Home Page

Socialist Productions Home Page

Socialist Productions is an excellent, good value online retail outlet for anyone wishing to purchases Left-wing, Irish Republican Socialist, anti-Fascist, Spanish Civil War badges/pins, flags, T-shirts and a myriad of other Socialist merchandise.  Beginning as a small Internet company they have been in existence for over 12 years and although politically independent, they have produced items in solidarity with many progressive causes throughout the world.

Socialist Productions have regularly donated in solidarity a percentage of their profits to, among others, the Glasgow/Palestine Human Rights Campaign, the International Brigades Memorial Trust, Medical Aid for Palestinians, South Lanarkshire Trades Union Council International Brigade memorial project, Perthshire International Brigade Memorial fund, Free Gaza and Teach na Failte, a charity that supports the needs of Republican Socialist prisoners while in prison, on their release and their families here in Ireland.

Many of Socialist’s merchandise includes T-shirts, flags and badges/pins from the Spanish Civil War era including merchandise commemorating the anti-Fascist fighters of the International Brigades, such as the Abraham Lincpln Battalion, who travelled from all over the world to fight for the democratically elected Spanish Republic against Franco’s troops. There are T-shirts commemorating the Libertarian Socialists/Anarchists of the CNT/FAI’s Durutti Column and others commemorating the PoU.M(Party of Marxist Unification) who featured in Ken Loach’s film‘Land and Freedom‘ and whose membership included George Orwell in their ranks. There are also Irish revolutionary T-Shirts and T-shirts commemorating the Irish-Americans of Mexico’s Los San Patricios who fought against USA expansionism and imperialism during the Mexican-American War of the mid 19th century.

Socialist’s range of badges/pins are extensive, good quality and, reasonably priced which will intensively please collectors of Left-wing memorabilia! There are a wide range of Communist, Socialist, Anarchist, Irish revolutionary and Irish-American orientated pins/badges, flags and T-shirts. These include badges/pins commemorating the Industrial Workers of the World; James Connolly; The Paris Commune; The International Brigades; P.O.U.M ; the Irish Citizen Army; German communist Red Front Fighters badge/pin and many more.

Socialist Productions website can be located by clicking this LINK

A brief perusal of Socialist Productions website announces the opening of Calton Books in Glasgow, a Left wing bookshop which also sells similar Leftist merchandise.  As the notice states:

If you live in Glasgow or its surrounding areas you may want to visit our new initiative – Calton Books ( which is based at the Barras a 10 minute walk from Glasgow Cross at 159 London Road.”

Good luck to both  ventures!

By Felix

PFLP in Lebanon, strongly condemned “the car bomb explosions targeting various areas of Lebanon”

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Comrade Marwan Abdel-Al, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Lebanon

Comrade Marwan Abdel-Al, leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Lebanon, strongly condemned “the car bomb explosions targeting various areas of Lebanon, in particular the bombing that killed former minister Mohammed Shatah and the bombing of Haret Hreik in the southern suburbs of Beirut.”

Abdel-Al noted that the Popular Front sees these bombings as aimed at filling the political vacuum by bloody means of strife and sectarianism to undermine Lebanon’s unity and civil peace, calling on all Lebanese to exercise care and wisdom in confronting the situation in the country, protecting peace and stability in order to overcome this era.

“All must be responsible with their words and not bring hasty charges about the identity of the killers. The murderers alone are responsible for their actions, but the Zionist enemy is the beneficiary of any such act,” Abdel-Al said.


Great International Day of Solidarity and Struggle – Unconditional release for all political prisoners in India – Dublin 25th January 2014

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(Statement supplied by international supporters of Marxist/Leninist Maoist political prisoners in India)


Great International Day of Solidarity and Struggle for the unconditional release for all political prisoners in India on 25th January 2014, Dublin.

There are over 10.000 Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Prisoners languishing in India’s jails. They have been imprisoned for resisting the imperialist exploitation of India’s natural resources and their efforts to thwart rising fascism. Most have been interned through draconian legislation designed to protect the ruling class from a growing MLM movement sweeping over the Indian nation.

Many of the prisoners are feminists who fought against the huge escalation of rapes which are ordered as a weapon of war by the Indian Government and are carried out by the armed and police forces of India and their paramilitary proxies and conducted under the supervision of the worlds so called super powers. ”In jails the prisoners face every kind of harassment, torture, denial of bails, inhuman living conditions, arbitrary transfers, brutal assaults and punishments of solitary confinement, and often the detained women are raped.”

The level of abuse, terror, degradation and torture they are incurring imprisoned cannot be put in to words. These POWs must be unconditionally released. This is only possible through sufficient international pressure being applied upon the Indian regime. Operation Green Hunt by the Indian Government is backed by many imperialists. It’s aim is to wipe out the Maoist Liberation struggle in India. Assassinations, disfigurement, rape, torture and blanket internment have exceeded any brutality ever witnessed before. These people are impoverished peasants; they must fight 1000 wars a day just to survive and those battles before they can even contemplate engaging the state. The ruling class aided by international lackeys, use the most brutal evil to break them. We cannot let them suffer alone.! It’s aim is to wipe out the Maoist Liberation struggle in India.”

(Further details to be released shortly)

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