Socialist Productions – The Web’s Premiere Site for Left Wing Merchandise

Socialist Productions Home Page

Socialist Productions Home Page

Socialist Productions is an excellent, good value online retail outlet for anyone wishing to purchases Left-wing, Irish Republican Socialist, anti-Fascist, Spanish Civil War badges/pins, flags, T-shirts and a myriad of other Socialist merchandise.  Beginning as a small Internet company they have been in existence for over 12 years and although politically independent, they have produced items in solidarity with many progressive causes throughout the world.

Socialist Productions have regularly donated in solidarity a percentage of their profits to, among others, the Glasgow/Palestine Human Rights Campaign, the International Brigades Memorial Trust, Medical Aid for Palestinians, South Lanarkshire Trades Union Council International Brigade memorial project, Perthshire International Brigade Memorial fund, Free Gaza and Teach na Failte, a charity that supports the needs of Republican Socialist prisoners while in prison, on their release and their families here in Ireland.

Many of Socialist’s merchandise includes T-shirts, flags and badges/pins from the Spanish Civil War era including merchandise commemorating the anti-Fascist fighters of the International Brigades, such as the Abraham Lincpln Battalion, who travelled from all over the world to fight for the democratically elected Spanish Republic against Franco’s troops. There are T-shirts commemorating the Libertarian Socialists/Anarchists of the CNT/FAI’s Durutti Column and others commemorating the PoU.M(Party of Marxist Unification) who featured in Ken Loach’s film‘Land and Freedom‘ and whose membership included George Orwell in their ranks. There are also Irish revolutionary T-Shirts and T-shirts commemorating the Irish-Americans of Mexico’s Los San Patricios who fought against USA expansionism and imperialism during the Mexican-American War of the mid 19th century.

Socialist’s range of badges/pins are extensive, good quality and, reasonably priced which will intensively please collectors of Left-wing memorabilia! There are a wide range of Communist, Socialist, Anarchist, Irish revolutionary and Irish-American orientated pins/badges, flags and T-shirts. These include badges/pins commemorating the Industrial Workers of the World; James Connolly; The Paris Commune; The International Brigades; P.O.U.M ; the Irish Citizen Army; German communist Red Front Fighters badge/pin and many more.

Socialist Productions website can be located by clicking this LINK

A brief perusal of Socialist Productions website announces the opening of Calton Books in Glasgow, a Left wing bookshop which also sells similar Leftist merchandise.  As the notice states:

If you live in Glasgow or its surrounding areas you may want to visit our new initiative – Calton Books ( which is based at the Barras a 10 minute walk from Glasgow Cross at 159 London Road.”

Good luck to both  ventures!

By Felix

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