PFLP Political Bureau: Kerry plan attempts to liquidate Palestinian cause, right of return

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) 2


A policy statement issued by the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine 

At its first meeting following the conclusion of the Seventh National Conference, the Political Bureau of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine addressed political developments on the Palestinian and Arab regional levels and the international implications of the explosive events of our time.

The Political Bureau stated that continuing the path of negotiations with the occupation, despite the failure and damage of such negotiations from Oslo to the present day, is synonymous with consolidation of the occupation. The negotiations can only result in further Palestinian concessions at the expense of Palestinian national rights. The Kerry plan only proves the futility of negotiations and the U.S. and Israeli goals in continuing this process. It indicates once again the depth of congruence between “Israel” and the United States in their vision to resolve the conflict, and once again proves the U.S.’ true face as an enemy of the Palestinian people as it pushes the Israeli demand to recognize the so-called “Jewishness of the state.”

This formal U.S. adoption of the “Jewish state” clearly implies the potential risk of the deportation of our people in Palestine ’48 to outside the boundaries of the alleged “Jewish state.” Moreover, this proposal attempts to create a political, legal and historical basis to declare that the land of Palestine is the “state of the Jews,” not the state or the nation of the Palestinian people.

The Kerry plan aims to liquidate the right of return and replace it with compensation funds and individual humanitarian “solutions,” placing Palestinian refugees at risk of displacement and resettlement, as is happening today through forced migration. The Kerry plan does not stop at this border but further discusses exchanges of territory and population to alter the geographic and demographic situation in favor of the Zionist enemy, including the city of Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine.

The Arab silence and overt support from some regimes for on the dangerous path of negotiations and the Kerry plan based on those negotiations, and their involvement in attempts to pressure Palestinians to make concessions is part and parcel of the conspiracy against the rights of the Palestinian people. Furthermore, no referendum on these matters is acceptable; there is no referendum to be had on the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people.

The U.S. administration, “Israel” and these Arab regimes are consistent in their approach and see today that the current situation is an optimal time to promote this liquidationist project, due to the preoccupation on the Arab scene with internal matters on official and popular levels.

The PFLP considers that the leadership monopolizing the Palestine Liberation Organization has violated the decisions of the Executive Committee and the Central Council rejecting the resumption of negotiations in light of the ongoing and systematic settlement expansion, gradually swallowing the remainder of Palestinian land, isolating Palestinians and any Palestinian state from Jerusalem, its capital, and as “Israel” attempts to fully Judaize the land of Palestine.

The PFLP demands that this leadership put an end to its involvement in these absurd and harmful negotiations which threaten the Palestinian national project, and instead demand that the United Nations implement its resolutions in full on the Palestinian cause. Any mechanism sponsored or overseen by the United States is not “impartial” or a reference to resolve the conflict, rather it is a full partner with the Zionist entity in oppressing the Palestinian national movement.

In addition, the Palestinian internal division has caused weakness in the Palestinian movement and continuing this situation only serves the goals of Zionism in undermining Palestinian consensus, tampering with the unity of the people and the national will. The PFLP calls for an end to this ongoing harmful situation, by implementing all agreements among Palestinian parties that have been reached through national dialogue, including creating a timetable to end this impasse and call for new elections to the Palestinian National Council and all other bodies, to rebuild national forces to confront these projects which aim to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

The Political Bureau also reviewed the Arab situation and its repercussions on the Palestinian situation, in particular the crisis of the refugee camps in Syria and Yarmouk camp at the forefront. Yarmouk is facing destruction, sabotage, starvation and displacement, and the solution must be to neutralize the camp from violent conflict, the immediate entry of food and aid, lifting the siege, and the safe return of the people of the camp and its Palestinian and Syrian inhabitants to their homes and property, with the return of the camp to its previous status as a safe zone without weapons or militants.

The current Arab situation is exposed to serious risks of the fragmentation of the Arab people and the Arab nation, because of the inability or unwillingness of the Arab regimes to achieve democracy in their countries, combined with the interference and intervention of Western powers, the U.S. and their allies in the region, who have opened the path to impose and encourage a sectarian character upon conflicts in the region.

Political Bureau
Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine



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