Ruling Class Politicians Target the Most Vulnerable

British imperialism’s abuses of Human Rights in Ireland continues in many ways on a daily basis, not least the abomination of the ATOS examinations.  ATOS is a private limited company (officially known as ATOS Healthcare, listed as a division of Atos IT Services UK Ltd) contracted by the British government to basically remove disability benefits via loaded tests from claimants who need that small extra amount of money to cope with living with their disabilities.


Of course, targeting the vulnerable has always been the ruling classes’ means of passing their greedy mistakes and mismanagement onto the poorest sections of society.  Remember the offensive against single mothers, spinning the nonsense that there was a mass conspiracy of single women just waiting to be impregnated so that they could boost their chances of gaining public authority rental property!


To date, deaf/blind people, the terminally ill and those suffering from serious progressive illnesses have had their benefits removed leaving them in dire positions.  It is well documented that numbers of disabled people have committed suicide after ATOS removed their benefits.  ATOS is just the latest way that the most vulnerable in society are targeted to pay for the excesses, mistakes and avarice of the ruling class.  In real terms, the average claimant targeted by ATOS receives less money in one month than the average Tory-Dem politician spends on a meal, more often than not heavily subsidised by taxpayers money.


It is the duty of all revolutionary socialists to highlight and fight against human right’s abuses, such as those being carried out on a daily basis by ATOS.  The Irish Republican Socialist Party has consistently opposed ATOS since it came into existence, defending a section of the proletariat whose voices are rarely heard.  The IRSP has been established for 40 years and unlike other one dimensional  Irish nationalist parties and on the other hand the Brit-centric Left who ignore imperialism when its on their doorstep, the Republican Socialist Movement has always followed in the Connolly tradition which correctly maintains that there can be no real freedom in a 32 county unitary Ireland without the building of a socialist state.  Likewise, the IRSM has never baulked at opposing Imperialism during the recent conflict in Ireland.  In the words of Seamus Costello, co-founder of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, we

“owe our allegiance to the working class!”



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