Defend the Proletariat and Fight for a Workers Republic

The IRSP have consistently opposed the current cuts in social security benefits and attacks on the health system, being introduced by the well paid politicians in Westminster and Stormont. The party correctly views the latest series of cuts, currently spearheaded by the private sector’s ATOS Ltd’s vicious offensive on claimants of ‘survival’ benefits, such as the DLA and housing benefit for single people as an attack on the most vulnerable people by wealthy politicians who blatantly reap in tens of thousands of pounds in ‘expenses’ courtesy of the taxpayer.  The same right wing politicians often spend more money on subsidised expense funded ‘late’ dinners than the claimants they ironically demonise as ‘scroungers’ receive in the most frugal benefits in a month, or  more likely longer.

The age old Modus Operandi of the Ruling Class

Eighty years ago in 1932, the Stormont government were then engaged in a similar offensive against the meagre benefits paid to unemployed families and single jobless people. For a brief but significant period working-class people from the likes of the Falls Road and the Shankill united in anger in what has become known as the Belfast Outdoor Relief Strikes.

Fightback and Defend the Proletariat!

Hopefully, with Irish Republican Socialist Party activism re-energised and re-invigorated, as envisioned by Seamus Costello and the other co-founders of the movement 40 years ago, who clearly advocated a liaison with fighting trade unions of the Connolly tradition; united solidarity action yet a mindfulness of latter day ‘Walkerism’ or as Seamus Costello described it “ring road Socialism.” In short, Seamus Costello warned of those who say they oppose Capitalism but ignore Imperialism in Ireland (which VI Lenin described as the ‘highest’ [worst] phase of Capitalism.) Likewise, there is no place for fence sitting on the achievement of a unitary state such as some of the political positions of many aligned to the Brit-centric Left.  As a 40 year entity that has always been ideologically true to James Connolly’s politics, the IRSP’s raison d’etre can be readily and succinctly described in the words of the movement’s co-founder:

 “We owe our allegiance to the working class” – Seamus Costello



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