Belfast International Workers Day Parade – Saturday 3rd May


The annual Belfast International Workers Day aka May Day parade takes place this Saturday 3rd May 2014.

All members are asked to assemble at 11.30am on Saturday @Lower Donegal Street.

This is also our 40th anniversary year since our establishment following the inaugural convention at the Spa Hotel, Lucan in 1974!

“Those who stand in the way of development and progress must be cast aside, no one or group will dictate solely the pace and path this movement will take to overcome its difficulties.  Those who seek to impose shackles must be cast aside without hesitation. We either go forward or backward.  Finally let us return to what we said in the first page of part one. There we said our objective in this draft, was an attempt to UNDERSTAND THE PAST so that we may ANALYSE THE PRESENT in order to INFLUENCE THE FUTURE. This is a bold claim to make, and an even bolder one to succeed with.  If we have achieved even part of that success, then the effort has been worthwhile.”

(Ta Power)


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