National Hunger Strike Commemoration – Derry 18th May


The Irish Republican Socialist Movement in Derry are hosting the National Hunger Strike Commemoration on Sunday 18th May, 2014. The march to the commemoration at the City Cemetery begins at Rosemount Factory at 2pm.

Let us never forget the sacrifice of the ten H Block Revolutionaries:

  1. Vol. Bobby Sands
  2. Vol. Francis Hughes
  3. Vol. Patsy O’Hara
  4. Vol. Raymond McCreesh
  5. Vol. Joe McDonnell
  6. Vol. Martin Hurson
  7. Vol. Kevin Lynch
  8. Vol. Kieran Doherty
  9. Vol. Thomas McElwee
  10. Vol. Michael Devine

They laid down their lives for political status and in doing so fought against British imperialism with the last weapon left to them.  Derry is significant as the location for the National Hunger Strike Commemoration, as five of the Hunger Strikers who gave their lives in the struggle for human rights in the H Blocks in 1981, were from County Derry:

  • Vol. Francis Hughes
  • Vol. Patsy O’Hara
  • Vol. Kevin Lynch
  • Vol. Thomas McElwee
  • Vol. Michael Devine

Two of those Hunger Strikers came from Derry City itself, Patsy O’Hara and Michael Devine.

Three of the Hunger Strikers, Patsy O’Hara, Kevin Lynch and Michael Devine lived, fought and died as Volunteers in the Irish National Liberation Army, the military wing of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, whose aims since it’s inception forty years ago has steadfastly remained unchanged, a 32 county Irish Workers’ Republic.

I measc Laochra na nGael go raibh i n’ainmeacha!

Saoirse go deo!



Alex Mcguigan.


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