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Fallen INLA Volunteers’ Mural Unveiled in Belfast Today

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The Mural dedicated to Fallen Belfast INLA volunteers:

  • Danny Loughran
  • Matt McClarnon
  • Paul ‘Bonanza’ McCann
  • Gino Gallagher

was unveiled today on Northumberland Street, Belfast.  The well attended unveiling followed a significant march from the Divis area headed by a colour party, the IRSM flute band from Derry, members of the IRSM, supporters and family members of the fallen INLA volunteers.  Wreathes were laid from the Irish National Liberation Army, the Irish Republican Socialist Party and family members of the fallen volunteers.

Saoirse go deo!


INLA Volunteers Mural Unveiling – Belfast Sunday 29th June

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Source: IRSP NEWS 

On Sunday 29th June there will be an unveiling at 3pm at the International Wall, Divis Street of a mural created by a local artist dedicated to four fallen Belfast volunteers of the Irish National Liberation Army:

.  Families of the fallen volunteers, all available members of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, friends and supporters are asked to assemble at the St Peters area at 2pm to make their way to the mural unveiling.

I measc laochra na nGael go raibh i nainmeacha.

For further details contact:

IRSP National Headquarters,
Costello House,
392b Falls Road,
Tel:  028 90321024


Oppose Racial Supremacism! Oppose Sectarian Supremacism!

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loyalist kkk

Organised racist attacks, and racism in general, in the north east of Ireland are receiving much more attention from the media which is commendable, however reporting of such incidents are often misleading as if it were a novel phenomena that just happened to raise it’s ugly head a few weeks ago! This of course is far from the truth, organised racial supremacism has been an active and fellow traveller of Loyalism since the mid-seventies and beyond. Hundreds of organised racist attacks on ethnic minorities have been happening for years.
Unfortunately, most of the ‘liberal’ politicians who rightly condemn racial supremacism, hypocritically remain mute regarding the supremacist ‘elephant in the living room’ of unwanted sectarian marches that afflict areas like Ardoyne, Carrick Hill, Short Strand, Rasharkin and other majority Irish Republican areas in the north east of Ireland.

Supremacism as a concept rarely travels alone. Links between Unionist paramilitaries and the various prevalent race hate movements are well documented, for instance, the National Front, BNP, EDL etc. The Neo-Nazi paramilitaries of Combat 18 have acted as a British section of various Loyalist groups including the UVF, UDA and LVF. Notorious Loyalist leaders and their camp followers have often held dual membership of British-based Neo-Nazi race hate organisations. Organised racism here has a longevity rarely touched on in contemporary news stories, for example, in the 1980’s more copies of the National Front’s violent race hate publication ‘Bulldog’ were sold at the football stadium of Coleraine FC than in any British football ground; it’s Borough Council held the distinction of possibly being the only local government body in Ireland or Britain to allow the National Front to use it’s town hall for a public meeting.


In the ‘North’ organised sectarian supremacy and racial supremacy are symbiotic ideologies. This should not be surprising in a statelet constructed along sectarian supremacist lines. Of course, not all racism or even racist attacks are organised, in these instances which are just as abhorrent and shameful, they are born of ignorance, often nurtured by envy and are rightly condemned by most.
The Loyal Orders, their paramilitaries, marching bands and Unionism itself’s raison d’etre is supremacism. Their modus operandi is invariably to divide working class people with outdated notions of denominational supremacy that most societies jettisoned centuries ago. Yet in the north this despicable manifestation of supremacism is forcefully normalised in the media, dedicating hours of prime time television to Orangeism’s maximum display of religious intolerance on the 12th of July. Paramilitary bands playing tunes whose lyrics contain such offensive lines as “we are up to our necks in Fenian blood, surrender or you die” are dishonestly presented as part of a quaint folk, or should that be volk, festival. To get this in perspective, it is akin to the unlikely scenario of CNN giving air time to the KKK on the march in the USA and incredibly justifying KKK ‘feeder parades’ trampling through Afro-American or Jewish areas!


Fascism Has Never Gone Away You Know!
Those who who rightly condemn racist attacks and racial supremacism have a duty to also condemn sectarian supremacism. Fascism and supremacism should be condemned and actively opposed, whether it is organised attacks on Black people, Eastern European migrant workers etc or the much more frequent offensive ‘Croppies lie down’ marches that cause fear and distress in North Belfast and numerous other areas of the North. It may not be trendy in these times of imperfect, forced normalisation that pro-establishment parties pass-off as ‘peace’ to appease sectarian supremacism but the reality is that Loyalism, the Loyal orders and their actions tick all the boxes of Fascism. Republican Socialists, Republicans, Socialists, Trade Unionists and all freedom loving people who quite correctly condemn Racialist Supremacism and stand in solidarity with it’s victims also have a duty to oppose and stand in solidarity against sectarian supremacist parading in areas where they are not wanted and their actions are calculated to cause maximum offence.

Belfast IRSP Condemns Racist Attacks

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irsp01 (2)

The Irish Republican Socialist Party strongly condemns the recent racist attack on a West Belfast man as he walked to his place of work.  Shamefully, this outrageous attack was motivated simply by the colour of this man’s skin and carried out by thugs who represent no-one except anti-community lumpen elements.

The IRSP since it’s inception 40 years ago have always been proactively opposed to racism and it’s sinister cheerleaders who constantly seek to divide working class people by xenophobic scapegoating.  It is a tragedy that racist attacks have occurred in West Belfast, an area that still suffers from the impact of imperialism.  As a Republican Socialist party we view both racist attacks and indeed sectarian or homophobic attacks as fruit of the same poison tree.

The vast majority in West Belfast and Ireland itself are always working class people, irrespective of their colour, gender, sexual preference or religion, we are all one class of people.  The IRSP, along with the vast majority of working class people in West Belfast and beyond, offer our support to victims of racist attacks and will oppose racism wherever it appears.

Alex McGuigan
Belfast IRSP

The State-Sanctioned Murder of INLA Volunteer John Morris

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Statement from the International Department of the Irish Republican Socialist Party

A Chairde, “Volunteer Morris did not die as a result of an exchange of shots between the Gardai and himself.”  So explained the Irish National Liberation Army regarding the execution of one of its volunteers from the South Dublin Brigade. We know this statement to be true, because INLA Volunteer John Morris did not have a loaded weapon in his possession, was offering no resistance to the Gardai, and because forensic tests demonstrate that he was shot in the back of the head from a distance of not more than two metres. That isn’t called a “shoot out.” It is called an execution ˜- it is called “murder.” Such a killing demands justice, but justice has thus far been denied.

The Gardai claimed that Volunteer John Morris pointed a gun directly at them and that they fired in what they believed to be self-defense, but John Morris was shot in the back of the head. Who will hold the Garda accountable for these lies?

The three Gardai who killed Volunteer John Morris testified from behind a screen, their identities masked – nameless assassins of the ruling class, who determined that the life of one member of the Irish working class wasn’t worth as much as the 900 punts the INLA was attempting to obtain to support the struggle for national liberation and socialism. Who will ensure that these killers are brought to justice?

Who will tell the truth? Who will mourn his death? Who will lament this needless killing? Who will speak out for what is right? Who will hold those responsible to account?

We know who will not do so. The capitalist courts, the capitalist Dail, the capitalist media, the capitalist class – we can expect no justice from them, no truth from them, no remorse from them, no concern from them. From them we can expect only this -˜ that they will protect their own interests to the peril of all else. For everything else, we must look to ourselves. Working people must always look to ourselves.

So it is fitting, that this monument has been erected by the Irish Republican Socialist Movement to the memory of a young man from Tallaght who was murdered in cold blood by the armed thugs of the ruling class. It is fitting that a movement of the Irish working class should erect this memorial, so that the truth will be told and our sorrow will be known.

It is fitting that it should erect this monument to point the accusing finger at the killers of John Morris and to testify to our pride in the selfless dedication to his class he showed. We are done asking the ruling class for what they will never give. If we want justice, Irish working people must look to themselves for it.

The comrades of the Federation of Irish Republican Socialist Committees Abroad and the staff of the International Department of the Irish Republican Socialist Party offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences to the friends and family of INLA Volunteer John Morris. Moreover, we convey the sentiments of socialists and anti- imperialists from around the world, who have expressed their solidarity for our fallen comrade.

Remember him with Pride.

Source:  International Department of the Irish Republican Socialist Party

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