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Palestine Under Attack! Urgent Call for International Solidarity

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The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine issued this call for international solidarity on June 20. Since that time hundreds of Palestinians have been arrested in mass raids; 20 Palestinians have been killed by occupation soldiers and settlers, including the child martyr Mohammad Abu Khdeir, burned alive at the hands of settlers; Palestinian workers mowed down by settlers; and 9 martyrs who fell in airstrikes on Gaza July 7; occupation forces continue to invade and attack Palestinian towns, villages and refugee camps in all areas of Palestine; Gaza is under heavy bombardment from the occupation air force. The situation is increasingly critical.

And the Palestinian people are resisting mightily – Palestinian masses taking to the streets throughout occupied Palestine ’48 and confronting the occupier on all of the land of historic Palestine; rising youth in Jerusalem and the West Bank confronting settler terror and military invasions, dismantling the settler Light Rail project, protecting the land and people; heroic resistance in Gaza intensifying the armed struggle; Palestinians in exile and diaspora taking to the streets of refugee camps, and of the cities of the world. We reiterate our call and urge action around the world. Palestine is under attack – and Palestine is resisting, on the path of Intifada. It is the time to act! 

June 20, 2014 – The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine is calling urgently for all supporters and friends of Palestine and the Palestinian people around the world, and our Palestinian communities and people everywhere in exile and diaspora, to take to the streets and take action in response to the ongoing occupation attacks and atrocities against almost every city, town, refugee camp and village in the West Bank and Gaza. Everywhere the streets are filled with jeeps and armored vehicles and soldiers armed with killing machines, and the skies  filled with Apache helicopters and F-16s threatening to rain death upon our people. In the past week, occupation forces have escalated their war on the Palestinian people, including:

  • the killing, just today of 13-year-old Mahmoud Jihad Dudeen in Dura outside al-Khalil, shot in the chest; and the killing of Ahmad Sabarin, 20, in Jalazone refugee camp
  • the shooting and wounding of numerous Palestinians throughout the West Bank and Gaza, including shooting Palestinian youth Yazan Yacoub, 17 in the chest in Qalandiya refugee camp and shooting Amir Sa’dy Saleh, also 17, in Jenin.
  • the massive invasions and raids, sending thousands of occupation soldiers to al-Khalil, Ramallah, Nablus, Jenin, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Qalqilya, Salfit regions, and besieging cities, towns and refugee camps, which have been particularly targeted for mass invasions and violent attacks
  • the mass arrests and violent home invasion of hundreds of Palestinians, including student activists, legislators, political leaders, and the targeting of former political prisoners for re-arrest and harassment, including the capture of 51 former prisoners freed in the 2011 prisoner exchange and a failed attempt to arrest Samer Issawi, former hunger striker
  • the demolition of Palestinian homes, leaving multiple families homeless
  • the rampant settler violence and attacks on Palestinians and Palestinian land throughout the West Bank
  • the bombing and shelling of Gaza by occupation warplanes
  • the closure, curfews, checkpoints and restrictions on movement imposed on Palestinians
  • the invasion of Bir Zeit University and arrests of students, invasions of civil society organizations and charities

This brutal violence at the hands of a settler colonial racist apartheid state, its armed forces and its settlers is increasing on a daily basis. Palestinian prisoners’ torture is officially sanctioned and Palestinian blood is running in the streets of Gaza and the West Bank, and Palestinian youth trod under the wheels of invading army jeeps.

These crimes have been met with overwhelming international silence and complicity. Palestinians are continuing to resist, to protest, to live, to struggle, despite the aggression that threatens their existence on a daily basis, despite the complicity and betrayal of Palestinian Authority officials who continue to engage in security cooperation with the occupier that is waging a war on Palestinian refugee camps, cities and towns.

The United States, Canada and the European Union have continued business as usual and have raised not a single cry of protest or concern – on the contrary, the U.S. continues to daily ship $10 million of mostly military aid to the occupation state. It is clear that they are full partners with the occupation in the ongoing war on the Palestinian people.

In a particularly absurd and insulting gesture, the occupation state was elected vice-chair of the UN’s Fourth Committee – addressing issues of decolonization and Palestinian refugees’ rights, which the occupier has denied for the past 66 years – while it is engaging in this all-out colonial assault on Palestinian lives.

This cannot be allowed to continue in silence. Little has been heard in international media. International organizations who seek to defend human rights – particularly the International Committee of the Red Cross which witnesses daily violations against Palestinian prisoners – must speak out and end their damaging silence. The voice of the people must be heard.

It is once again the time for the popular movements of the world to take to the streets, to express their solidarity with Palestine and demand an end to the ongoing international official complicity and support for the occupier. Palestinians are resisting – but the image of people around the world standing beside them will encourage and strengthen the Palestinian people as they confront a vicious occupier.

We call upon you to act now, today, urgently to support the Palestinian people under attack. The silence must end:

  1. Intensify the boycott! The critical weapon of international isolation of the occupier must be escalated. Boycott “Israel” on cultural, academic and economic levels. Expose and target the corporations – like G4S – whose technology is being used to wage war on the Palestinian people.
  2. Take the streets! March, demonstrate, break the silence in public space to demand an end to these attacks. Parliaments and governments must be held accountable for their complicity.
  3. Occupy and shut down occupation embassies and consulates. These embassies and consulates are freely operating around the world while Palestinians are suffering mass arrests, curfew, closure and killing. It should not be business as usual for the occupation state around the world!

The solidarity of the peoples of the world with Palestine and our collective struggles to confront Zionism and imperialism have always been a source of strength as we confront a brutal occupier. This is an emergency situation.

 It is time for action

 Source: Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine



Loyalists Fly True Colours In Belfast

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Loyalists Fly Ku Klux Klan flag in Belfast

Loyalists Fly Ku Klux Klan flag in Belfast

This photograph of the Ku Klux Klan supremacist flag flying in Loyalist East Belfast appeared in today’s Belfast Telegraph.  However, it fails to provide any analysis of the ideological linkage between sectarian supremacist organisations and racial supremacism.  In less than two weeks time the same publication, along with other media outlets will provide uncritical blanket coverage of Europe’s largest supremacist hate-in and attempt to pass it off as a harmless lollapalooza.

Later in the week the following photos appeared on social networking sites, also depicting ‘Loyalist KKKulture’…



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