PSF Doublespeak On Support For Palestine

As Gaza still bleeds from Israeli massacres, solidarity with the cause of Palestinian freedom has soared in Ireland from grassroots members of all Republican and socialist parties, trades unions, humanitarian organisations and all freedom-loving people.  In a recent communique the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine , it commended international solidarity action in support of the besieged people of Gaza, including the sterling efforts by pro-Palestinian groups in Ireland.

However, despite many Provisional Sinn Fein grassroot members’ support for the Palestinian people, opposing Zionist apartheid and protesting over the most recent massacres in Gaza, one only has to recall that party’s leadership’s cordial and despicable meetings with Israeli Ambassador Ron Prosor who is also a Major in the Israeli Occupational Force.  To add insult to injury, Martin McGuiness working in tandem with Peter Robinson agreed to send a trade mission to apartheid Israel, an imperialist  state whose hands have dripped with Palestinian blood since it’s creation.   To quote Derry journalist, socialist and civil rights leader Eamonn McCann:

Party loyalists argue that Executive Ministers have no choice but to fulfil functions that go against the grain. This is a dubious argument at the best of times. In the case of the visit of the Israeli ambassador, it’s irrelevant. This wasn’t a formal constitutional event. Martin McGuinness could easily have said that he wasn’t attending, and left Robinson to shake hands with Zionism.  DUP Ministers do it all the time when they are scheduled to take meetings they don’t fancy.”

To put thing in perspective, it is just another example of a pro-establishment party’s doublespeak, strikingly similar to Stormont Deputy First Minister McGuinness’ cozying up to war criminal George W Bush at Stormont Castle, while grassroots party activists were engaged in highly controlled and well documented contradictory protests at the same  USA’s Presidential visit.

Adams shaking hands with Israeli Ambassador  and Israeli Army Major, Ron Ron Prosor

Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams shaking hands with Israeli Ambassador and Israeli Army Major, Ron Prosor

Martin McGuinnes and Peter Robinson's meeting with Israeli Ambassador & IOF Major, Ron Prosor.

Martin McGuinnes and Peter Robinson’s meeting with Israeli Ambassador & IOF Major, Ron Prosor.

By Martin Alexander

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