Prophetic Words From Seamus Costello in 1966


The following quotations are taken from Seamus Costello‘s iconic speech at Bodenstown in 1966, yet 48 later it retains it’s prophetic resonance in today’s “Ireland of un-equals.”

1.   “In the North, the destinies of one and a half million of our countrymen are controlled by a puppet regime”


2.   “We republicans must not be content to criticize those who misgovern both parts of our country. If we are to regard ourselves as true followers of Tone, we must provide the Irish people with an alternative. It must be a realistic and practical alternative. Our target must be the achievement of the ideals set out in the Proclamation of 1916 – the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland, religious and civil liberty, equal rights and equal opportunities for all our citizens.”


3.   “to imagine that we can establish a republic solely by constitutional means is utter folly. The lesson of history shows that in the final analysis the robber baron must be dis-established by the some methods that he used to enrich himself and retain his ill-gotten gains, namely, force of arms. To this end we must organise, train, and maintain a disciplined armed force which will always be available to strike at the opportune moment.”


It is the duty of contemporary Irish Republican Socialists to adhere to and struggle for Seamus Costello’s vision of an Irish Workers’ Republic where the proletariat rightfully take ownership of the means of production and exchange for the benefit of the majority, not the few.  Unlike one-dimensional nationalists , contemporary Irish Republican Socialists in accord with Connolly and Costello, recognise that both the class struggle and the national liberation struggle are inseparable.

Saoirse go deo!


2 Responses to “Prophetic Words From Seamus Costello in 1966”

  1. Scottish Republican Socialist Says:

    Excellent analogy regarding Scotland/Ireland! I really like your blog, your writing is succinct and to the point.keep it up!

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