Seamus Costello Commemoration – Saturday 4th October 2014



“Of all the politicians and political people with whom I have had conversations, and whom I have had conversations, and who called themselves followers of Connolly, he was the only one who truly understood what James Connolly meant when he spoke of his vision of the freedom of the Irish people.”  

(Nora Connolly, daughter of James Connolly, speaking of Seamus Costello shortly after his assassination)


2 Responses to “Seamus Costello Commemoration – Saturday 4th October 2014”

  1. good to see some still carry his memory and politics

    • Thanks Fintan a chara.
      I’m sure you have heard what turned out to be highly prophetic analysis by Dr Noel Browne, (a former Clann na Poblachta TD and later a Socialist Labour Party TD) of Seamus Costello after hearing him speak at the Amherst conference on the ‘Irish Question’in 1975:

      “Seamus Costello spoke for the IRSP and gave a scintillating display of good humour, history, politics and hard facts.
      No one who listened to his three hours in the afternoon, and, by unanimous demand two hours additional repeat in the evening, now doubts but that they will have to shoot him or jail him, or get out of his way, but they certainly won’t stop him. Costello, the revolutionary Marxist socialist, whose ambition is a secular, pluralist united socialist republic, won’t go away until he gets it.

      I’ve never heard his brand of republicanism before. He has his own socialist republican following. As well as that, he has gathered around him a considerable block of support from the militant “Officials”, now tiring of their own seeming tiring leadership. Is it not a triumph for our radio, TV and newspapers, and of the venomous Dublin political denigration machine, that none of us has ever read, heard of or seen this man’s remarkable dialectical skill and political ability?”

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