Support The Health Workers! Protest RVH at 11am, Monday 13/10/14

Yesterday, 7/10/14. Health Care workers voted to stage a three and a half hour walk-out on Monday 13th October.  The strike is due to Health Minister Poots and Stormont’s constant failure to make any kind of a pay offer to our highly valued Health Care workers.  Health Care workers, despite providing an essential service to the community, are in the disgraceful position of being  among the most low-paid workers in the north of Ireland.   Doubly disgraceful is the fact that many Stormont ministers and politicians spend more money on dining out on a daily basis than many Healthcare Workers receive as their weekly pay or monthly salaries!

Unite, the Trade Union that represents a significant section of Health Care workers, regional lead officer for Health, Kevin Mcadam, has stated that,

“It is regrettable that our members are being forced into taking this action in order to obtain the one per cent pay increase recommended by the independent NHS Pay Review Body.  Our members will always put patient-safety first and therefore proper emergency cover will be provided; however, we will not tolerate employers demanding additional cover for non-emergency work.

“Repeated surveys highlight the fact that staff give an average of eight hours unpaid overtime to the NHS every week. In addition to the strike, our members will be withdrawing this unpaid cover in a work-to-rule which will commence for four weeks from midnight on 13th October to midnight on 9th November.This action will see our members simply arrive at work on time and leave on time, taking standard meal breaks. Members will not exceed their contractual working arrangements. We are asking them to not write notes outside of paid hours as this is work. We realise that as a result of staff cuts the NHS has become dependent on the goodwill of our members but this will now be legally withdrawn.”


Join the Protest!  Support the Healthcare Workers!

The protest in support of the Health Care worker’s walk out at the RVH will take place at:

  • The Falls Road Entrance to the RVH

  • It will begin at 11 am on Monday 13th October

  • All support is welcomed!


Support the Health Care workers – Don’t let them Fight alone!

Which side are you on?


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