James Connolly Commemoration Fund

Today, The Plough and The Stars carries an appeal in solidarity from a comrade representing  the James Connolly Commemoration Fund Website.  James Connolly was of course the ideological father of Irish Republican Socialism.



One of the greatest socialist thinkers of his time, a revolutionary Marxist, trade unionist/syndicalist, a founder and leader of the Irish Citizen Army, and signatory of the 1916 Proclamation, a champion of the working class; former Charlemont Street resident, James Connolly.

Connolly first came to Dublin in 1896 with his wife Nora and three children. The family lived in a one roomed tenement slum for a short while at 76 Charlemont Street.

Our mission, with your help, is to erect a plaque on Charlemont Street, Dublin, in honour of James Connolly, and to mark the spot where this great man once lived.

Poster for sale to raise money for plaque, €5 each exl. P&P.



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Source: James Connolly Commemorative Fund

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