After repelling ISIL, PKK fighters are the new heroes of Kurdistan!

Source:  @aliamalek



PKK, Kurdistan

Members of the PKK wait to greet the body of a slain Iraqi Kurdish PKK fighter on the road from Erbil. (Ayman Oghanna for Al Jazeera America)

Halkawt Sami, an Iraqi Kurdish carpenter, has come to fulfill what he says is a national duty to welcome his “comrade” home. In August, as ISIL threatened to overtake Erbil, Sami enlisted to fight the extremist group. Like Kawa, he signed up for the PKK, not the peshmerga.

“It was the PKK that came down from the mountains to protect us,” he says, referring to the fighters’ descent from their camp in the Qandil Mountains, along the Iran-Iraq border. Sami says he was among at least 100 new recruits from Erbil who received basic training at the PKK camp.

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PKK English Website: Here




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