The Plough & The Stars Solidarity With Charlie Hebdo


The Plough and The Stars online publication sends fraternal sympathy to the workers of the Left-wing magazine, Charlie Hebdo, that has come under murderous attack by reactionary elements in Paris today leaving at least 12 dead.  Charlie Hebdo has a proud record of condemning racism, xenophobia and the excesses of the establishment in France.

It is much too early to attribute blame to any organisation but from various independent news sources and video clips of the attack available online, one can safely observe that:

  1. The attackers were well trained militarily wearing tactical vests, likely over body armour
  2. They used at the very least two military grade fully automatic Kalashnikov-type assault rifles which would usually have a 30 round capacity magazine (although larger mags are available)
  3. Despite many journalists from Charlie Hebdo supposedly having ‘police protection’, this was either ineffective, absent or any present were massively outgunned
  4. Despite France being a virtual police state with many different forces including paramilitary units and one of the world’s most pervasive domestic intelligent agencies, there appears to have been no prior intelligence
  5. The French police that were either on the scene or responded to the attack by the gunmen were lightly armed with probably only handguns and were not from any of the paramilitary police forces that are very visible in France
  6. Amazingly, the attackers have so far successfully used at least 2 getaway vehicles using obviously pre-planned ‘run-backs’ through one of the busiest areas of Paris!

Unfortunately, here in Ireland at the height of the national liberation conflict, many attacks against those who tried to protect Human Rights including journalists, solicitors and activists were murdered in many cases by agents of the state, to silence opposition and increase sectarian division.

Unfortunately, the forces of reaction will use this attack to hype-up Islamophobia, racism and discrimination.  It is also well documented that the various Jihadist groups are the Frankenstein creations of Western Imperialist powers as a counter against secular, Left-wing national liberation organisations.




4 Responses to “The Plough & The Stars Solidarity With Charlie Hebdo”

  1. Why not just blame the Jews as you idiots usually do.

    • Don’t talk rubbish my friend, I have always been an active opponent of racist/sectarian scape-goating. I suggest that you read this blog and if you can find any example of this accusation (which you will not) I challenge you to publish it in the comments section or elsewhere? Thank you for your comment.

  2. I agree with your analysis. I am a lifelong Communist and trade unionist from a Protestant background who despises bigotry from any quarter

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