LSL Property Services – Rack Renting Landlords Harassing Tenants in Belfast


LSL Property Services, their various other guises, such as LSL Corporate Client Department etc are now Ireland’s most vicious English-based absentee landlords.  Their modus operandi is to:

  • buy up foreclosed properties where the landlord has been renting to tenants
  • once they have secured de facto ownership of the property they then begin a campaign of harassment against the tenant(s) with the intention of forcing them to quit their legal tenancy
  • bombard the tenant or tenants with illegal notices to quit via often daily letters
  • harass the the tenant or tenants with a series of phone calls on a daily basis from witheld numbers
  • illegally attempt to make the tenant(s) responsible for the previous landlord’s payment shortfalls
  • when their campaigns of harassment against tenants are successful they promptly sell the property at a significant profit



LSL – Landlords who would make Rachman blush!

In many cases LSL target some of our community’s most vulnerable people who have the misfortune to fall into their clutches as tenants, often single mothers and in one specific case the mother of two severely disabled children.  As mentioned above, they pursued the same tactics of harassment to the point that the tenant herself had to seek psychiatric help and came perilously close to losing custody of her children.  Not surprisingly, LSL showed not one iota of remorse and effectively forced the tenant into hostel accommodation, so that they could sell the property at a profit.


A North Belfast tenant, whose rented property was taken over by LSL Property Services, told The Plough and The Stars that:

“I was constantly harassed by LSL Properties when they took over the management of my rented home when my original landlord fell into arrears on their mortgage payments.  I have a seven year old daughter who suffers from severe Asthma, two sons aged twelve and ten and a three month old baby girl.  My home needed emergency repairs due to a severe leak in my bathroom that resulted in an awful dampness steadily creeping into my daughter’s bedroom and eventually black mould appeared right down the walls of my daughter’s bedroom.  Despite making LSL aware of this problem and the risk to my daughter’s health, they showed me not an ounce of compassion.  It got to the point where I was having to share my bed with my seven year old daughter and my room with her and my baby.  Take into account that my baby wakes at least twice during the night to be fed, my 7 year old daughter’s sleep was constantly being disturbed by the baby crying and me having to put the light on to feed my baby.  My daughter’s teacher brought it to my attention that my daughter appeared tired and withdrawn in class.  Again I brought this to the attention of LSL, this was a complete waste of time.  They couldn’t care less (about tenants) all they are interested in is putting you under so much pressure, that you up and leave- giving them what they always wanted- your home to sell and make profit from.  We could have been living on the streets for all they cared. How do these people sleep at night?”




A Crime Against Working Class People!

The Plough and The Stars website has informed local community groups, political representatives and community leaders of LSL’s scumbag Rachmanite tactics against some of the most vulnerable people in our communities.  All are adamant that they will not allow these 21st Century Absentee Landlords constantly intimidate or forcefully and illegally evict tenants in the shameless pursuit of profit.  If you find yourself in the clutches of these vultures and their bullying tactics,

  • make your political representative aware of LSL’s tactics
  • contact a solicitor who will offer free legal advice and advise you on a course of action
  • ensure that your local community representatives know how you are being treated
  • avail of the services of Citizen’s Advice Centres and other community advice centres in your area
  • contact The Plough and The Stars website who have amassed a considerable series of complaints from tenants who were bullied out of their homes by LSL and we will highlight your case
  • contact other media outlets, such as newspapers and the broadcast media to highlight your treatment at the hands of LSL


One thing should be made clear to the like of LSL, the days when Irish communities as a whole were bullied by absentee landlords are well over!   LSL should also be aware of the growing anger at their despicable tactics towards tenants which are universally viewed as an attack on communities that have suffered so much over the years and they will not be intimidated by profit hungry, corporate neo-Rachmans that have awakened a powerful folk memory..




Seamus Connolly




7 Responses to “LSL Property Services – Rack Renting Landlords Harassing Tenants in Belfast”

  1. Jackie D Says:

    I have worked for these blood suckers for years on a contract basis and have seen how they treat tenants leaving them in the desperate housing conditions. In one case they mercilesslesly harassed a pensioner who had lived in her house for 40 years. They are heartless!

  2. Thank you so much for highlighting this issue. I have had the same experience as this woman. My landlord, who was decent, fell into debt with his mortgage and I ended up having to deal with LSLPS. Despite having a tenancy agreement and paying rent, I got constant calls and letters telling me to vacate the property. I ended up on antidepressants and sleeping tablets because of these people. The best thing I did was see a solicitor, who advised me they could not evict me and the letters they were sending were absolutely meaninglessness. You cannot be evicted if you have a tenancy agreement and even if you don’t LSLPS would have to go to court to get a possession order to evict you. I would advise anyone dealing with these parasites to speak to Housing Rights and seek legal advice. They try to scare people so that they flee their homes, so they can sell them. BULLIES!!!

  3. It is absolutely shocking that this kind of thing is happening in 2015. I have also experienced the same problems as the woman in the article and Lisa. Refusing to carry out essential repairs- instead sending an influx of people through the house with clipboards to check faults, which they reported back to LSL. Then you hear nothing. Ring back to report the same fault and they play dumb, sending another influx of workers to note the same faults. All the while you receive letters telling you to quit the property at short notice. As Lisa said these letters are meaningless. I was advised (and I will not say who by) that they intend to make living conditions as uncomfortable as possible, thus holding off repairs and issuing constant letters, so that you are under so much pressure and left with no alternative but to up and leave. They hire solicitors and go against the legal advice of that solicitor. Then along comes more letters from another solicitor. I pity anyone who, through no fault of their own, has fallen into the hands of these merciless heartless corporate dictators. I was one of the lucky ones. I had lived in the same community all my life and had the backing of my family, the community and my MLA. Can you imagine some girl sitting on her own with children and no family with nowhere to go, especially if she had no former dealings or experience with legal matters. This is a crime against the most vulnerable people in our community and it is time that people got together and stood up to LSLPS and their bully-boy tactics. Please Please if you find yourself at the mercy of this company contact Housing Rights and your political representatives. Contact your council who deal with landlord harassment and failure to carry out repairs by landlords. The law is on YOUR side, as Lisa said, if you are paying rent and have a tenancy agreement or not- you cannot be evicted via a ‘Notice to Quit’, LSLPS and any landlord has to go before a court and it is the judge’s decision and as long as you are paying rent and have a tenancy agreement you cannot be evicted under any circumstances by LSLPS. Check out what their own employees even have to say about the company.,32.htm

  4. Mark in Exeter Says:

    I worked for them for nearly a year and they train employees in how to pressurise tenants out of their homes! They are the scum of the earth and I am so glad someone has exposed there illegal harassing, bullying and pressurisinng of tenants, many of them are single mums with no support oor nowhere else to go but the streets or homeless shelters BUT LSL dont give a damn,,they even give bonuses to employees whose bullying has resulted in a tenant leaving there home early so that they can put it on the market AND only THEN will they do the much needed REPAIRS.


    from Mark, Exeter via iPhone4

  5. Springfield Road area resident Says:

    LSL Property Services based in Exeter and other locations in England have been steadily taking over as official landlords to tenants whose previous landlords have fallen into receivership. Their previous harassment tactics in West Belfast have been highlighted on the this page previously.

    LSL’s latest scummy tactics are to hire shady contractors based in the Belfast area who wait until tenants have gone out, they then drill the locks of the property, replacing them with new ones, effectively depriving the tenants of not only a home but their possessions.
    From accurate information, received from a reliable source within LSL, invariably these goons hired by LSL Properties use unmarked transit vans and indulge in a fair degree of surveillance before acting. It is up to local communities to oppose these illegal evictions that deprive some of the most vulnerable people of a roof over their heads.

    Please pass on and support your community! It could be you next!

  6. Do you know of any way to make a complaint about LSL ? they are not covered by the ombudsman,
    Watch this video if you have the time,

    • Gary, watched the video, sadly I am not surprised by the actions of the LSL vermin. They supply the Tory regime, eg, with their flawed housing statistics etc and their rackrenting, intimidation of tenants, are very much in line with their overall social policy to punish the working class and put any social/affordable housing into the hands of a cabal of private/corporate landlords. The situation here in the north of Ireland is slightly different but the solution is universal, ie, organise your community against them

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