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Durham Miners Connolly Banner to be hosted by the IRSM + Belfast May Day Arrangements

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Source: IRSP News

An historic banner originally commissioned by English miners in 1928 and which has seen so much controversy over the decades that it has warranted the writing of a book in its honour is being taken to Derry and West Belfast.

The ‘Follonsby Wardly’ banner was originally commissioned by the Durham Miners Association in 1928, just four years after the great General Strike which brought England to the verge of a Revolution.

In reflection of the radical and militant mood of the time, it depicted amongst others the Iconic Irish Republican Socialist leader James Connolly. Given the sensitivities of the time, the depiction of an Irish rebel on an English workers banner attracted no small degree of attention as well as some derision; indeed the banner itself was burned in mysterious circumstances in the 1940s. Never the less the striking image of Connolly being held aloft by English workers became an iconic image for Socialists and Internationalists world-wide, a copy of the image sits on the wall of Conway Mill.

In later decade’s controversy continued to follow the Follonsby Wardly pit banner, with new additions consciously leaving out the bust of Connolly in favour of more publically acceptable figures from the English Labour movement.

However thanks to the efforts of the National Union of Mineworkers, political activists as well as members of the Irish Community in Tyneside the original banner has in recent years been restored in its identical and original state, costing no less than £7000 to make.

The banner is being brought to West Belfast by veterans of the 1984-85 miners strike, including long term coal miner and NUM organiser Dave Douglass, who is also the author of a book on the History of the Follonsby Wardly banner as well as on the 84-85 strike.

The delegation are coming as guests of Teach na Failte the Republican Socialist ex-Prisoners association and will be staying in West Belfast from where they will join the main Belfast May Day rally on Saturday 2nd of May, after which they will address a lecture in the Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre on lessons of the 84-85’ Miners Strike.

Teach nia Failte west Belfast representative Gerard Murray explained ‘it’s a great honour for us to host this delegation of Workers in West Belfast, as well as the Follonsby Wardly banner, an object which should hold great significance to all Irish Workers, Socialists and Republicans alike’.

‘The miners’ strike struck a chord with most people in West Belfast, who amongst other things associated with the miners struggle against Margaret Thatcher, indeed some who went on to become Republican Socialist prisoners were active on the streets along with the miners in 1984, so this is a very important visit for us all’.
The Follensby Wardley miner’s banner will be on display at the Belfast Unemployed Resource centre, Donegal Street, following the main May Day rally on Saturday 2nd of May, which takes place at 12 noon.Derry meeting is at City Hotel, Friday 1st May at 7pm.

Source: IRSP NEWS!

Belfast International Workers Day March – Saturday 2nd May

All available party members and supporters are asked to assemble at the Art College off Donegal Street at 11.30am on Saturday to march behind our IRSP banner on May Day, an auspicious day for revolutionaries globally.  Contact Costello House for any clarifications.

Saoirse go deo!






Sambar Trading – A Great Source For Revolutionary Merchandise

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sambar 01

If for any reason, due to geographical location, for instance, one can’t make it to Derry’s James Connolly House merchandise department, a great alternative is the Sambar Trading Company  which has an outstanding variety of revolutionary, anti-imperialist and national badges/pins, flags, apparel and much, much more including bespoke one-off designs.  Just some of the categories of various Sambar merchandise include:

  • Palestinian
  • Irish Republican
  • Cuban
  • Syrian
  • Scottish
  • Welsh
  • Australian
  • Trades Union
  • Heraldic

….and much, much more value for money items.  Sambar Trading can be contacted directly via their website or alternatively by clicking this link.  The staff are incredibly helpful and quick off the mark to answer customer queries.  Postage is competively priced and the merchandise is of the highest quality.   A relative in Scandinavia who recently bought several items from Sambar Trading stated that

” Our purchases were of high quality and I was able to purchase items, such as the PFLP flag, that I could never access in my own country.  I am very, very pleased with Sambar Trading’s customer service, communications and of course, the items that I ordered.  Top Marx!”

Just a few examples of Sambar Trading’s items ordered by a relative overseas

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Quote and pics of Sambar Trading items orders courtesy of  Pat McGuigan, Freetown Christiania, Denmark.

Irish Republican Socialist Movement Easter Commemoration 2015

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Shoot to Kill: RUC Death-squads & The Stalker Inquiry Full Length Video

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Directed by award winning film maker, Peter Kosminsky, this drama-documentary goes some way to lifting the lid, specifically on the murders of 6 unarmed Republican suspects & Catholics in North Armagh within the period of a month between November-December 1982 by an RUC Special Branch-tasked HMSU death-squad, known as E4a. ‘Shoot to Kill’ also examines how the inquiry by Manchester DCC John Stalker into the series of state-sanctioned executions was constantly obstructed and finally sabotaged by the the RUC’s Chief Constable, RUC Special Branch and other British intelligence agencies who wielded considerable influence within the Thatcher Government’s Cabinet to smear John Stalker, removing him from the inquiry on spurious grounds. The Inquiry has never been published, lending credence to Stalker’s comment that they were a force out of control who acted akin to South American Right-wing death-squads who murdered suspected political opponents and civilians with impunity.



Mairtin Mcallister


Irish Republican Socialist Movement Easter Commemoration 5/4/15

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Source: IRSP NEWS!



Honour Ireland’s Dead and our Fallen Comrades who laid down their lives for a 32 County Socialist Republic!

Saoirse go deo!


See IRSP NEWS for further details









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