Sambar Trading – A Great Source For Revolutionary Merchandise

sambar 01

If for any reason, due to geographical location, for instance, one can’t make it to Derry’s James Connolly House merchandise department, a great alternative is the Sambar Trading Company  which has an outstanding variety of revolutionary, anti-imperialist and national badges/pins, flags, apparel and much, much more including bespoke one-off designs.  Just some of the categories of various Sambar merchandise include:

  • Palestinian
  • Irish Republican
  • Cuban
  • Syrian
  • Scottish
  • Welsh
  • Australian
  • Trades Union
  • Heraldic

….and much, much more value for money items.  Sambar Trading can be contacted directly via their website or alternatively by clicking this link.  The staff are incredibly helpful and quick off the mark to answer customer queries.  Postage is competively priced and the merchandise is of the highest quality.   A relative in Scandinavia who recently bought several items from Sambar Trading stated that

” Our purchases were of high quality and I was able to purchase items, such as the PFLP flag, that I could never access in my own country.  I am very, very pleased with Sambar Trading’s customer service, communications and of course, the items that I ordered.  Top Marx!”

Just a few examples of Sambar Trading’s items ordered by a relative overseas

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Quote and pics of Sambar Trading items orders courtesy of  Pat McGuigan, Freetown Christiania, Denmark.


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