The Vol. Matt McLarnon Cumann IRSP – Falls Road, New Facebook Page

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Source: Vol. Matt McLarnon Cumann Facebook Page

Our IRSP Cumann was named after 21 year old INLA volunteer Matt McLarnon, who was killed by the British Army on active service in May 1981 in the Divis area of Belfast, following the death of Hunger Striker, Francis Hughes.

Our cumann was formed by IRSP members from the greater Falls Road area of Belfast to carry out and channel the revolutionary founding principles of the party at this time when an alternative to one dimensional nationalist politics and reformism is as badly needed and necessary as ever during the current vicious Westminster and Stormont offensive against ordinary working-class people. Our politics are unapologetically consistent with the revolutionary ideology of Connolly and Costello which correctly maintained that the struggle for national liberation and an Irish Workers Republic are inseparable.

As revolutionary Republican Socialists we maintain that there can be no real ‘freedom’ for ordinary working class people in a Gombeen unitary state. Likewise, we oppose the ‘two-nation’ reformist ‘socialism’ of the Brit-centric or reformist ‘Left’ parties that accept partition, who our co-founder Seamus Costello dismissed as ‘ring road socialists.’ James Connolly during his time in Belfast, was equally critical of the ‘Walkerite’ socialists who approximately 90 years ago also chose to ignore the impact of Imperialism in Ireland.

If you are interested in the politics of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, feel free to contact the Vol. Matt McLarnon Cumann page’s admin. Our aims are those of our party’s co-founder, Seamus Costello:
“we must make no secret of the fact that we are a revolutionary party , prepared to give leadership on the streets as well as in the elected chambers & that we are out for a revolutionary state!”

Saoirse Go Deo!
Alex McGuigan
Vol. Matt McLarnon Cumann
Irish Republican Socialist Party

Source: Vol.Matt McLarnon IRSP Cumann Facebook Page

This nascent Facebook page will be of interest to those both within and without the Falls Road, Belfast catchment area to find out more about the history and politics of the IRSP via social media.  There are photo galleries, notices of forthcoming activities and there is a facility to ask questions of the Admin of the page.  It is well worth checking out via the links above.



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