Vol. Matt McLarnon IRSP Cumann successfully leafleting the lower Falls, Belfast


Members of the Volunteer Matt McLarnon IRSP Cumann delivered many hundreds of leaflets to homes in the lower Falls area of West Belfast last night.  Despite the inclement weather there were numerous members involved in the leaflet drop which was well received by local residents.  The lower Falls/Divis area suffers seriously from the negative impact of imperialism.  This negative impact translates into ultra high levels of unemployment, anti-social behaviour, youth alienation, anti-people crime and neglect by statutory agencies causing disempowerment  and misery for many residents of this large working class area.  The Irish Republican Movement has always had a high level of support in the area.  Prior to it’s demolition, the area was the site of the internationally known Divis Flats, nicknamed ‘the Planet of the Irps’ (‘Irps’ being a colloquialism for the INLA/IRSP).

The leaflet that is pictured above succinctly informs readers:

  1. That the IRSP is active in the area  (as it has been since it’s formation 40+ years ago);
  2. The origins of the Cumann’s name;
  3. Key political positions of the IRSP;
  4. Contact details.


For those interested in joining the Vol. Matt McLarnon IRSP Cumann whose catchment area, at present, is the Falls Road or for anyone interested in the revolutionary politics of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, they can make contact or post questions on-line relating to the politics of the IRSP via  the cumann’s Facebook Page.  

Fair play to all members who helped make the leaflet drop successful!

Saoirse go deo! 

Some members of the Vol. Matt McLarnon Cumann on the streets of the lower Falls last night

Some members of the Vol. Matt McLarnon Cumann on the streets of the lower Falls last night


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