IRSP Statement on Agreement with Water Contractor and Residents. 20th july 2015

Source: North Donegal IRSP

Irish Republican Socialist Party spokesperson Mark McKinney has welcomed a deal reached at a meeting in An Grainan Hotel in Burt on Thursday 16th July between local residents and Water contractor Gildea & Son.

Speaking after the meeting which was attended by the IRSP Mr McKinney said, “We were invited to a meeting at An Grainan hotel last Thursday evening by local resident groups who had organised the meeting in order to attempt to come to an agreement with the contractor who had already begun work in the county. His work involves the installation of water meters at private homes throughout Donegal. Residents were concerned that they might be forced to accept the installation of water meters as had been done in other parts of the county by the same contractor. Residents asked us along in order to support them because it is widely known that we negotiated with another contractor and had come to an agreement with them.”

Mr McKinney said, “People from across Inishowen attended on Thursday and we, with them, got an agreement with John Gildea that no meters would be installed on properties on which the residents expressed a wish not to have a meter installed. This would be done by way of a sign on the property expressing this. John Gildea, on behalf of Gildea & Son accepted this arrangement and has publicly stated that neither he nor his company would proceed to install meters where they were not wanted.”

Mr McKinney concluded by saying, “We see this agreement as a victory for residents in their attempts to refuse to have water meters installed but it is only one small victory in the bigger fight that will be won by the ongoing boycott of Irish Water bills. Only a unified approach will eventually stop Irish Water and we are calling on all community minded groups and individuals to join with us and residents to help distribute signs to people across Inishowen. The IRSP will be monitoring the situation and will hold any contractor to account if they fail to honour the agreement made on Thursday and also to previous agreements with other contractors. We wish to thank the residents of Inishowen for inviting us to the meeting last week and we look forward to working with all like minded groups in the future.”


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