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The Lions of Rojava – The 21st Century’s International Brigades

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The Lions of Rojava are Left-wing international volunteers who wage war, brothers and sisters in arms, in support of the Kurdish peoples against Turkish imperialism and ISIL’s fundamentalist brand of clerical Fascism.  Just as in the fight against Franco’s Clerical-Fascism in Spain during the last Century, the international volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds yet fight a common enemy, using a wide range of military ordinance.  The Lions of Rojava are attached to The Peoples Defense Units (YPJ/YPG) and together are winning significant military victories, however as in all wars the YPG/YPJ including volunteers of the Lions of Rojava have suffered casualties, many fatal.  Martyrs have laid down their lives many, many miles from their home countries, tragically reinforcing the range of international support for the Peoples Defence Units.

The current armed conflict is complex but it is well documented that Turkey, a willing client state of the USA, has persecuted, murdered, raped and repressed the Kurdish people for centuries.  Turkey has a long history of ethnic cleansing against minority people, including the Silent Holocaust against the Armenian people that saw the murder of over 1.5 million men, women and children that began in 1915.  The Turkish’s imperialist hands, both as the epicentre of the Ottoman Empire and with the dawn of Kemel Attaturk’s secular state, are literally dripping in blood.

In a statement on August 8 from YPG/YPJ, the Freedom Fighters said:

Suspected gunmen of the ISIL (Daesh) terrorist group last night, Aug 7, carried out an attack in the south of town Til Hamis, Jazira region, Rojava, Syria – targeting fighting positions of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) in the location.

The assault which was tried at 23:00 on the village of Abu Hamal near the Khizela village led to violent clashes in the region. During fighting in this area a military vehicle of the attackers was destroyed, the assailants were eventually forced to withdraw as their attempt was troubled by a fierce resistance.

According to what has been verified from last night battle, at least 6 members of the terrorist unit were killed, as a weapons cache of 1 PKM, 2 kits and four hand grenades was seized by the Defense Units.

KOBANI, Sarrin – In the evening of August 7, terrorist forces of the ISIL group tried to complete another attack on the rural district of town Sarrin, southern Kobani, Rojava, Syria. Initiating fresh efforts, the enemy forces from western bank of the Euphrates River targeted strategic hilltops to the west of town Sarrin with heavy mortar fire, yet they faced a severe response from the joint forces of the Defense Units.

AFRIN, Rojava – On August 7 in Afrin region of Rojava, Syria, members of the Al-Nusra terrorist group led an offensive on the village of Darbalut, Jindiris County.

These terrorist elements last night pointed their fire on the civilian population on the noted village and tried desperately to advance near the location. Joint forces of the People’s/Women’s Defense Units intervened against the developments, engaged with the attackers at that point where 2 terrorist forces were killed. Fighting in place near the stated region continues sporadically using heavy weaponry by two sides.

Source:  People’s Defense Units (YPG) – 2015 Press Office


All Socialist and freedom loving people should obviously support the People’s Defense Unit’s, whether by volunteering in some capacity, raising awareness in our communities, disseminating pro-YPG/YPJ propaganda or raising funds.  One can learn much more, learn more about the situation and learn how one can help by visiting:


Alex McGuigan

National Demonstration Against Water Charges – 2pm Dublin 29/8/15

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Make your voice heard now or the running dog Capitalista pigs will be charging us for the very air we breath next! Contact your local IRSP for further details.



Powerful Speech From The South West of Ireland on Opposition to Water Charges

The Founding Statement of the IRSP – 1974

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At a meeting held in Dublin on Sunday, 8.12.’74, a decision was made to form a new political party, to be known as THE IRISH REPUBLICAN SOCIALIST PARTY. The inaugural meeting was attended by approximately 80 delegates from Belfast, Armagh, Co. Derry, Derry City, Donegal, Dublin, Wicklow, Cork, Clare, Limerick and Tipperary.


To this end, it was agreed that the Party would launch a vigorous campaign of political agitation and education, North and South, on the following issues:


1/ Recognising that British Imperialist interference in Ireland constitutes the most immediate obstacle confronting the Irish People in their struggle for democracy, National Liberation and Socialism, it shall be the policy of the Party to seek the formation of a broad front on the basis of the following demands:

A/ That Britain must immediately renounce all claims to Sovereignty over any part of Ireland and its coastal waters, and should immediately specify an early date for the total withdrawal of her military and political presence from Ireland.
B/ Having specified the date for her total withdrawal from Ireland, Britain must immediately withdraw all troops to barracks, release all internees and sentenced political prisoners, grant a general amnesty for all offences arising from the military campaign against British Forces or through involvement in the Civil Disobedience Campaign, abolish all repressive legislation, grant a Bill of Rights which will allow complete freedom of political action and outlaw all discriminination whether it be on the basis of class, creed, political opinion or sex. Britain must also agree to compensate the Irish People for the exploitation which has already occurred.
C/ It shall be the policy of the IRISH REPUBLICAN SOCIALIST PARTY to seek an active working alliance of all radical forces within the context of the Broad Front in order to ensure the ultimate success of the Irish Working Class in their struggle for Socialism.
D/ It will be an immediate objective of the Party to launch an intensive campaign of opposition to the E.E. membership. We, therefore, intend to play an active part in the E.E.C. referendum in the Six County area and through our support groups in Britain.
E/ Recognising that sectarianism, and the present campaign of sectarian assassinations arises as a direct result of British manipulation of the most reactionary elements of Irish Society, we shall seek to end this campaign on the basis of united action by the Catholic and Protestant working class against British Imperialism in Ireland.


1/ We will seek to have a United Campaign of all democratic forces against repressive legislation in the south, and against the policy of blatant collaboration with British Imperialism, which is now being pursued by the 26 County Administration.

2/ THE IRISH REPUBLICAN SOCIALIST PARTY is totally opposed to the exploitation of our natural resources by multi-national Corporations. It shall therefore be our policy to give active and sustained support to the present campaign for the nationalisation of these resources.

3/ Recognising that the rapidly increasing cost of living and rising unemployment are to a large extent a direct result of our EEC membership, it shall be the policy of the IRISH REPUBLICAN SOCIALIST PARTY to actively support the formation of people’s organisations to combat rising prices and unemployment.


THE IRISH REPUBLICAN SOCIALIST PARTY is not an abstentionist Party, and will decide its attitude towards the contesting of any particular election, on the basis of a thorough analysis of the conditions prevailing at the time. In keeping with this attitude we have decided, in principle, to contest the forthcoming Convention Elections in the Six County Area.

As the vast majority of those involved in the formation of the IRISH REPUBLICAN SOCIALIST PARTY are people who have recently resigned from Sinn Fein (Gardiner Place), we feel it may be necessary to give a brief outline of the reasons for our resignations. They are as follows:

A/ The refusal of the Sinn Fein Ard Comhairle to implement the democratically decided policies on the National Question as laid down at the 1972 and 1973 Ard Fheiseanna.
B/ The lack of internal democracy within Sinn Fein. This became particularly noticeable during the course of the past year when many dedicated members were purged from the organisation because they dared to question the reformist approach of the Ard Comhairle on many vital questions. This purge culminated in attempts by members of the Ard Comhairle to intimidate delegates to the recent Ard Fheis, when many of them were threatened with expulsion if they did not vote in accordance with the wishes of the leadership.
C/ the decision of the Ard Comhairle to contest the Six County Assembly Elections, when it was perfectly obvious that the elections were clearly designed to re-establish a British controlled puppet Parliament for the Six Counties. In our view, this particular decision was indicative of the reformist and counter revolutionary attitudes which prevail at Ard Comhairle level in Sinn Fein, Gardiner Place.
D/ The unprincipled betrayal of the internees arising from the decision to take seats on local councils in the North. This decision was made despite the fact that the Ard Comhairle had made repeated statements attacking the treachery of the SDLP for taking their seats.

We are of course aware that the vast majority of rank and file members are completely opposed to this decision. We urge the ordinary members of Sinn Fein to refuse to accept this unprincipled attitude on the part of the Ard Comhairle. We call on all Republican Club Councillors to stand by the Internees by upholding the peoples’ pledge which they signed before their election.
E/ The general drift towards almost exclusive participation in reformist activity, and the total abandonment of agitationary political action in pursuit of their objectives. Under its present leadership, Sinn Fein has been reduced to a position of almost total irrelevance in the context of the present poltical situation.


Since last Sunday we have had enquiries from practically every area in the country regarding the formation of branches. During the period since the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis, at least 14 Cumainn and two Comhairle Ceantair have resigned in bloc and indicated their intention of forming IRISH REPUBLICAN SOCIALIST PARTY branches.

We are at present engaged in an intensive recruiting drive, and will organise a full delegate national conference at the earliest possible date. A permanent National Executive will be elected at the Annual Conference.

In conclusion, the IRISH REPUBLICAN SOCIALIST PARTY extends its support to all peoples struggling for Democracy, National Liberation and Socialism.

In Ireland, we appeal to all of those who are genuinely interested in the establishment of a Socialist Republic to re-examine their present position and give their support to the IRISH REPUBLICAN SOCIALIST PARTY.

Those elected to the Temporary National Executive are as follows:

Sean Flynn (Belfast)
Manuel McIlroy (Belfast)
John McAlea (Belfast)
Charlie Craig (Belfast)
Seamus O’Kane (Co. Derry)
Terry Robson (Derry City)
Joe Sweeney (Derry City)
Bernadette McAliskey (Tyrone)
Johnny White (Donegal)
Seamus Costello (Wicklow)
Theresa Gallagher (Dublin)
Anne Webb (Dublin)
Mick Plunkett (Dublin)
John Lynch (Cork)
Stella Mackowski (Clare)
Joe Quinn (Limerick)
Tony Quinn (Tipperar

Why Jeremy Corbyn Should Be The English Labour Party Leader

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High Street Kensington, London, UK. 26th July 2014. Jeremy Corbyn MP and comedian Jeremy Hardy at the front as the Solidarity for Palestine march fills the High Street Kensington near the Israel Embassy as they march towards Whitehall © Matthew Chattle/AlFirstly it should be stressed that Jeremy Corbyn is not a Revolutionary by any means nor to be fair does he pose as one.  He is a Democratic Socialist and MP for Islington since 1983, previously having worked on Tony Benn’s campaign for Deputy Labour leader in 1981 which was unfortunately unsuccessful.  However, it is well documented that he is a person of principle, holding the record for defying the ‘New Labour’ Three Line whip in parliamentary debates.  During the 2005-2010 Parliament he defied the Labour whip 238 times based on principle, almost 25% of entire votes during this period.

Just Some Reasons why Jeremy Corbyn Should be Labour Party leader:

  • He has consistently supported the cause of Irish National Liberation
  • He is a declared English Republican stating England should be a Republic
  • He is an animal rights campaigner
  • An anti-poverty campaigner
  • Supports and actively advocates ‘Peoples Assemblies’
  • Campaigned for former Chilean dictator and ally of Thatcher to face trial for genocide
  • He is a member of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign
  • A member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • He has called for an end to sanctions against Iran
  • During the height of the parliamentary expenses scandal, he was revealed to be the Westminster MP who claimed the LEAST expenses
  • A member of CND
  • National Chair of the Stop The War Coalition
  • He is chairperson of the anti-imperialist and anti-racist group ‘Liberation’
  • He has the support of the two largest Trade Unions in his country: Unite and Unison
  • A supporter of disability rights

The positive list could go on ad infinitum but Jeremy Corbyn would be a much needed breath of fresh air to a party that for decades has been led by politicians like War-Criminal, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Ed Milliband who out-Toryied the Tories in their right wing policies.  Jeremy Corbyn has recently been the subject of predictable scathing attacks from charlatans such as John Prescott and Neil Kinnock – a vote of confidence by any progressive political barometer!  The Plough and the Stars supports Corbyn’s candidacy for the leadership of his country’s Labour Party, although with the proviso that there can be no parliamentary road to Socialism in any Liberal Democracy.

Alex Mcguigan

Picket in support of Hunger Striker Stephen Kaczynski, Divis St, Belfast – Tomorrow 2pm

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There will be a picket at the International Wall, Divis Street, Belfast, tomorrow at 2pm in support of Scottish international activist, Stephen Shaw Kaczynski, who is on his 43rd day on Hunger Strike in isolation in a Turkish prison.


A petition in support of Steve can signed: Here


Please be there for him!

INLA Hunger Striker Kevin Lynch Commemoration TODAY, Dungiven 12.30pm

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kevin lynch

INLA Hunger Striker Kevin Lynch Commemoration

Commences 12.30pm, Limavady Rd, Dungiven, today 02/08/2015

Honour and remember the sacrifice of our Hunger Strikers

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