Why Jeremy Corbyn Should Be The English Labour Party Leader

High Street Kensington, London, UK. 26th July 2014. Jeremy Corbyn MP and comedian Jeremy Hardy at the front as the Solidarity for Palestine march fills the High Street Kensington near the Israel Embassy as they march towards Whitehall © Matthew Chattle/AlFirstly it should be stressed that Jeremy Corbyn is not a Revolutionary by any means nor to be fair does he pose as one.  He is a Democratic Socialist and MP for Islington since 1983, previously having worked on Tony Benn’s campaign for Deputy Labour leader in 1981 which was unfortunately unsuccessful.  However, it is well documented that he is a person of principle, holding the record for defying the ‘New Labour’ Three Line whip in parliamentary debates.  During the 2005-2010 Parliament he defied the Labour whip 238 times based on principle, almost 25% of entire votes during this period.

Just Some Reasons why Jeremy Corbyn Should be Labour Party leader:

  • He has consistently supported the cause of Irish National Liberation
  • He is a declared English Republican stating England should be a Republic
  • He is an animal rights campaigner
  • An anti-poverty campaigner
  • Supports and actively advocates ‘Peoples Assemblies’
  • Campaigned for former Chilean dictator and ally of Thatcher to face trial for genocide
  • He is a member of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign
  • A member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign
  • He has called for an end to sanctions against Iran
  • During the height of the parliamentary expenses scandal, he was revealed to be the Westminster MP who claimed the LEAST expenses
  • A member of CND
  • National Chair of the Stop The War Coalition
  • He is chairperson of the anti-imperialist and anti-racist group ‘Liberation’
  • He has the support of the two largest Trade Unions in his country: Unite and Unison
  • A supporter of disability rights

The positive list could go on ad infinitum but Jeremy Corbyn would be a much needed breath of fresh air to a party that for decades has been led by politicians like War-Criminal, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Ed Milliband who out-Toryied the Tories in their right wing policies.  Jeremy Corbyn has recently been the subject of predictable scathing attacks from charlatans such as John Prescott and Neil Kinnock – a vote of confidence by any progressive political barometer!  The Plough and the Stars supports Corbyn’s candidacy for the leadership of his country’s Labour Party, although with the proviso that there can be no parliamentary road to Socialism in any Liberal Democracy.

Alex Mcguigan


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