Belfast Public Meeting on the YPG and The Kurdish Struggle For Liberation – A Resounding Success!

Source IRSP: Facebook Page


The public meeting on the YPG and general struggle against the Fascism of ISIS and the Imperialism of the repressive Turkish state was a resounding success.  The main speakers were Vikki Scurfield, the mother of martyred YPG specialist guerilla and Alan Brooke, an academic who left his normal life behind to volunteer to fight for the YPG and make a serious sacrifice in the Kurdish fight for not only freedom.but survival..

“Kosta” YPG Freedom Fighter, Combat Para-medicine specialist and Martyr for Kurdish freedom, RIP

The meeting was highly informative, giving the genuine news from the struggle of the Turkish freedom fighters in Syria and extensive battle lines.  The histoorical details of the Turkish genocide against the Kurdish people was fascinating!  The speakers were a breath of fresh air compared to the manipulated and monopolised Bourgeois media.

 Check the IRSP NEWS page and it’s Youtube channel for a forthcoming more comprehensive, better written and digitally recorded report of what was one of the informative Public Meetings on the Kurdish struggle.

As Internationalists,  Marxists and freedom loving Irish Republican Socialist people, one peoples’ fight against Imperialism and Fascism is our struggle too! 

Saoirse  go  deo !

Alex Mcguigan,Belfast

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