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Repeal the Eighth!

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Fair play to Liam Neeson for doing his bit to drag Ireland into modernity and expose the foul hypocrisy that brushes a Woman’s rights out of sight and across the sea to England to carry out a medical procedure.  This sad journey further traumatises the thousands of women who have had to take that route.  The hypocrisy of the Church and it’s zealous followers is staggering!  They do not care one iota about children, let alone what may amount to a small clump of cells.  The Church should be begging working class Irish women (and what were once children) on their knees for forgiveness for the abuse they have visited on them for centuries.  Again it has raised it’s ugly head and refuses to keep it’s Rosaries from women’s ovaries.   This has ultimately led to the deaths of numerous women to suit the Churches’ archaic fundamentalist dogma.  Bizarrely, it is an issue that unites in bigotry both Paisleyites and fundamentalist Catholics, who hold joint protests at the likes of the Family Planning Centre in Belfast.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party

Only one party in Ireland, the IRSP, has consistently campaigned for and enshrined full female reproductive rights in it’s constitution, including Abortion on demand since it’s inception.  The IRSP bravely stood by this principle over 40 years ago, when, incredibly, for this generation to comprehend, even condoms, the contraceptive pill  and other methods were illegal in the 26 counties.  Other parties hypocritically avoided the issue, yet when it suited them they adopted to wear ‘Leftist’ clothes, which were quickly discarded for the chance at respectability.  As a proud member of that party and a loving parent, it is my view that our pity should be saved for the women who have ‘no choice’ and constantly challenge the lies of those who seek to impose their religious beliefs on others.

Alex McGuigan,  W/Belfast IRSP.

State Repression Intensifies Against Irish Republican Socialists

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Despite what the Establishment Parties in Ireland would have you believe, political policing has never ceased and has recently been on the rise in both the
occupied six counties and the Free State. The suppression of alternative political beliefs and views has been at the top of the agenda of both the PSNI and An Garda Siochana, at a time when the
never ending and ever increasing flaws of both puppet governments’ on this island has been all too clear for the people of Ireland to see.

In the Free State, where resistance to the anti working class decision of charging people for the use of water, has become stronger and stronger, activists
have been trailed from their homes by the Gardai, brought to court and handed large fines and at times, prison sentences. Solely due to protesting against
the decision of the capitalist Free State Administration to bleed more money out of ordinary people who simply have no more money to give.


In the North, the persecution and harassment of anti Good Friday Agreement Republicans has become a daily occurrence. At a time when Stormont flounders from
one petty sectarian argument to the next, and with politicians who serve no-one only their massive ego’s and wallets, the armed wing of the British State in
Ireland (PSNI) and their masters in Mi5, have been to the fore in trying to intimidate Republican activist’s and their families. Dozens of Republican
Socialist Activists homes have been torn apart in the last 2 months. Many stop and searches and Mi5 approaches have been conducted against members of the
IRSP and other Republican groups.


The Establishment Parties at Stormont and Leinster House have remained tight lipped and silent on these serious issues, sadly including many ‘Republicans’ who
were once subjected to the same harassment for their beliefs.

Their silence is deafening!


By Michael Kelly, West Belfast IRSP

The Praxis of James Connolly’s Irish Republican Socialism

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James Connolly’s last public statement:

To the Field General Court Martial, held at Dublin Castle, on May 9th, 1916

I do not wish to make any defence except against charges of wanton cruelty to prisoners. These trifling allegations that have been made, if they record facts that really happened deal only with the almost unavoidable incidents of a hurried uprising against long established authority, and nowhere show evidence of set purpose to wantonly injure unarmed persons.

We went out to break the connection between this country and the British Empire, and to establish an Irish Republic. We believed that the call we then issued to the people of Ireland, was a nobler call, in a holier cause, than any call issued to them during this war, having any connection with the war. We succeeded in proving that Irishmen are ready to die endeavouring to win for Ireland those national rights which the British Government has been asking them to die to win for Belgium. As long as that remains the case, the cause of Irish freedom is safe.

Believing that the British Government has no right in Ireland, never had any right in Ireland, and never can have any right in Ireland, the presence, in any one generation of Irishmen, of even a respectable minority, ready to die to affirm that truth, makes that Government for ever a usurpation and a crime against human progress.

I personally thank God that I have lived to see the day when thousands of Irish men and boys, and hundreds of Irish women and girls, were ready to affirm that truth, and to attest it with their lives if need be.

 James Connolly, Marxist Revolutionary
James Connolly is the ideological Father of Irish Republican Socialism. His words are as valid today as they were a Century ago. Even the most casual study of his writings confirm the Irish Republican Socialist vision that the working class can have no real freedom without economic freedom, ie, an Irish Workers’ Republic with the Proletariat in control of the means of production, commodities and exchange. Connolly correctly believed that the cause of national liberation and the class struggle are symbiotic.


Connolly who was originally from the Cowgate in Edinburgh, Scotland was only 5 foot in height but he wielded power that made him a giant amongst those one-dimensional Nationalists, many of whom went on to accept The Treaty,eventually turning borrowed British weaponry against former comrades and out-brutalising the British in their treatment of Irish Republicans. Back then the reformists labelled Republicans as ‘Irregulars’ and ‘Die hards’ today they’d be called ‘dissidents’ by the pro-establishment parties and media

Ireland’s best known Marxist revolutionary whose example of revolutionary Praxis (the combination of theory and action) was courageously tested to the bitter end.

The quote from Karl Marx’s The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon, is apt::
“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, secondly as farce.”

The Irish historical dialectic, it’s cyclic nature was identified by Connolly and vindicated tragically. Perhaps James Connolly’s best known quotation acknowledges this this yet only Irish Republican Socialists have learned from it, in fact it should never be forgotten, especially in today’s times where many are being led by the nose by neo-Liberals posing as revolutionaries:

“If you remove the English army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain. England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs.”

irsp imperialists out

Alex McGuigan

Sickening Supremacist Crimes Again Women in the 6 County Statelet

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Anne Marie Smyth

Anne Marie Smyth

One of the saddest and most disgusting murders by Loyalist death squads was that of young mother of two from Armagh, Anne Marie Smyth, in 1992. Anne Marie was unfamiliar with Belfast’s demography which can be deadly at times, even now, years after the failure of the supposed cure all ‘panacea’ of the Good Friday Agreement. Certainly no-one from the Catholic/Nationalist community in Belfast would ever have been in the overtly Loyalist Hillfoot Glentoran Supporter’s Club, in East Belfast but this was Anne Marie’s first trip to Belfast perhaps vainly thinking that the patrons shared her non-sectarian world view.

When it was learned that Anne Marie was a Catholic, her fate was sealed and other patrons in the club would have known that the men plying her with drink were UVF death-squad members. Not one person, male or female warned her that she was facing certain death. Eventually she was lured to a faux house party where both men and woman were “in” on the fact that another ‘Taig’ (derogatory slang for Catholics) was about to meet an unspeakable death.

What happened next is well documented in court depositions but it resulted in poor Anne Marie being overpowered by several men with onlookers encouraging them. She was strangled, eventually having her throat cut to the spine by a knife and dumped in nearby wasteland at Ballarat Street off the Ravenhill Road. For the supremacist element of the Unionist community, it was just the end of another ‘Taig’ a member of the Untermenschen.

Eventually, some of the murderers and onlookers at where Anne Marie was murdered were charged, some convicted, yet some were freed on Appeal or earlier acquitted. Anne Marie’s Father who attended every court date was continually insulted with jeers like ‘where’s your daughter now’ etc. A quiet but determined man, he put up with serious taunting about his daughter by the UVF Defendants. Needless to say the Hillfoot Glentoran Club did not shut for even one minute as a mark of respect, confirming the general Loyalist supremacist opinion that Anne Marie was just indeed another Untermensch……

Loyalism’s Long History of Violence against Women and Children

This deserves a much more in depth examination of the link between  Loyalism and the most vile of murders during the conflict but it is suffice to say that just a small portion of some of the Lumpen Proletariat’s most vile animals, who have inhabited the Loyalist wings at Long Kesh included:

  • William McGrath, Kincora’s paedophile facilitator of a paedophile ring to the English Upper Classes, including the likes of Mountbatten, ‘Sir’ Knox Cunningham, Westminster politicians et al;
  • Prisoners who had raped Catholic women gained automatic entry to Loyalist wings at Long Kesh, who they described, sickeningly as being convicted of Political Rape!
  • Garfield Gilmore -The murderer of the three Quinn children, burnt to death in the Carnany estate near Ballymoney, during the height of the annual so-called 11th night ‘celebrations’ (where isolated Catholics experience yearly Kristallnacht-type scenarios) served only a few years of his Life sentence.

Romper Rooms Murders

It is worth mentioning the phenomena of the  infamous ‘Romper Rooms’ a near nightly practice in the 1970’s in Loyalist drinking clubs (‘Romper Room’ was taken from the name of a popular local children’s TV  program.) The modus operandi, would invariably involve the kidnapping of a Catholic who’d be take to a drinking club where the poor victim would be bound, horrifyingly tortured, stabbed and used as sick entertainment, with patrons, including females, encouraged to take part. The infamous Shankill Butchers made this their prime modus operandi to the most extreme. For many victims they must have prayed for death eventually……


John White – former Loyalist supremo and serial sex killer

In many cases where women were victims of so-called ‘Romper Rooms’, they were gang raped then murdered. In the 1990’s during the era of Johnny Adair’s reign, John White held a prominent role, pre and post Ceasefire.  This serial sex killer’s accolades included meeting the British Prime Minister and places on various political junkets and delegations. John White was originally in prison for the murder of Catholic Senator Paddy Wilson and his friend, Irene Andrews. Both were stabbed repeatedly by White and his accomplice, allegedly Davey Payne who is now deceased, then hacked off M/S Andrew’s breasts, among other visiting dreadful indignities on M/S Andrews especially.  Payne is reliably reported to have inhumanly boasted that stabbing a woman in the breast was “like stabbing a pillow.”

There is no doubt that these type of atrocities have always been a key facet of Kitsonian Counter-insurgency policy in Ireland and used globally in Gladio type operations against those who threaten the status quo, for instance the ritual beheading of Malaya’s Communist martyrs.

It may be hard for those who have lived in relatively quiet parts of Ireland’s 32 counties or supposedly ‘peaceful’ countries to comprehend the examples that I have cited above.  However, these examples are just a minute amount of the barbarism in a statelet (smaller than the English county of Yorkshire) that has seen 50,000+ killed or injured.  As stated earlier, a more in depth study or PhD research material is available to prove the linkage between the conflict’s most appalling murders and links to the supremacist pseudo-ideology of Loyalism.


Alex McGuigan

LSL Property Management – Modern Day Rachmans!

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It has been brought to the attention of the Plough and The Stars blog, a local community group and at least one Irish Republican party that a property management company called LSL have been threatening their tenants including those who are highly vulnerable, including pensioners and single Mothers in West Belfast, North Belfast and other Proletarian areas.  Since taking over from the original landlord, who fell into serious mortgage arrears on several local properties, they have attempted to bully several of the most vulnerable of tenants.  Their modus operandi is to constantly hassle, intimidate and bully tenants who they have identified as vulnerable in a manner that would make even the notorious Rachman blush!  This would include constant phone calls (if a tenant’s child answers the phone they attempt to glean information on their parents, a clear breach of the Data Protection Act), constant threatening letters that have no legal basis in fact and literally bombarding tenants with mail who they have identified as most vulnerable.  This has not been confined to West Belfast  but other areas, including North Belfast.

Thankfully, tenant’s rights groups, community groups and political parties are well versed in their vile tactics and have offered full support to tenants plagued by these LSL vultures.  It goes without saying that communities who fearlessly resisted British imperialism”s military industrial complex’s offensive for many decades will not be intimidated by LSL’s modern day Rachmanism!  Even current and former LSL workers which has a disgraceful record of employee turnover have confirmed their culture of bullying and institutionalised bad practice.  For instance, just a portion of their opinions can be read here.  A selection of comments and reviews by current and former LSL workers include the following by a current worker, which is quite mild in comparison to many other ‘reviews’ of LSL

Worst company I have ever worked for – liars!

Status: Current Employee – (Anonymous)

I have been working at LSL Property Services full-time (More than a year)


Some employees very nice and competent.


Unclear job specification. Poor pay and recognition. HR don’t seem to have a clue about their own policies and procedures. This is a very unethical company and should not be in business. Contracts offered are unclear. Too many managers and people who think they are managers running a small team. Do not listen to ideas and think very highly of themselves. No career opportunities. Very low values and no standards. No t… Show More

Advice to Management

Listen to your employees and maybe you wont have such a high staff turnover. Paying what you pay shows that you will not have a chance to stay in the market for much longer. You will have no customers as nobody wants to turn to liars!

Unfortunately, for these slum landlords, there is a strong sense of community, especially in North and West Belfast, this includes an award-winning media who will highlight such abuses.  The current tenants under threat from LSL bully boy tactics have been advised to log every intimidatory attempt and this will be made public in any possible litigation.  LSL should bear in mind the raft of legal precedents here invariably find in the tenant’s favour and also the high cost of legal representation in civil matters in this jurisdiction while tenants invariably are awarded Legal Aid.

Show More


The Flag of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine flies in Belfast!

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In solidarity with our Marxist revolutionary comrades in Palestine facing murderous Zionist aggression, the flag of the PFLP flies high in Belfast.  It is but a small gesture of solidarity with our ideologically linked comrades in the PFLP whose struggle for a secular unitary, Workers Republic free from imperialism and fascist supremacy mirrors our own struggle and ideals!


Saoirse go deo!

Alex McGuigan

No More Kids In Poverty – Don’t cut child tax credits!

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Go to NO MORE KIDS IN POVERTY to find out the statistics for your area.

 Please share on social media!

Alex McGuigan

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