LSL Property Management – Modern Day Rachmans!


It has been brought to the attention of the Plough and The Stars blog, a local community group and at least one Irish Republican party that a property management company called LSL have been threatening their tenants including those who are highly vulnerable, including pensioners and single Mothers in West Belfast, North Belfast and other Proletarian areas.  Since taking over from the original landlord, who fell into serious mortgage arrears on several local properties, they have attempted to bully several of the most vulnerable of tenants.  Their modus operandi is to constantly hassle, intimidate and bully tenants who they have identified as vulnerable in a manner that would make even the notorious Rachman blush!  This would include constant phone calls (if a tenant’s child answers the phone they attempt to glean information on their parents, a clear breach of the Data Protection Act), constant threatening letters that have no legal basis in fact and literally bombarding tenants with mail who they have identified as most vulnerable.  This has not been confined to West Belfast  but other areas, including North Belfast.

Thankfully, tenant’s rights groups, community groups and political parties are well versed in their vile tactics and have offered full support to tenants plagued by these LSL vultures.  It goes without saying that communities who fearlessly resisted British imperialism”s military industrial complex’s offensive for many decades will not be intimidated by LSL’s modern day Rachmanism!  Even current and former LSL workers which has a disgraceful record of employee turnover have confirmed their culture of bullying and institutionalised bad practice.  For instance, just a portion of their opinions can be read here.  A selection of comments and reviews by current and former LSL workers include the following by a current worker, which is quite mild in comparison to many other ‘reviews’ of LSL

Worst company I have ever worked for – liars!

Status: Current Employee – (Anonymous)

I have been working at LSL Property Services full-time (More than a year)


Some employees very nice and competent.


Unclear job specification. Poor pay and recognition. HR don’t seem to have a clue about their own policies and procedures. This is a very unethical company and should not be in business. Contracts offered are unclear. Too many managers and people who think they are managers running a small team. Do not listen to ideas and think very highly of themselves. No career opportunities. Very low values and no standards. No t… Show More

Advice to Management

Listen to your employees and maybe you wont have such a high staff turnover. Paying what you pay shows that you will not have a chance to stay in the market for much longer. You will have no customers as nobody wants to turn to liars!

Unfortunately, for these slum landlords, there is a strong sense of community, especially in North and West Belfast, this includes an award-winning media who will highlight such abuses.  The current tenants under threat from LSL bully boy tactics have been advised to log every intimidatory attempt and this will be made public in any possible litigation.  LSL should bear in mind the raft of legal precedents here invariably find in the tenant’s favour and also the high cost of legal representation in civil matters in this jurisdiction while tenants invariably are awarded Legal Aid.

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