Repeal the Eighth!

Fair play to Liam Neeson for doing his bit to drag Ireland into modernity and expose the foul hypocrisy that brushes a Woman’s rights out of sight and across the sea to England to carry out a medical procedure.  This sad journey further traumatises the thousands of women who have had to take that route.  The hypocrisy of the Church and it’s zealous followers is staggering!  They do not care one iota about children, let alone what may amount to a small clump of cells.  The Church should be begging working class Irish women (and what were once children) on their knees for forgiveness for the abuse they have visited on them for centuries.  Again it has raised it’s ugly head and refuses to keep it’s Rosaries from women’s ovaries.   This has ultimately led to the deaths of numerous women to suit the Churches’ archaic fundamentalist dogma.  Bizarrely, it is an issue that unites in bigotry both Paisleyites and fundamentalist Catholics, who hold joint protests at the likes of the Family Planning Centre in Belfast.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party

Only one party in Ireland, the IRSP, has consistently campaigned for and enshrined full female reproductive rights in it’s constitution, including Abortion on demand since it’s inception.  The IRSP bravely stood by this principle over 40 years ago, when, incredibly, for this generation to comprehend, even condoms, the contraceptive pill  and other methods were illegal in the 26 counties.  Other parties hypocritically avoided the issue, yet when it suited them they adopted to wear ‘Leftist’ clothes, which were quickly discarded for the chance at respectability.  As a proud member of that party and a loving parent, it is my view that our pity should be saved for the women who have ‘no choice’ and constantly challenge the lies of those who seek to impose their religious beliefs on others.

Alex McGuigan,  W/Belfast IRSP.

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