Unite Community Branches Protest Outside Belfast Sinn Fein HQ


Unite Community branches picketed the Belfast Provisional Sinn Fein Headquarters on the Falls Road today highlighting their choreographed charade with their Fascist DUP coalition party that have left the working class in the 6 counties to feel the full force of the most vicious attacks formulated by their paymasters in the Cameron cabal.


The Provisionals faux opposition to Welfare cuts fooled no-one and effectively treated the North’s working class people and some of the most vulnerable people in society as pawns to be discarded in the pursuit of their own agenda.


Let no-one be mistaken, Provisional Sinn Fein are a neo-liberal party, who naturally enough will pursue neo-liberal agendas when the opportunity arises.  The most vulnerable people, the disabled, the unemployed and underemployed in society who rely totally on a pittance of welfare benefits have been thrown to the wolves of Westminster who regularly spend more on a meal than the disabled or unemployed earn in a year!

It is time for a fight back from ordinary proletarian people, irrespective of their denomination or lack of it.  The neo-liberal Shinners and the the Fascist DUP have only survived due to aping the old maxim of divide and rule.   It is time for the proletariat to show their strength and no longer be the pawns of craven politicians.  We, the working class have been sleeping giants and it is time to awake!  In the words of Socialist Revolutionary James Connolly:

Our demands most moderate are – We only want the earth!’

After the DUP and Sinn Fein’s attempt at what we clearly saw was an attempt to fool us, it is time to Unite and build a fight back that we are certain of winning.  

No party can stand in the way of the will of the people! 


Alex McGuigan




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