The Flag of the PKK flies in West Belfast!


The Flag of the P.K.K now flies in West Belfast!  The PKK (in Kurdish: Partiya Karkerên Kurdistanê‎). The PKK are a Marxist, secular group and gender equal group who have defended the Kurdish people from vicious attacks, torture and genocide over the years by the Turkish Fascist State. The PKK are closely linked to the YPG and YPJ who act as Peoples’Defence Units who bravely defend their people against the brutal ISIS, who are locally known as Daesh (Arabic for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).


Peoples’ Defence Units aka YPG and YPJ


The YPG anf YPJ fight bravely against Daesh (ISIS) which was the ‘Frankenstein Monster’ of the Western Powers, such as the USA and the UK.  Unfortunately, the Kurdish Defence Units, the YPJ (the female units) and the YPG (the male unit’s) receive very little military aid, some of their small arms would not be out of place in a museum and their AK47’s, which are the nearest thing to standardised small arms, are very old (some are over 50+ years old). In general, although the YPG and YPJ are in possession of some heavier ordinance, Daesh receive $millions in aid from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf principalities hoping to export their own false brand of inhuman, Fascist-type Fundamentalist Islam that has no backing in the Koran. Daesh have also captured thousands of small arms and heavy weapons, including modern artillery pieces from the Iraqi army.  Bizarrely to most, Daesh receive funding from the Zionist Apartheid state of Israel!  The YPJ and YPG are thinly spread along a massive front line, from Syria to Iraq, as well as facing air strikes from Turkey and constant attacks against them within and without the Turkish border.

Despite being portrayed as the geo-political ‘bad guys’, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and the PFLP have no links to and are diametrically opposed to Daesh/ISIS’s form of Islamo-Fascism. It is all freedom loving peoples’ duty to support the PKK, the YPJ and YPG. Volunteers are needed, funding is needed by these brave people who take on Daesh at close quarters on a daily basis.

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Vinceremos! Saoirse go deo!



YPJ Fighters on the Frontlines mounting attacks on Daesh aka ISIS.  Dseah believe that any of their fighters killed by women, of which there have been many, will go straight to Hell!



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