Mid-Falls IRSP Welcomes Refugee Family to Area

Source: IRSP NEWS!

alex and refugee

Between two IRSP members from the Mid-Falls area,  at very short notice, both members’ partners managed to put together some welcome gifts which included:

    • Several items of new Diesel clothes that would fit the two very young kids in the household
    • A gift of cash
    • A large box of chocolates
    • Several new toys, still boxed, for the two children of the household
    • Several other assorted confectionaries
    • A “Welcome to the Neighbourhood” card with a local IRSP representative’s contact mobile number and the number of the IRSP HQ which is nearby
    • And several other items to let these traumatised people know that they were very welcome in our area


irsp hamper

Despite being left in an extremely bare living room that’s only items of furniture consisted of an old cloth covered sofa, one wooden chair, an ironing board and a clothes horse, the adult male member of the family welcomed us into their home and gave us several cups of what would be their local version of coffee, something similar to Espresso. He had no English whatsoever, so we communicated via a google translate app on our phones!   Despite the language barrier, the adult male, thanked us for the welcome gifts that we brought.


If anyone can help with a few items, especially a television and some comfortable furniture at this holiday time, can they contact the admins at the Mid-Falls IRSP Facebook page using the following LINK .  These people who have no doubt been through a highly traumatic journey deserve a little comfort.  The father of the family explained that he is a skilled stone engraver and we witnessed some of his high standard of work when he showed us photographs of his skilled masonry on places of worship which included Churches and Mosques

We hope the community will make this family welcome and if anyone has an old tv, so that this family can keep updated on events in their homeland, please contact this LINK for further information on how to help, their address to deliver items, etc

tommy & refugee


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