IRSP in Belfast in Further Act of Kindness towards Refugees

When the Mid-Falls IRSP delivered their gifts to the refugees, the male adult member of the household asked us (via Google translate) if we could get his family a television to keep updated on the dire situation in their homeland.  We, in the Mid-Falls IRSP Cumann asked about our movement’s other cumainn in the city and within an hour a member of the Vol. Matt McLarnon Cumann told us that he could (very kindly) donate an excellent flat screen TV to the refugees (who as mentioned before have none of the small comforts of home we all take for granted).


The following text is taken verbatim from the Vol.Matt McLarnon IRSP Cumann’s Facebook page, whose catchment area is the Lower Falls, Belfast:

matt NcLarnon Cumann logoOn Christmas Eve, we reported on activists from the Mid-Falls IRSP cumann visiting a refugee family who have been housed in that area, bringing along a number of essential items and materials to hopefully ease them into their new surroundings. It was noted by the activists that the family had next to nothing in the house, and that a TV would be useful to them as they could then try and keep up to date with events in their native land.

Thankfully, an activist from our cumann had a spare TV which he was happy to donate. This morning, this activist was accompanied by another member of our cumann in delivering the TV to the family, which they were very grateful to receive.

This is only the beginning of activism such as this, and in coming weeks and months, working along with our comrades from other IRSP cumanns in Belfast, we will be seeking to assist others who are in need of a helping hand, both morally and physically, whether that be refugees, our own homeless, or less well off members of our communities.



Well done to our comrades from the Matt McLarnon cumann, especially the member who donated the television and his comrade/friend who visited the refugees (whose names we are withholding at their request) today.  It goes quite some way to makes nonsense of the concerted campaign of anti-IRSP scare stories, texts and letters which have recently regularly been appearing in a certain ‘local’ paper under false names!  People in working-class Republican areas know the truth…


Alex McGuigan


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