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Source: Vol. Matt McLarnon IRSP Cumann, Belfast

Last week, Vol. Matt McLarnon Cumann Activists were contacted by a concerned north Belfast resident, who made us aware of a letter he had received from Stanley Best Estate Agents on behalf of the Landlord of the apartment he was living in. The letter stated he, along with the other residents at the apartment block were to essentially be evicted following the Landlord selling the property.

What the tenent realised however, was that their rights as tenants had not been adhered to in relation to having to leave his home. The residents were only given 17 DAYS to leave, rather than the legal 28 DAYS. The letter also came ‘out of the blue’ after residents, sensing the landlord was intending to sell the property, had been phoning the Estate Agents months beforehand and were told they had nothing to worry about and that their homes were safe.

The resident who contacted our Cumann believes the Estate Agents has allowed the Landlord in manipulating the situation and pro actively facilitated the landlord in sending out an illegal letter. This resident was in the middle of a 12 month contract and has been treated terribly, along with the other residents affected, very likely due to the Landlord agreeing to a ‘quick buck’ sale.

This blatant violation of tenants rights is worrying, it is worrying because it places vulnerable tenants under pressure to try and find somewhere else to live within a very small timescale. The resident who contacted our Cumann was fortunate in that he was re-housed quickly, others will not be so fortunate however. We could be talking about a young single Mother with 1 or 2 kids and already struggling to pay bills or pay the rent each month.

The resident also contacted the North Belfast News and made them aware of the issue. They sent a reporter out and took the full story and strangely it did not pass print. The NBN claims to be a newspaper of the community, the question must be asked – why, after being presented with evidence of skull duggery and the breaking of tenents rights did they not feel it was necessary to make the public of north Belfast aware of it? Maybe because the Estate Agents in question (Stanley Best) advertises in said paper on a regular basis? It would seem that the NBN would opt to continue receiving money for advertisements in its paper rather than rock the boat and report on the careless activities of Stanley Best Estate Agents and the Landlord in question.

Our Cumann are highlighting this, not because of any certain person affected, but because it is unfortunately rife all over Ireland presently. Tenants rights should be enshrined in ANY housing contract from the moment it is signed. Our Cumann will be keeping a close eye on events such as these and we will not hesitate to oppose them until tenants rights are respected by both Estate Agents and Landlords, wherever they may be.

“If all we do is exchange English landlords for Irish landlords, then we have failed.”  (James Connolly)





Gino Gallagher 20th Anniversary Commemoration

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gino wreath laying


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The targeted stop and searching of a West Belfast IRSP activist at the hands of the British police yesterday, raises questions as to the existence of a team within the PSNI detailed specifically with following and harassing activists of the Republican Socialist Movement.

Late last year the Matt McLarnon Cumann reported on how its members while painting an anti-political policing mural on the Falls Road, were set upon by a number of men with English accents dressed in PSNI uniforms who disembarked from a jeep in military style formation before confronting our activists in an overtly aggressive fashion, beyond that of even usual home grown peelers.

On that night, the individuals with English accents appeared to direct local PSNI officers on how and when to search the IRSP members.
Yesterday evening, a member of the Matt McLarnon Cumann who was confronted by Brits that night at the mural site was followed while driving in the Clonard area before pulling over after being signalled to stop by the Jeep.

Once again men with English accents disembarked in a military like fashion surrounding the car at gun point, and once again on being joined by local PSNI officers, the Brits barked orders to local cops as regards how and when the activist (and his vehicle) was to be searched.

The local PSNI officers complied accordingly with their colonial bosses and conducted a prolonged and thorough search, including of children’s school bags which were in the car.

Notably one of the Brits appeared to have detailed knowledge of the member’s car, being able to shout to a local PSNI officer the location of a difficult to find switch which unlocked the boot of the car.

At no time during the search was the member even asked his name, suggesting that the Brits clearly in charge of the PSNI unit had prior knowledge of his personal information.

The nature of this search suggests to the IRSP that a British led unit of the PSNI has been tasked specifically with the following, harassing and searching of our activists.

Let us remind these people that our movement is one which has long endured harassment and worse at the hands of shadowy British military groupings. There is no more a chance of our members bowing to your harassment today than at any time in our past.

‘The IRSP never asked for any quarter during the armed conflict, as we afforded none, and that position remains the same. We caution those who would seek to suppress us or the Irish working class. Beware the thing that is risen.’

Source: Vol.Matt McLarnon IRSP Cumann, L/Falls, Belfast

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Editors note:  If any IRSP members, supporters or family members are approached by these faceless spooks please report it to your local area’s IRSP cumann, a known IRSP rep or go to Costello House, to ensure their sinister activities are known.  These undercover forces of British imperialism are active in all Republican areas and they certainly have not gone away! (Alex McGuigan)

Gino Gallagher 20th Anniversary Wreath Laying – Belfast 30 January 2016

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gino wreath laying

All available members of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement in Belfast are expected to attend.

Family members, contemporaries of Gino, Republicans, Socialists and all freedom loving people are welcome to attend the commemoration and the function afterwards.  Those who are interested in the life of the murdered INLA Chief of Staff, Gino Gallagher and/or the politics of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement are especially welcomed.

Facebook users, who  wish to know more about the commemoration or like many others are increasingly interested in joining the party can also contact the Mid-Falls IRSP, The Vol. Matt McLarnon IRSP (L/Falls) and cumainn from many other areas in Ireland and the main IRSP party page by contacting the admins or by visiting the IRSP website.   Contained below is the funeral oration for Gino Gallagher, gratefully posted online by a long term Irish Republican Socialist via this link


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Funeral Oration for Gino Gallagher

(Delivered by IRSP Ard-Chomhairle (National Executive) member Michael McCormick at Milltown Cemetery, West Belfast – 2 February 1996)


Comrades, it is our sad and painful duty to gather here by this graveside to bury our friend Gino. We do so with regret, pain and anger. With regret; for a life cut short as it moved into such a promising phase; for Gino, belying the media caricatures of him was an astute thinking revolutionary, determined to forward his movement into a new phase of working class activity and development. There were no airs and graces about Gino, he was almost diffident in putting forward his views, but his quietness hid a thoughtful and determined man.


He was unshakeable in his Republican Socialism and in his belief in the eventual liberation of the Irish working class. With pain; for our own loss, for each of us gathered here today, have their special memories of this man. His energy and commitment were unequalled and acted both as an inspiration and example for us to follow. We each of us will miss some little aspect of Gino but in our pain let us remember the good memories of this man and ensure we never forget them or him. It is our solemn duty as revolutionaries to exorcise our pain by taking up Gino’s standard, and moving forward with the Irish working class towards liberation.


With anger; for we carry as great an anger towards those who directed, arranged and ordered the political assassination of Comrade Gino as much as we have anger for the fool who carried out this foul deed. Small minded people, self interested and self serving, they act as the objective agents of the British no matter how they may wish to portray themselves. Those who assassinated Gino Gallagher carried out the work of the foe. Let there be no doubt about that. If they think that his death will throw this movement off course, they may think again. Our response will be calm, measured, considered and at all times political. For while personally our hearts may cry for immediate vengeance, our heads tell us that this is exactly what those who planned this deed want.



Gino knew exactly the risks he was taking, but he took them, not for glory, not for high office, not for crumbs from the rich man’s table, but for the betterment of his class, and for the betterment of his people. That must be the criteria that we ourselves use as we continue the struggle for socialism. Gino’s politics were the politics of the movement which he devoted his life to and for which he died. He was determined that the Republican Socialist Movement should return to its roots, as a socialist organisation and when he assumed leadership position he quickly established open democratic discussions in the movement, and waged a political campaign against elitist, militaristic and non- political attitudes in the movement. Within a few short months he, along with others, revitalised the Republican Socialist Movement. He identified with the working class, was unashamedly republican and socialist, and was determined that his class should not once again be sold out. He saw the current peace process as fatally flawed, for even if all party talks are convened will there be sufficient gains to justify the sacrifices of the past 25 years?


But Gino was no oppositionist posturing from the sidelines. Although more accustomed to the rough and tumble of republican activism, he set out on a path to explore the full limits of the peace process. He led delegations of the IRSP in meetings with many bodies and individuals who themselves supported this peace process and he patiently explained the movement’s reservations. However, he fully accepted that there could be no unilateral return to violence. As a socialist, Gino had no desire to see working class communities at each others throats and he fully supported moves to open up channels of communication with representatives of Protestant working class opinion. Lest there be any doubt about it, this movement stood unashamedly for the establishment of an Irish Socialist Republic, and Gino saw as part of his mission to revitalise that ideal. He wanted to place firmly back on the political agenda the struggle for a unified socialist Ireland. His death may be a set back and it is a tragedy for his family and all of us who knew him, but it will not stop us from moving on. As we stand here in this graveside once again, our thoughts turn to his family. No words of ours will ease their pain, but if it is any consolation to them, Gino Gallagher’s spirit will live on. Wherever there is resistance to injustice, wherever there is a striker, wherever there is a picket line, wherever there is a freedom fighter, that’s where you will find the spirit of Big Gino.


Comrades, Volunteers and friends, let not black despair cloud your thoughts and dreams, or hatred pierce your heart. What would the Big Fellow, Gino, have done? He would have gone the path he laid out, organising, agitating and preparing this movement for the long hard slog for socialism. Finally, as we lay this Volunteer and Comrade in the soft green soil of his native land, remember him each time you gaze into the stars and see there etched across the sky the Plough and the Stars.

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BMC Motors, Crumlin – A Review

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BMC 01

Fair play to BMC Motors Auto Service in Crumlin who went out of their way to fix my wife’s car, as it was just about to pack-in!  We learned it was due to an electrical fault, while travelling city bound on their way from Hannahstown, just as it was getting late on one of those dark Winter afternoons with snow on the high ground.  A friend recommended BMC Motors in Crumlin having seen their business advertised on Facebook.  I rang the number following the call from my wife and they immediately said that they could help.  They lived up to their reputation and more, especially as it was getting dark and the kids were in the car.


An auto repair professional, called Ben, the manager was able to diagnose the problem instantly, repair the problem very quickly and reassure my family that they’d soon be on their way.  BMC Motors had a highly professional attitude, equipment, premises and their rates were very, very reasonable.  Having dealt with many mechanics in the past, as my wife drives a fairly unusual model and make of car, many have not had the expertise or done a botch job, this was thankfully not the case with BMC Motors.  Within an hour the issue had been remedied and excellent advice given in case of the same problem arising again at some time in the future.


I have no hesitation in recommending BMC Motors to any motorist in the greater Belfast area who wants the full range of the services that they provide and many thanks to Ben especially, for his auto mechanical skills and reassuring manner when my family needed help.

BMC Motors can be contacted via:




Gary Kearney,  Belfast.



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