Protest Against Benefit Sanctions – Tomorrow 1pm Falls Rd ‘Jobcentre’


West Belfast Unite the Union’s Community section will be holding a protest outside the Falls Road Jobs and Benefits Office tomorrow, 9 March, between 1pm – 2pm against the ‘grotesquely cruel’ benefit sanctions currently used against claimants to deprive them of their money!  All welcome!

This will be part of a Unite the Union Community Section campaign across the 6 counties tomorrow.  Liane Groves head of Unite Community said: “Half a million people have been sanctioned and had their financial support withdrawn in the last 12 months alone. Money can be cut for arriving late at the Jobcentre, missing an appointment to go to a funeral or even failing to apply for a job while waiting to start a new job.

“This harsh benefit sanctions regime treats claimants worse than criminals fined in courts, leaving people without money and unable to feed themselves and their family. It is a system out of control with decisions on guilt taken in secret and claimants not even allowed to be present to explain their case.

“Far from helping people back to work, the cruel sanctions regime harms physical and mental health and drives up food bank use and homelessness. 

“It is totally counterproductive and there can be no justification for this grotesque cruelty by the government. It can’t be allowed to go on.”




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