Soviet, Leftist & Republican Socialist Memorabilia Collectors Facebook Group


(Left-Right: Metal Bust of Karl Marx writing; Aluminium Bust of VI Lenin; Limited edition Bust of Che Guevara; Silver Metal Bust of VI Lenin; Porcelain Bust of ‘Iron Felix’ Dzerzhinsky; Bust of Karl Marx; Plaster Bust of VI Lenin)

The Slideshows below are just a miniscule example of the plethora of items displayed in The Soviet, Leftist & Republican Socialist Memorabilia Facebook group

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Since 2015, a successful ‘Soviet, Leftist and Republican Socialist Memorabilia’ Facebook group has been steadily attracting a plethora of new members.  There is a wealth of knowledge among the membership who come from Ireland, Russia, the Americas, the Balkans, Poland, Scotland, Wales, England, China, to mention but a few and it has remained a non-party political page devoted to collectors and memorabilia.  The collective of Administrators mission statement has been articulated by one of the co-founders,

This is not a group for contemporary policy documents, articles or manifestos, I created this group for the display and discussion of Soviet, Leftist and Irish Republican Socialist memorabilia. It is not a trading page per se but if you have an item that you wish to sell, send me a message or to our collective of administrators to consider if the post is valid. (Any right-wing, Fascist/Loyalist, neo-Nazi or reactionary items posted will obviously be deleted and the posters banned. I’m quite sure there is a Facebook group for trash like that – also, this is not the place for trolling obviously). Apart from that, the ‘rules’ are few and just common sense, comrades.

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It is a credit to this Facebook page that internecine strife or sectarianism, in both it’s political and religious forms, has ever raised it’s ugly head to date.  It is a great place for networking with other memorabilia collectors and there are some very knowledgeable people in the group who can give very accurate opinions on various pieces such as pins/badges, sculptures, flags and militaria, etc.

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While the group’s rationale is not as a trading site, however members are permitted to make personal sales, ask other members to source memorabilia for them or ask members for valuations.  If you wish to join The Soviet, Leftist and Republican Socialist Memorabilia Collectors group to display any memorabilia or just to learn more about the items on display, please feel free to register here!


Alex McGuigan
Glengad, Ireland


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