A 17 Year Old Girl Who Fought Off A Rapist Is Now The One Getting Charged!


Source: Counter Current News

A 17-year-old girl is being charged with a crime after fighting off a would-be rapist.

The incident occurred in the center of the small town of Sonderborg in southern Denmark at approximately 10 p.m. local time last Wednesday.

The girl explained to police that an English-speaking man had knocked her to the ground. He then tried to unbutton her pants and undress her.

That’s when she decided she had no choice but to fight.

The girl pulled out pepper spray and used it against the man, who escaped the scene and hasn’t been charged.

Police say that the girl is facing a fine.

“It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely be charged for that,” local police spokesman Knud Kirsten said, as explained by TV Syd.

The Local reports that the fine the young girl faces could be about 500 kroner, which while only about $72 in U.S. dollars, is an insult. That potential fine has sparked outrage on social media.

Readers of the story on TV Syd’s website said they were ready to pay the girl’s fine.

“It is so completely and terribly wrong with the Danish system… Self-defense is a human right,” wrote one user, while another ironically added: “Perhaps the offender must seek compensation…Have we become mad in Denmark?”  

In the meantime, local police spokesperson Helle Lundberg told reports that officers found neither “the attacker, nor any witnesses.”

“We do not know who he is, and we do not know if he might be an asylum seeker. The girl has described him as English-speaking. That is all we know,” she explained further the spokesperson added.

Sonderborg, along with other Danish cities, recently appeared in the news in connection with sexual assaults against women by migrants.

“We must say that a large number of the male guests who come from the local asylum center have a very hard time respecting the opposite sex.

“In my eyes, it is harassment when one or more men continue to touch a young woman after she has said ‘stop,’” Glenn Hollender, from the Sonderborg club Den Flyvende Hollænder, said in an interview with TV Syd earlier in January.

Source: Counter Current News


The Plough and The Stars Editor’s opinion

This brave girl deserves a medal not criminal charges!  Just a pity that she had nothing more lethal to hand than pepper spray.  Like most decent people I despise predators and those who prey on weaker people.  I am quite sure that this travesty of justice has made people very angry and rightfully so.  Personally, I’m livid.  This girl could be your daughter, your partner, your wife, your mother….

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Alex Mcguigan




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