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Profile of REAL British antisemites: right-wing, anti-Corbyn, pro-Brexit, love Daily Mail, hate Muslims too

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Pride's Purge

I know it doesn’t fit the narrative, but real antisemitic activists in the UK are NOT Labour Party or Jeremy Corbyn supporters.

In fact, our investigation into thirty of the most active British anti-semites on social media show they are overwhelmingly strongly OPPOSED to Jeremy Corbyn.

And all are on the far-right of the political spectrum, not the left.

Real Jew-hating, anti-semites exist in the UK. Our investigation into the online presence of the most active anti-semitic activists on Twitter and Facebook, reveals anti-semites pretty much speak with one voice when it comes to their beliefs and policies.

British antisemites are overwhelmingly right-wing and pro-Brexit, they hate Jeremy Corbyn, Labour and the Left in general, they LOVE Katie Hopkins, Donald Trump, Nigel Farage and the Daily Mail,  – sharing their posts very often.

Interestingly, they also hate Muslims just as much as they hate Jews:


Is anybody really surprised that…

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The King David Hotel Bombing 22 July 1946

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On this day, 22 July, 1946, Menachem Begin’s Zionist Irgun terrorists placed a bomb in the British Mandate administrative Head Quarters in at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. The Zionist terror gang’s bomb exploded without warning killing 91 people of various nationalities and seriously injuring 46. The Irgun Zionist terror gang cited a raid by the British Mandate officials on Zionist offices in June, in which documents were seized, as the ‘rationale’ for the King David Hotel carnage.

Image result for menachem begin terrorist

Menachem Begin, who founded the ultra Right Wing Likud party and would later become the Prime Minister of the Apartheid state of Israel, was intrinsically involved in the planning and commission of the Irgun atrocity at the King David Hotel.


So You Think You Know Me? by Allan Weaver

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Alan Weaver’s account of growing up in a working class estate will resonate with many and fascinate others. This book is neither a rags to riches nor Damascene conversion, it is the sometimes two steps forward, three steps back, progress that many of us have experienced in life. Weaver’s account of violence, prisons and personal trauma is not glamorised nor is it underplayed. Set in the West of Scotland, it is refreshingly free of the false consciousness of Tartanry or Kailyard themes, and readers will recognise familiar universal aspects of proletarian life.

Criminology departments and other branches of academia will undoubtedly utilise ‘So You Think You Know Me?’ There is personal redemption to be found in this account of alienation and brutalisation experienced by so many within our inegalitarian society. There is much dark humour in the recounting of Alan and his pals’ capers leading to their entry into the tender mercies of the classist criminal justice system.

So You Think You Know Me? has received consistent five star ratings on Amazon and it is available from most booksellers. Alan Weaver’s first book should definitely not be his last!

Racist Abuse and Violence at Tommy Robinson London Rally

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Today’s Alt-Right rally in London in support of ‘Tommy Robinson’ (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) and Trump’s UK visit, was a veritable carnival of reaction. The racist, misogynist abuse of a Female journalist was only one example of the sickening hate crimes and violent incidents sparked by the march in support of the jailed former EDL leader. A Female bus driver who was wearing a headscarf was racially abused and her vehicle surrounded by an angry mob of Tommy Robinson supporters in Trafalgar Square. Steve Hedley, the RMT Union leader, was badly injured, as the Ultra-Right Wing marchers launched violent attacks on civilians and the police.

Tommy Robinson supporter and owner of the Bank Restaurant, Bill Eve, subjected a Female journalist to a tirade of Racist and Misogynist abuse during today’s rally in support of the former EDL supremo. We tried unsuccessfully to contact Mr Eve to establish if Female, Asian and Muslim customers are welcomed in his licensed premises and if they would be treated to racist and misogynist abuse similar to what he subjected M/s  to. However, we did discover that Mr Eve’s restaurant is listed on TripAdvisor, as we were anxious to establish if there were Jim Crow type seating and restroom arrangements, given his extreme supremacist views.

Tommy Robinson Day Of Shame

Steve Hedley, RMT Union boss, was injured

Trade Union leader Steve Hedley attacked by Tommy Robinson Fascists

Asian Bus driver with head scarf surrounded by Tommy Robinson supporters

Tommy Robinson Supporters’ violence

Asian Bus driver with head scarf subjected to Racist abuse by Tommy Robinson supporters

Tommy Robinson Supporters’ violence

Bill Eve, a supporter of EDL founder Tommy Robinson

Image result for edl with guns

EDL members

Tommy Robinson Supporters’ violence

Tommy Robinson with the EDL

Image result for tommy robinson march

Tommy Robinson Supporters’ violence

Edel ‘Lola’ Carroll – Anti-Fascist Fighter

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lola 3

It was with great shock and sadness we learned of the death today of lifelong Anti-Fascist and Irish Republican activist, Edel ‘Lola’ Carroll.  Lola was subjected to constant threats of violence, often on a daily basis, by the dregs of the British Far Right and in the past had been seriously assaulted by Fascist thugs.  However, she remained fearlessly undeterred and relentlessly campaigned against racism, imperialism and the forces of reaction.  Our deepest sympathies are extended to Lola’s family, friends and comrades.

A crowdfunding page has been set up by close friends and comrades of Lola to try to give this lifelong Socialist activist a fitting send off.  Donations can be made via this LINK

As was anticipated, on hearing of Lola’s tragic death the dregs of the Far Right used social media to harass grieving family, friends and comrades. I have no intention of posting screen grab examples of their threatening, misogynistic, racist and ghoulish messages. Suffice to say, one would probably only encounter such deviant language within the confines of a prison’s Paedophile wing, which aptly enough, is exactly where a growing number of Far Right Patriots are being decanted into for some of the most heinous crimes against children.

The ever popular podcast, FemAnonFatal Women On The Front Line, has been dedicated to Lola, paying tribute and respect at the passing of one of the Anti Fascist movement’s indomitable activists. The Women On The Front Line podcast can be accessed via this Link.

lola 2

I measc Laochra na Fhrith-Faisisteach go raibh a anam dílis.

Beidh ár lá linn! 



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