Racist Abuse and Violence at Tommy Robinson London Rally

Today’s Alt-Right rally in London in support of ‘Tommy Robinson’ (Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) and Trump’s UK visit, was a veritable carnival of reaction. The racist, misogynist abuse of a Female journalist was only one example of the sickening hate crimes and violent incidents sparked by the march in support of the jailed former EDL leader. A Female bus driver who was wearing a headscarf was racially abused and her vehicle surrounded by an angry mob of Tommy Robinson supporters in Trafalgar Square. Steve Hedley, the RMT Union leader, was badly injured, as the Ultra-Right Wing marchers launched violent attacks on civilians and the police.

Tommy Robinson supporter and owner of the Bank Restaurant, Bill Eve, subjected a Female journalist to a tirade of Racist and Misogynist abuse during today’s rally in support of the former EDL supremo. We tried unsuccessfully to contact Mr Eve to establish if Female, Asian and Muslim customers are welcomed in his licensed premises and if they would be treated to racist and misogynist abuse similar to what he subjected M/s  to. However, we did discover that Mr Eve’s restaurant is listed on TripAdvisor, as we were anxious to establish if there were Jim Crow type seating and restroom arrangements, given his extreme supremacist views.

Tommy Robinson Day Of Shame

Steve Hedley, RMT Union boss, was injured

Trade Union leader Steve Hedley attacked by Tommy Robinson Fascists

Asian Bus driver with head scarf surrounded by Tommy Robinson supporters

Tommy Robinson Supporters’ violence

Asian Bus driver with head scarf subjected to Racist abuse by Tommy Robinson supporters

Tommy Robinson Supporters’ violence

Bill Eve, a supporter of EDL founder Tommy Robinson

Image result for edl with guns

EDL members

Tommy Robinson Supporters’ violence

Tommy Robinson with the EDL

Image result for tommy robinson march

Tommy Robinson Supporters’ violence

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