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Anti-Irish Bigotry, Sexism, Fascism & Racism Exposed During Twitter Study

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Let us begin by stating categorically that Twitter is an excellent online resource, I particularly like the succinct wordsmithing required in ‘Tweets’ and it’s inertia-free dynamic.  Dickens summed up my Twitter journey perfectly and prophetically in 1859:

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity…

I have the highest regard for the vast majority of people I’ve interacted with during my Twitter experience.  Many campaign against the most cruel of injustices, fight against terrible miscarriages of justice, advocate for an egalitarian future and oppose Racism in all it’s vile forms.  Many bravely expose a broken system, bravely support national liberation struggles, making public all aspects of the class struggle and many, many more causes that all decent human beings can embrace.

Of course, there is always a downside using online platforms as one is exposed to a wide cross-section of those individuals whose zeitgeist has inhabited the nadirs of a global sewage system for millenia.  Far from being repulsed by this phenomena, it should interest those from a variety of professions, not least being the pathology of some of these lumpen specimens. So I will provide just a few examples and add more during further editing..



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This is just a small sample of screenshots that I’ve saved but have not fully collated.  I will add substantially more by the final draft.  I found some of the accusations levelled at me personally to be sanity-defying but interesting nonetheless.  Watch this space for further additions….

Alex McGuigan, Belfast


Illegal Scramblers & Quads – A Plague on Our Streets

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If you live in an urban working-class area like ours, whether it be in Belfast, Derry, Dublin, Cork or Galway, there is every chance, especially with the good weather, that you are facing the daily hazard of underage scrambler or quad drivers speeding through our residential areas.  Many of these neo-death-drivers, often carrying pillion passengers, go without helmets or even the most basic of protective clothing.   Speed limits or one way streets in our built up areas mean nothing to these anti-social elements. During the school holidays our streets are often highly populated with younger children playing on the pavements outside their homes.   It is only a matter of time , until tragedy in the form of serious injury or even worse is visited upon our children.


Parents who buy their young children these scrambler motorbikes or quads in the full knowledge that they are being used dangerously in urban settings are every bit as guilty, if not more so, than the kids who use them. Recently, a scrambler driver and pillion passenger, neither wearing  a crash helmet  passed our car travelling well in excess of 30mph!  A potential head-on collision with an unsuspecting vehicle would have seen  these young  thrill seekers facing the almost certainly fatal prospect of an accumulated 60mph collision!

Stolen Motorcycles and Quads

The use of stolen off-road vehicles of this nature has also become a significant problem in West Belfast, and no doubt elsewhere in Ireland.  When discussing the issue with a highly respected West Belfast Community worker of many years experience, it was unsettling to hear of cases where not only do some parents turn a blind eye to their teenage children’s use of stolen scrambler motorcycles but actively help them hide the stolen vehicles!  One would be easily forgiven for believing that these particular parents are much more to blame than their children.


Obviously targeted community education has an important role to play in significantly reducing this potentially fatal behaviour.  The urban users of these off-road vehicles are quick to point to the distinct lack of nearby suitable facilities and their grievances must be listened to.  However, in the short term, if we are to prevent the almost certain tragedy occurring in our community that this risk taking behaviour will inevitably lead to, the answer lies within the community, but ultimately the responsibility lies with the parents of these young children, who are obviously at best turning a blind eye to their children’s behaviour and in many cases enabling it.

Alex McGuigan

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