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PFLP: Arrests of our leaders will not deter us from continuing resistance

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Source: PFLP

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine confirmed that the Zionist occupation forces launched a pre-dawn campaign of raids across the occupied West Bank of Palestine on Sunday, arresting a number of leaders and activists of the Front, led by the Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar, feminist activist Khitam Saafin and former prisoner Ihab Massoud, as well as a number of activists in al-Khalil. The Front declared that these attacks will not stop it from continuing its role in resistance to occupation and confronting the crimes and projects that attempt to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

The Front emphasized that these arrests only underline the futility of the choices of the Palestinian Authority to continue to bet on settlements, “peace process” and security coordination. It also confirms the correctness of the Front’s position and its continuing struggle to build the resistance and the primary contradiction with the occupation as a major feature of its approach and political positions.

The Front further stated that these arrests have come after the major campaign of incitement launched by the Zionist entity and its prime minister, the war criminal Benjamin Netanyahu, against the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and the resistance factions.

The PFLP urged the Palestinian masses to escalate the popular movement to support the struggle of the brave prisoners in Israeli jails, for Jarrar and Saafin and the prisoner Muhammad Allan, on hunger strike for 25 days.

The Front promised to continue to defend the rights and principles of the Palestinian people. Continued targeting by the occupation only emphasizes the importance of continuing the path to return and liberation.

الجبهة الشعبية لتحرير فلسطين

Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
July 2, 2017


Vigil For INLA Hunger Strike Martyr Mickey Devine Noon-1pm Saturday 20 August Outside Costello House

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There will be a vigil from 12-1pm on Saturday 20th August 2016 outside Costello House on the Falls Road in remembrance of INLA Hunger Strike Martyr’s 35th anniversary organised by Belfast IRSP.

All available members are to attend.

All freedom loving Republican Socialists are also welcome – Posters and flags will be supplied by the Irish Republican Socialist Party in Belfast.

Irish Republican Socialists will never forget the ultimate sacrifice of Mickey Devine or his 9 other comrades in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh Concentration Camp in 1981!


Saoirse Go Deo!


Alex McGuigan

National Hunger Strike 35th Anniversary Commemoration – Derry Sunday 21 August 2016

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The National Hunger Strike 35th Anniversary Commemoration leaves Rosemount in Derry at 2pm where it will make it’s way with the Red Flag of International Socialism leading the Colour Party to the Irish Republican Socialist Movement memorial in the City Cemetery.  Transport arrangements can be arranged via the IRSP HQ at Costello House, Belfast; the Derry offices of the IRSP or via your local IRSP representative

“Must we live in the shadow of the tyrant in the chains of slavery?  And must we die to shake the shackles from our limbs and taste the fruits of liberty?

Surely it is not to much to ask for freedom and lasting peace in our native land?  And surely it is not too much to be treated as we truly are – soldiers of Ireland and of the Irish People”

(INLA Volunteer Mickey Devine who laid down his life for political status on 20 August 1981)





Saoirse go deo!



Alex McGuigan, Belfast

INLA Vol. Patsy O’Hara – Hunger Striker Martyr

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The year 2016 is the 35th anniversary of the H-Block Hunger Strike of 1981 when ten brave and selfless Republican Socialist and IRA prisoners gave their lives in the struggle for the right to be treated as political prisoners.  Of the ten Republican POW’s who sacrificed their lives for their comrades, three were Irish Republican Socialist prisoners, almost a third of the 1981 Hunger Strike martyrs. At the commencement of the first Hunger Strike in 1980 and up to the 22nd of March 1981 when he took his place on the 2nd tragic Stailc, Volunteer Patsy O’Hara was Officer Commanding (O/C) of Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) prisoners held in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh concentration camp.

Patsy O’Hara was born in Derry on the 11th July 1957, a city that was the personification of British misrule.  As a youngster growing up in the Orange state-let of ‘Northern Ireland’ under the jackboot of the Stormont Unionist one party junta, he would have witnessed his fellow citizens who marched peacefully for basic Civil Rights being viciously beaten off the streets by the Unionist party’s paramilitary police force the Royal Ulster Constabuarly (RUC.) At the age of just 13 Patsy O’Hara joined the Republican youth movement, Na Fianna, and a year later in the Winter of 1971 he was shot and wounded by a British soldier. In 1974 he was interned without trial in Long Kesh concentration camp. On release he became active in the Irish Republican Socialist Party and it’s military wing the INLA. Between his release from internment without trial, he was arrested several times and spent further periods of imprisonment for taking the war to the forces of British occupation in Ireland.

The Republican Socialist Movement that Patsy O’Hara was a shining example of, stressed the symbiotic need for not just National Liberation but the necessity for the radical redistribution of the means of production, distribution and exchange, ie, the creation of a 32 County Irish Workers’ Republic.   It is locally reported that the radical politics of the Republican Socialist Movement did not find favour with neo-liberal  leadership elements within the Provisionals in Derry city who have since gone on to become ministers in the current Stormont, Tammany Hall type regime. At one stage in 1977 Patsy O’Hara was shamefully attacked by 12 members of the Provisionals in an unsuccessful attempt to stunt the growth of the Republican Socialist Movement in Derry, clearly Green Tories feared the appeal of economic liberation just as much as the Brits feared national liberation!

In May 1979, Patsy O’Hara was captured by the British occupational forces and charged under special ’emergency’ legislation with possession of a hand-grenade. A year later he was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment in the infamous H-Blocks of Long Kesh where he joined his comrades on the blanket protest. On March 22nd 1981 he commenced his Hunger Strike on the same day as his PIRA fellow Republican POW, Raymond McCreesh. While on the protest in the H-Blocks Patsy O’Hara stated:

“After we are gone, what will you say you were doing? Will you say you were with us in our struggle or were you conforming to the very system that drove us to our deaths?”

After 61 days refusing food, Patsy O’Hara’s last struggle against Imperialism and the British government’s failed attempts to criminalise him, ended approximately 20 minutes before midnight on the 21st of May 1981. He was the first of the three INLA volunteers to die on the 1981 Hunger Strike for human rights. His last words to Peggy O’Hara, his mother were:

“Please mammy, let the fight go on!”

Volunteer Patsy O’Hara’s legacy to the Republican Socialist Movement is huge and his bravery is commemorated by his comrades from those dark days and the many younger members joining the IRSM. His image is arguably one of the most instantly recognizable human faces of the 1981 Hunger Strike. In the years following the Hunger Strikes the Republican Socialist youth movement was named after Patsy O’Hara as were European armed revolutionary movements, one of which bore the name ‘The Patsy O’Hara Commando.’

Today, Patsy O’Hara is commemorated in murals, songs and monuments in working class areas of Ireland as a symbol of resistance to British imperialism and the struggle for an Irish Workers Republic. In this year, his 35th anniversary, the Irish Republican Socialist Movement which Patsy O’Hara died a member of and which he devoted all his adult life to, continues to fight for the Irish working class and the intrinsic goals of Irish national liberation and socialism!

Alex Mcguigan, Belfast

” If you strike at , imprison , or kill us out of our prisons or graves we will evoke a spirit that will thwart you and perhaps raise a force that will destroy you ! We defy you! Do your worst!! “

(James Connolly)


(INLA Firing party at Patsy O’Hara’s funeral, Derry 1981)

National Hunger Strike Commemoration – Derry Sunday 24 May 2015

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Source: IRSP NEWS!

The National Hunger Strike Commemoration in Derry on 24 May, assembles at at 1.30pm at the Rosemount Factory to make it’s way to the City Cemetery to commemorate the bravery and the ultimate sacrifice made by the Irish National Liberation Army and Provisional IRA Hunger Strikers in 1981.  All are welcome to attend the National Hunger Strike Commemoration to show their respect in this, the 34th anniversary, of the 1981 H-Block Hunger Strike, for those martyrs who laid down their lives for the right to be treated as the political prisoners they were.  Their sacrifice will never be forgotten – history has vindicated the ’10’ as the bravest of the brave!

All IRSP members are expected to attend.

All supporters, families, Republicans, Socialists, Trade Unionists and all progressives are welcome to attend the National Hunger Strike Commemoration this weekend.

INLA Hunger Striker Kevin Lynch Commemoration Dungiven

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Source: IRSP News

INLA Hunger Striker Volunteer Kevin Lynch was respectfully commemorated in his home town of Dungiven on Sunday 3 August by his comrades in the Irish Republican Socialist Movement.  A march through Dungiven’s main street led firstly by an IRSM colour party, the James Connolly Memorial Flute Band and followed by IRSP comrades made their way to INLA Volunteer Kevin Lynch’s last place of rest.

Thirty three years ago on the 3rd of August 1981 Volunteer Kevin Lynch was buried in Dungiven. Kevin died as he lived, a proud Republican Socialist and a volunteer in the Irish National Liberation Army. His last fight was against the criminalisation of Irish political prisoners, by the forces of British imperialism in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh. Kevin Lynch was given a full military funeral by his comrades in the Irish Republican Socialist Movement with 6 armed INLA volunteers in uniform firing a final volley of shots over his coffin as it made it’s journey to Dungiven cemetery

Prior to the many IRSM wreaths being laid and the colour party’s flag’s being lowered, IRSP Ard Comhairle member, Michael McLaughlin, gave the oration commemorating the selfless sacrifice of INLA Hunger Striker Kevin Lynch and re-affirming the IRSM’s principles and goals of a 32 County Irish Workers’ Republic for which Dungiven’s bravest son lived and died.

Saoirse go deo!

(Alex McGuigan)


Speech Delivered by the IRSP’s Michael McLaughlin at the Kevin Lynch Commemoration, Dungiven


Friends and comrades

It is a great privilege to be asked to address the 33rd commemoration of one of Dungivens proudest sons, National Liberation Army Volunteer Kevin Lynch.

Whilst the people from this community, and indeed our entire Island, who lived through those dark days of Hunger Strike, remember Kevin Lynch as a friend, a brother, a son, a comrade a National Liberation Army Volunteer, who gave his life so those who came after him could benefit from his sacrifice, I come from a different generation, from a different time. I, and thousands like me, come from a generation of Republican Socialists who did not live through those dark days of Hunger Strike but who endeavour to carry on the struggle Kevin Lynch ultimately gave his life for.

I cannot begin to understand or to even comprehend what Kevin Lynch’s sacrifice means to a community like Dungiven but I can quantify what his and his comrade’s sacrifices mean to someone like me.

The brutal hardship endured on the Blanket and on the Hunger Strike has left no lasting notion of romantic conflict on the consciousness of young contemporary Republican Socialists. The collective suffering of friends, family and an entire nation is nothing we believe should be celebrated; we have learned the hard lesson that the suffering of the people should be avoided and that armed struggle only used as a last resort. The oppressive murderous tactics of the British occupation in which brave young men like Kevin Lynch were forced to take up arms against are something, we hope, are consigned to the history books.

But one thing that is not consigned to the history books, let me be very clear in saying this here today, is the political philosophy of equality, justice, respect, national liberation and socialism that Kevin Lynch and his comrades died fighting for, it is very much a part of the struggle we continue to fight.

We have a vision to create a progressive nation that was outlined in the 1916 Easter Proclamation of the Irish Republic. We have a vision that states the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland. It declares that we shall cherish all of the children of our nation equally. We shall endeavour to create a workers republic that shall guarantee civil and religious liberties for all and create equal opportunities for all of its citizens. I am in no doubt that Kevin Lynch and his comrades understood the importance of those key elements of that historic document, they also understood that building socialism in Ireland is paramount.

As our generation of Republican Socialists continue the struggle we are under no illusions, we are standing on the shoulders of giants of men like Kevin Lynch.

Comrades we have much to do. Occupied Ireland functions on the State sponsored anti- republican premise of a sectarian Catholic Vs Protestant political carve up. British intelligence agencies and their secret agendas reign supreme over all the executive institutions of Stormont. Political policing, poverty, fuel poverty, unemployment, underemployment, deprivation and substance abuse are destroying the very fabric of our communities.

The 26 counties are not much better.

The Economic occupation of the Free State by the European Union the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund has created a generation of lost youth faced with emigration or poverty on the dole.

Kevin Lynch’s party, the Irish Republican Socialist Party has some sobering decisions to make on this our 40th anniversary. Do we walk away from this proud mans commemoration and simply go home. Or do we leave today and go back into our communities and trade unions and build the culture of resistance to capitalism, imperialist occupation and neoliberal thought worthy of those who went before us?

In 1995 comrade Gino Gallagher hinted that the change in strategic tactics in the way in which we persecute the struggle will be difficult to accept by saying “I feel more comfortable with a mask on”. We can all identify with that sentiment but even in 1995 Gino recognised that without a collective coherent progressive political strategy we are “on a hiding to nothing”. That sentiment is as relevant today as it was nearly 20 years ago.

We owe it to Kevin Lynch, Pasty OHara, Mickey Devine, Bobby Sands, Ray McCreesh, Kieran Doherty, Joe McDonnell, Martin Hurson, Francis Hughes and Thomas McElwee to continue the struggle. We owe it to the hundreds and hundreds of other National Liberation Army and Provisional Republican Army volunteers who died fighting British Imperialism to continue the struggle. We owe it to the thousands upon thousands of political prisoners whose lives were destroyed by the struggle to continue to fight to create a workers republic worthy of heir sacrifice. Standing on these patriot men and women’s shoulders is no easy task comrades, let us create the resistance and empower the people of this island to be the masters of their own destiny through our struggle for National Liberation and Socialism.

Comrades, I will finish with a quote coined from a founding member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, Bernadette Devlin- McAliskey. When referring to those murderers who are responsible for driving our ten brave comrades to their deaths on Hunger Strike in 1981 she said “Hell is not hot enough, nor eternity long enough for those who stood by and watched those men die”.

Belfast IRSP Hunger Strike Mural Unveiling 17th November

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Belfast IRSP will be unveiling a mural dedicated to the Hunger Strikers on Sunday 17th of November at 2pm at Shaws Road shops, West Belfast.

All welcome!

Contact Gerry Foster, secretary of Belfast executive at Costello House (028 90321024) for further details!

Saoirse go deo!

For further details see IRSP News!


Volunteer Patsy O’Hara was the first of the INLA Hunger Strikers to die


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