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‘The Case Against Steven Avery and What Making a Murderer Gets Wrong’ by K.KRatz

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kratz book

I approached the dread task of reading this book with the unprejudiced objectivity that was sadly lacking in Manitowoc County’s District Attorney’s Office during King Kratz’s infamous reign.  I would stress that even though the most casual research suggests that KRatz is an internationally hated figure, due to his alleged penchant for serious ethical violations, including but not limited to perjury; fabricating evidence; crimes against the poor and vulnerable; which are compounded by an alleged myriad of many, many other despicably craven acts.  I did not let my research of this alleged fiend prejudice my approach to KkKRatz’ self-proclaimed literary opus.

The foreword by internationally despised, reactionary cretin, Nancy Grace, proved an accurate signpost to the dire literary journey I was about to endure.   Sadly, any reasonable person’s thoughts after reading a quarter way through the book will be whether they can get a refund.  By midway through, a reader will begin to wonder did Hydrocodone have a guiding hand in KKRatz’ wordsmithing?  The seriously lengthy inventory of deepseated resentments towards people, places and things KKRatz spews out was impossible to ignore.  Around the the same point in reading KKRatz’s book one may experience an arcane revelation as to the true meaning of the term ‘vanity publishing.’

The only vaguely useful section of this Penny Dreadful is that it allows one to understand the psychopathy of the author.  One will instantly indentify parallels with the kind of mind that could concoct that detailed, graphic and grizly yet totally false account of T Hallbach’s demise at KKRatz’s infamously prejudicial press conference documented in the Netflix series.

By the time one has finished this highly narcissistic, polemical potboiler there will be real proof of KKRatz’s criminality as he is guilty of pickpotting the reader of £16 ($20).  On surfacing after the dive into this nadir of the lowest circuit of the literary sewer one may well immediately feel the need to take a shower.  There is absolutely nothing positive to state about the experience of reading KkKRatz’s Kampf except that positively nobody should ever be foolish enough to pay money for this bound myre of bile, fiction and nonsense.  However, if one has resisted the temptation to decant it swiftly into a neighbour’s bin, it may actually be worth keeping as a reference of sorts due to forthcoming legal developments….

By Alex McGuigan

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BMC Motors, Crumlin – A Review

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BMC 01

Fair play to BMC Motors Auto Service in Crumlin who went out of their way to fix my wife’s car, as it was just about to pack-in!  We learned it was due to an electrical fault, while travelling city bound on their way from Hannahstown, just as it was getting late on one of those dark Winter afternoons with snow on the high ground.  A friend recommended BMC Motors in Crumlin having seen their business advertised on Facebook.  I rang the number following the call from my wife and they immediately said that they could help.  They lived up to their reputation and more, especially as it was getting dark and the kids were in the car.


An auto repair professional, called Ben, the manager was able to diagnose the problem instantly, repair the problem very quickly and reassure my family that they’d soon be on their way.  BMC Motors had a highly professional attitude, equipment, premises and their rates were very, very reasonable.  Having dealt with many mechanics in the past, as my wife drives a fairly unusual model and make of car, many have not had the expertise or done a botch job, this was thankfully not the case with BMC Motors.  Within an hour the issue had been remedied and excellent advice given in case of the same problem arising again at some time in the future.


I have no hesitation in recommending BMC Motors to any motorist in the greater Belfast area who wants the full range of the services that they provide and many thanks to Ben especially, for his auto mechanical skills and reassuring manner when my family needed help.

BMC Motors can be contacted via:




Gary Kearney,  Belfast.



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