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‘The Case Against Steven Avery and What Making a Murderer Gets Wrong’ by K.KRatz

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(Editor’s Note: I’m going to ask if you are under the age of 15 that you discontinue reading this review)

I approached the dread task of reading this book with the unprejudiced objectivity that was sadly lacking in Manitowoc County’s District Attorney’s Office during King Kratz’s infamous reign.  I would stress that even though the most casual research suggests that KRatz is an internationally hated figure, due to his alleged penchant for serious ethical violations, including but not limited to perjury; fabricating evidence; crimes against the poor and vulnerable; which are compounded by an alleged myriad of many, many other despicably craven acts….I did not let my research of this alleged fiend prejudice my approach to KkKRatz’ self-proclaimed literary opus.

The foreword by internationally despised, reactionary cretin, Nancy Grace, proved an accurate signpost to the dire literary journey I was about to endure.   Sadly, any reasonable person’s thoughts after reading a quarter way through the book will be whether they can get a refund.  By midway through, a reader will begin to wonder did Hydrocodone have a guiding hand in KKRatz’ wordsmithing?  The seriously lengthy inventory of deepseated resentments towards people, places and things KKRatz spews out was impossible to ignore.  Around the the same point in reading KKRatz’s book one may experience an arcane revelation as to the true meaning of the term ‘vanity publishing.’

The only vaguely useful section of this Penny Dreadful is that it allows one to understand the psychopathy of the author.  One will instantly indentify parallels with the kind of mind that could concoct that detailed, graphic and grizly yet totally false account of T Hallbach’s demise at KKRatz’s infamously prejudicial press conference documented in the Netflix series.

By the time one has finished this highly narcissistic, polemical potboiler there will be real proof of KKRatz’s criminality, even outside Manitowoc!  Readers will find KKKRatz is not only responsible for a sordid crimewave against Literature, but also find him unanimously guilty of Larceny – by permanently depriving hapless readers of the sum of £16 ($20) they’ve just paid for his ‘book’.  On surfacing after the dive into this nadir of the lowest circuit of the literary sewer one may well immediately feel the need to take a shower.  There is absolutely nothing positive to state about the experience of reading Herr KkKRatz’s Kampf except that positively nobody should ever be foolish enough to pay money for this bound myre of bile, fiction and nonsense.  Manitowoc’s very own Solomon aka K.KKratz  @Ken723Ken has a Twitter account where he has dispensed over 500 veritable gems of Jurisprudence in under 140 charecters.  Needless to say it is not advisable to give him your cellphone number…..



However, if one has resisted the temptation to decant KKKratz’s Kampf swiftly into a neighbour’s bin, it may actually be worth keeping as a reference of sorts due to forthcoming legal developments.  Anyone in search of an objective view of  the draconian injustices piled upon Exoneree Steven Avery and young Brendan Dassey by an honest lawyer, I can personally recommend Jerry Buting’s insightful Illusion of Justice: Inside Making A Murderer And America’s Broken System

By Alex McGuigan

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Operation Gladio in Ireland “Project Echoes”

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Operation Gladio Emblem

For those not familiar with Collusion and State sponsored murders in Ireland, Project Echoes was an alleged Operation Gladio linked secret joint venture involving Apartheid South Africa’s notorious Vlakplaas unit, Civil Co-operation Bureau (C.C.B), the RUC Special Branch, Armscor, Loyalist paramilitaries and members of the British security services. Some of the key players will be fairly well known, for instance Brian Nelson, British military intelligence’s Force Research Unit’s top agent and UDA chief intelligence officer. Project Echoes was just one of a series of Gladio-related operations in Ireland.

Other Project Echoes’ players from the South African Apartheid regime, such as ex-pat Loyalist, Charlie Simpson, Leon Flores, Eugene De Kock and Pamela Du Randt, will not be household names but they were key players in a murky world of collusion, torture, murder and international intrigue.  Former Tory MP, for Basingstoke, turned Paisleyite Democratic Unionist Party member, Andrew Hunter, who had long been in the pay of British intelligence, also figures prominently in the Project Echoes story.

An important part of the Project Echoes story, are the joint operations that resulted in the murders, or attempted murders, of exiled opponents of the Apartheid regime.  Arguably at the top of their hit-list was Dick Coetzee, a former hit-man for the Vlakplass unit, who ‘defected’ to the ANC in the late 1980s. Although, it should be stressed that Coetzee’s defection was more for self-preservation reasons, than any ideological conversion to anti-racism or multi-culturalism!


Dulcie September, ANC Paris rep murdered by ‘Project Echoes’ operatives

Dirk Coetzee survived several assassination attempts, including one very near miss in London by a joint RUC/Loyalist paramilitary hit squad. Many others were not so lucky, including the ANC’s representative in France, Dulcie September, who was murdered by a similar squad in March 1988. A South African born academic, Adrian Guelke, who was a lecturer at Queens University, Belfast, was shot and badly injured by a pro-British loyalist hit-squad, in September 1991.  The unsuccessful murder bid occurred at his Fitzwilliam Street home, just off the Lisburn Road, in South Belfast. This attempted murder was a payment in kind to the Apartheid intelligence services by Loyalist paramilitaries based in Belfast and Mid-Ulster.

Another Irish academic, this time at the Coleraine campus of the University of Ulster, was also targeted several times by Loyalist paramilitaries at the behest of the Apartheid state. British military intelligence spooks linked to Project Echoes planted false stories in the media, wrongly linking the unfortunate lecturer to armed Republican groups in an attempt to primarily sabotage his career. Their other intention was to further raise his profile as a prospective target for assassination by pro-British Loyalist death squads.


Paul Larkin in an expose on ‘Collusion’ and State sponsored murder in Ireland, has a chapter on the subject of Project Echoes in his book, A Very British Jihad. The Pat Finucane Centre and the Troops Out Movement also have some material on Project Echoes, which was available on their respective websites.

A name that constantly crops in all areas of this phase of the British Collusion project with Loyalist paramilitary terrorists is Irish born ex-pat, Charlie Simpson. Simpson, was a Loyalist paramilitary and British intelligence asset who served with units of the then Rhodesian Special Forces and later in Apartheid South Africa’s dirty world of state sponsored murder. In many respects, Simpson seems to have been the link man during key stages of Project Echoes, having accumulated years of specialist military training and indoctrination into the far-Right values of the various organs of the Apartheid state.

At some stage, hopefully, there will be a more in depth, comprehensive insight published into the foul and murky world of British state collusion with Loyalist paramilitaries and the murders of Irish citizens, often at the behest of foreign intelligence agencies. These brutal sectarian murders often occurred at the behest of reactionary, true Rogue States, such as Apartheid South Africa and Israel or as payment in kind for receiving military ordinance or training.

Paul Larkin’s book mentions assassination attempts on Apartheid South African dissidents and even London Mayoral candidate, Ken Livingstone, by joint RUC/UVF death-squads exported to London and guaranteed safe passage back to the North of Ireland. These contract murder attempts, at the behest of Apartheid South Africa, involved the late Loyalist Godfather and British security service asset, Billy King Rat Wright and Mid-Ulster RUC Special Branch members. The attempted hit on Ken Livingstone, was planned to take place as he made his way to work on the tube, to the then Greater London Council’s Headquarters.

Project Echoes remains an element of state-sponsored collusion that has largely escaped the glare of publicity and for many in this supposed era of so-called ‘new dispensation’, it will be an inconvenient truth.  Mid-Ulster, since the first years of the post-1969 period of conflict referred to as The Troubles, has always been at the heart of collusion between British state agencies and Loyalist paramilitaries. In many ways, that particular area of the north of Ireland, with it’s blurred lines between policing, British military intelligence and Loyalism, functioned as an open air, counter-insurgency laboratory.  It can therefore be no surprise, that some of the North’s most prolific and most protected Loyalist serial murderers originated in Mid-Ulster, for instance, Robin the Jackal Jackson and Billy King Rat Wright. The details of Project Echoes may never be fully exposed and like all dirty state secrets concerning British collusion in Ireland, the British government although clearly culpable, will censor, obstruct and frustrate those who seek the truth.

(I originally published a shorter version of this article in 2010 under the pseudonym ‘Iskra’ which was later shared by the Revolutionary Communist Party of Great Britain/Marxist Leninist’s website)

Alex McGuigan

dirty wars




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Donegal a microcosm of national malaise

This article discusses the anti water charge movement in Ireland, in particular Right2Change.  It focuses on our experience in Donegal involving some dreadful treatment and shady manoeuvrings by fellow campaigners.  It uses this experience to draw conclusions about the national campaign and finds out that we are a mere microcosm of the controversy nationally.

It would be safe to say that this could be written about any county in Ireland and like Inishowen are part and parcel of the political quagmire that the campaign has descended into, a cauldron overflowing with political and personal intrigue, cloak and dagger politics, mistrust, competition, egos and downright nastiness.

From the lofty ideals of communities successfully standing together against water charges, resolute in the aim of abolishing Irish Water and preventing the privatisation and commodification of our water resources we have reached the stage where this hard fought campaign has been subsumed by politicos with their clarion call of ‘unity’ and ‘revolution’ and thrown into a myriad of other issues, confusing the anti water protesters and relegating the water charges campaign to the back of the cue.

Righ2Water Subsumed under Right2Change political agenda

Right2Change affiliated unions

Right2Change affiliated unions

Right2Water’s target has shifted. It is has now changed it’s name to Right2Change and it’s focus is not on beating water charges but on the next general election,  building some type of left or left of centre political organisation. The optimism built up by the anti water charges success is now giving way to pessimism and confusion.   We are at the mercy of political parties and the unions.  They have now split this fine movement and we are at the mercy of these political leaders, in a straightjacket, between the devil and the deep blue sea. The successful community campaign of non payment and non recognition of water charges and Irish Water has been handed to, or was taken over by politicos. The initiative and power has been wrested from local groups and the emphasis is now on institutions that have led to the impasse the county is in.

Look up the definition of a ‘politico’, a person who will promise anything to win an election. “Parliament is a means of diffusing democracy, of channelling real struggles into a safe dead-end. Time and time again it has become a graveyard for the workers’ movement.” Kevin Doyle Parliament or Democracy

Right2Change has done all this. On that fateful Sat in August, 2015, led by the affiliated unions, particularly Unite and Mandate, Brendan Ogle, the educational officer for Unite and main honcho in Right2Change, shouted from the stage in front of the GPO in Dublin, to the 100,000 anti water charge protesters , “ we haven’t gone away, you know, this campaign is much more than water. Say after me,  this campaign is much more than water” and holding up the little coloured booklet of Right2Change’s policy principles he launched the Right2Change organisation.

Credit where credit is due

Brendan Ogle, Wynn's Hotel, Dublin Oct 31

Brendan Ogle, Wynn’s Hotel, Dublin Oct 31

Thus ended, as far as Right2Change was concerned,  the anti water charge protest per say. It became the anti austerity campaign, a programme for government, run by the trade unions,  Mandate and Unite and hitched its wagon to political parties, Sinn Fein being the most prominent.   However, the drama and intrigues are still far from over and it remains unclear what part the vast throngs of protesters have in Right2Change’s plans.  On the periphery, used when needed.

Brendan Ogle,  once pointed to a photograph of protesters in O’Connell St, Dublin and inferred that Right2Change is speaking for them. Time and time again we hear the same sentiment.  Right2Change is the voice of the protesters or that Right2Change has built up this movement.  They have brought thousands of people on to the streets. Somehow this never sat right with us.  In a way, it seems, Brendan Ogle and Right2Change are usurping the rightful credit which should belong to all the various anti water and anti austerity groups in Ireland,  the general public who for well over a year now have withstood the might of the state and tramped the streets in protest.  Somehow Right2Change believe in their own rhetoric forgetting also that the Anti Austerity Alliance is there too.



The Seed of Doubt

Why are we writing this criticism? Surely by doing it we are sowing the seed of doubt and disunity and mistrust among campaigners?

From the start of the campaign right up to the present we have heard counter arguments like these. Should we bury our heads in the sand, pretend everything is hunky-dory, bite the bullet and ignore the obvious? This is not realistic or sound advice.

Oscar Wilde’s once said ‘Love that dare not speak it’s name’. Something that exist, is inherent but nobody wants to acknowledge it, never mind discuss it for fear that the world would come toppling down, the edifice crumble and the pillars collapse.

No we can not hold our tongues. We have to have a written record of our experience in Donegal even though it exposes some hard truths.

Right2Change’s mantra and religious connotation

We can not get away from religious similarities or allegories that seems to encompass Right2Change and the fervour groups and individuals portray. We encounter phrases like ‘only concentrate on the positive’, ‘not listening to criticism’, ‘believe’.  There is a blind faith in the leaders and the the mantra of ‘Unity’ is professed. This behaviour is hard to counteract but thoughts gnaw away at us, an inkling that something terribly wrong is happening and not many are speaking out about it. This wrong is the blind faith, the insidious control, the attacks epitomised in Facebook comments by intense followers and their attacks on anyone who dare question Right2Change. The leaders and followers seem to have a divine belief that it is OK to use threats, slander and odious comments but it is not right for others to question or criticise them or the movement.  It is like a cult behaviour, a brainwashing technique used by a very slick and colourful brand. One that has only one way, the right way and those who take a different path are against them, their enemy who have joined forces with FG, Lab, FF, the devil. It is a very black and white way and in the end a fractious and fraudulent, disingenuous way.

Perhaps it is our religious upbringing, the brainwashing which has left an indelible mark on our minds that has sown a seed of doubt.  Anything that remotely resembles blind faith, fervour, whipping up the crowd with falsehood that strikes our alarm bells. Or perhaps its our conscience that reminds us that the end does not justify the means.

What ever the cause of our itch,  we will discuss Right2Change’s and related groups’ tactics that have been used.  We believe that these tactics have disregarded truth, integrity and principles, demeaned and disregarded people, usurped the movement and protest groups for political or personal agendas.

Local Autonomous Group Struggles to Maintain Independence

Buncrana Against Irish Water is a local Donegal, Inishowen group, non-aligned to any political party or organisation. It is not affiliated to Right2Change or Can’t Pay Won’t Pay. It was set up to oppose the Government’s introduction of water charges, Irish Water Ltd, the Water Services 2007 and 2013 Acts and the privatisation of our natural resource. We would generally support the Right2Change principles with reservations but we also support Can’t Pay Won’t Pay’s campaign of boycotting Irish Water. We do not want to be in any political organisation and we will not be led by any group or political party.  After all there is more than one way to defeat Irish Water.  One of these ways is refusing water meters and another is boycotting charges and Irish Water. There is also civil disobedience and possibly the legal route. We do not have to rely on political parties. If political parties grow out of the movement or exist already let them support the campaign fully with no party agenda.  When the general election comes we will know who to vote for. There is a fine line between a party leading a community for their own ends and a party supporting a community in their campaign.

The BAIC believe that water is a human right and that it should not be turned into a commodity or privatised. It should be run by the state, for the people of the state and paid for through general taxation. We are opposed to the installation of harmful smart meters, detrimental to our health and our privacy.  Buncrana Together is the media outlet, facebook and web page for the group.

It is interesting to note that planning for water charges and meter installation has been ongoing since 2000, ever since the introduction of the Planning and Development Act 2000 and all political parties were aware of this . ( see our article National Hoodwink on our web page.


A litany of Donegal controversies, political intrigue and nastiness

Towards the end of last year we noticed that there were different groups in Donegal, namely Right2Water and Can’t Pay Won’t Pay. There were also some local groups, some affiliated to the main groups and some autonomous groups unaffiliated to any organisation.  We noticed that there were frictions between groups through personal conversations, especially in social media and on demonstrations.

Right2Water tended to be in East Donegal and Can’t Pay Won’t Pay in the west of the county. We noticed that Right2Water Donegal was, and still is,  highly influenced by Sinn Fein.  In Donegal Sinn Fein have two TDs Padraig MacLochlainn, Donegal North-East and Pearse Doherty, Donegal South-West. There are nine Sinn Fein county councillors, most of whom are involved in the Donegal Right2Water organisation.  Sinn Fein representative, Philip McFadden is the main spokesperson, organiser and pro for Donegal Right2Water.  He has created numerous Right2Water facebook groups (on paper only),  in every town in Inishowen in particular, cornering the market for Right2Water.

Can’t Pay Won’t Pay in West Donegal would be more left wing orientated, possibly Anti Austerity Alliance with republican background. Thomas Pringle, TD, and county councillor Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig are supporters.   Being in East Donegal we would have experienced Right2Water’s reaction towards their nemesis Can’t Pay Won’t Pay and Anti Austerity Alliance. This was one of contempt, using phrases like headcases, left wing nuts, Trotskyist, couldn’t agree on anything. All disparaging phrases which we still hear today especially on facebook,  even from Right2Water coordinators and leading activists.

We have never received or heard an explanation or rational argument why these invectives were and are used and we can only assumed it’s propaganda where if something is said often enough it must be true. Incidentally, we have not experienced the same type of hatred coming from the ‘left’.  There might be policy differences and these would be articulated.

It was partly because of this enmity and the control of the campaign by Right2Water, i.e Philip McFadden and Sinn Fein, that we decided to try to form a strong, local community wide unaffiliated Inishowen group and it was also because we found there was very little being done on the ground. It was a facebook campaign with the occasional demonstration, just ticking over.

The community was in the dark and floundering, wondering where was the information and support. Any day the meter contractors would arrive.  We also had a problem with non structure, democracy and representation in the local Inishowen group Against Water Charges group. This group was supposed to be unaffiliated and non aligned but in reality it was and still is heavily influenced by Philip McFadden i.e. Sinn Fein and Sinead Stewart, Right2Change and as it turns out a groomed Unite trade union representative.

It was felt that a more representative, independent, Inishowen group was needed which could work with both Right2Water or Can’t Pay Won’t Pay groups in Donegal but would not affiliated to any organisation or influenced by any political party.

Carndonagh public meeting, Sinn Fein and tight control

A meeting took place in Carndonagh on Jan, 2015 in the hope of setting up such a group. We were in constant communication with Sinead Stewart and Christina Crumlish, Inishowen Against Water Charges, organisers. We also liaised with Sinn Fein and other interested parties. 9We emphasised what we were trying to do and surprisingly all seemed to be in agreement.11081141_10205080882200164_3654159770303611523_n


However, on the actual night of the public meeting our proposal was blocked by the Right2Water and Sinn Fein representative Philip McFadden, Sinead Stewart and Christina Crumlish.  Sinead Stewart said that it would be over their dead bodies that they would allow everything that they worked for go.  Philip McFadden said that this new group would have to come under the Right2Water umbrella.  Sinn Fein representative said appealed to ‘unity’.  We were not allowed a vote.    Afterwards Sinn Feintook the side of Right2Water and the Inishowen Against Water Charges group. This episode and the accusations and lies which followed shocked us and it is indelibly stamped on our minds.  We had our first experience in campaign control and political manoeuvring.

Continue reading at:

Kind permission was given to the Plough and the Stars to republish the original article by the authors:  Enda Craig and James Quigley.


PSF Paint Over the Miriam Daly Mural Yet Eulogise Arch Bigot Paisley

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No doubt the anti-revisionist message of the iconic Vol Miriam Daly memorial mural now painted over on Oakman Street, West Belfast today was lost on Provisional Sinn Fein on the very day they publicly eulogised arch-bigot Paisley, yet appear to be attempting to revise out the the role and memory of British death-squad victim, Irish Republican Socialist activist, Miriam Daly.  A local IRSP member approached those responsible asking why they were painting over the mural and was given the rather spurious excuse that there was ‘graffiti’ at the street level area of the mural.  The IRSP member stated that this hardly warranted the total erasing of the entire mural!


The eyesore that has hastily replaced the Miriam Daly memorial mural. Not surprisingly, it’s message seems to reinforce individualism, alienation and powerlessness.

Miriam Daly, a respected academic, a leading co-founder of the then nascent RACs/H-Block/Armagh Committees was slain by an undercover British death-squad on the 26th June 1980, in the most horrific of circumstances.  The death-squad gunmen who callously murdered Miriam Daly, bound the mother of 3 and then waited at her home in Andersonstown, hoping to also murder her fellow IRSP and H-Blocks’ activist husband, Jim, who they were expecting to return from work. However, on that tragic day, June 26th 1980, Jim was in Dublin attending a German language course and it is assumed that when the British death-squad realised that he would not be returning, they shot Miriam dead before making good their escape.  The Daly children discovered their murdered mother when they returned from school and it can only be imagined how traumatic and heartbreaking an experience that was for the young Dalys.  It should also be mentioned that Miriam’s son was one of the original artists involved in painting the memorial mural that was one of the first and most iconic murals in West Belfast.

Doubly ironic is the fact that the Miriam Daly mural that is now painted over, is situated just a few hundred yards from the ‘Collusion Wall’ that lists British state collusion in the murders of Irish Republican Activists and Catholic civilians.  Jim Daly, grieving husband of Miriam Daly stated in the aftermath of the state-sponsored murder of his wife:

“She came very much to the notice of agencies that were poking their noses in here, for sure. That’s why she was targeted. She had a tremendous energy and never stopped. People called her in the middle of the night to come to an RUC station to help out, while relatives would phone her to find out where their loved ones were. She never stopped. It was amazing how much dedication she had. She was always upbeat and confident and optimistic. If there is an opposite to demoralise, she moralised people.”

In foul contrast, Fascist arch-bigot Ian Paisley whose concerted hate-mongering and rabble rousing undoubtedly contributed to the normalisation and promotion of British state-sponsored murders,  is being publicly eulogised by Provisonal Sinn Fein, most prominently by his fellow Chuckle Brother, McGuinness:

“Their bonhomie was evident at the many public functions which they attended together, leading to them being dubbed the “chuckle brothers” by some.  Mr McGuinness added: “I learned with deep regret and sadness of the death of former First Minister the Rev. Dr Ian Paisley.” (Source: Belfast Telegraph)


Words of praise for dead bigot Paisley from McGuinness

Unfortunately, there appears to be no tears for, or ‘rising above’ enmities, where Miriam Daly is concerned by those intent in airbrushing out the prominent role Irish Republican Socialists played in the campaign against criminalisation in the H-Blocks, the struggle against British imperialism and the fight for a Workers’ Republic.

Saoirse go deo!


Sign the Reinstate the Miriam Daly Mural! Here

A non-party Facebook campaign to reinstate the Miriam Daly memorial mural can be accessed by clicking this link

The Misuse Of James Connolly

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It is glaringly irrational for purely nationalist parties in Ireland, notably Sinn Fein, to continue to pretend  to Connolly’s ideological legacy but not surprising given that entity’s flare for revisionism and political opportunism.  It goes without saying that if Connolly were alive in these early years of the 21st Century, he would certainly not be a member of Sinn Fein!

Before anyone makes the habitual statement that no person alive today can really second guess the possible contemporary actions or attitudes of dead revolutionaries, well in James Connolly’s case we can. It is well documented that Connolly during his political life in Ireland was never a member of Sinn Fein, a party that was founded in 1905 and of which he was very much aware of.  Connolly, the Marxist and revolutionary trade unionist would have been diametrically opposed to a party that largely backed William Martin Murphy and the employers during the Dublin Lock-out of 1913.  In actions that would be familiar today, the then Sinn Fein leader, Arthur Griffiths, refused to support the workers movement, describing it as ‘”sectional‘”.  When English trades unionists organised relief ships to help the striking workers, Griffith’s little Irelander hackles were raised and condemned the solidarity action as “an insult” to Ireland.

Sinn Fein And Socialism

James Connolly’s Sinn Fein And Socialism, published in April 1908 in The Harp, which critiques the shortcomings of that party’s one dimensional nationalism, was actually used in true revisionist form by the contemporary party during their hijacking of the centenary of Connolly’s residence in Belfast by quoting out of context the first few lines of the article which welcomes really only the the meaning of the English translation of the term Sinn Fein,

“That is a good name for the new Irish movement of which we hear so much nowadays. Sinn Féin, or in English, Ourselves”.

 Of course, the unlikely Connolly centenary celebrants of anti-Marxist Sinn Fein studiously ignored the rest of Connolly’s article and it’s mesage which is roundly critical of their ideology and pours scorn on their non-socialism and the absurdities of their early Habsburgian/monarchist leanings:

“As we all know the methods adopted by Hungary to reconquer its Parliament from Austria are the trite illustrations of the Sinn Féin orators. In fact during the early stages of the movement in Ireland before the felicitous name of Sinn Féin was coined the ideas as promulgated got the name of ‘the Hungary system’.

I remember one critic declaring that “the Hungary system was only fit for hungry men!”

It could be further added that any perceived ‘praise’ for Sinn Fein, was not for the party but used by Connolly to make the point that the working-class must rely on ‘ourselves’, not the national bourgeoisie (of which Sinn Fein was then a small but component part) who must be swept away so that,

“the era of the strutters and poseurs will end”

Connolly, the Marxist, in complete contrast to the limitations of bourgeois nationalism, ends his article by re-affirming that only the working-class can fight and win the fight for both national liberation and real economic freedom ie Socialism,

“we will realize at last what was meant by Marx when he spoke of the revolt of those who

Have Nothing to Lose but their Chains.”

No Reds In Their Beds!

Therefore, it is very much in the eye of the beholder to decide whether the, at best, nationalist Centrist party called Sinn Fein’s highly tenuous claims to the legacy of the Marxist, James Connolly, are the result of revisionism, political opportunism or a confused ideological compass (or perhaps a combination of the latter two?)

Certainly, it would be the height of irrationalism for a party such as Sinn Fein to attempt to claim the legacy of the Marxist Connolly, when there are such concrete assertations from the present party leader stating:

“There is no Marxist influence within Sinn Fein, it simply isn’t a Marxist organisation.  I know of no-one in Sinn Fein who is a Marxist or who would be influenced by Marxism.”

We saw echoes of this edict recently when members of that party’s youth section condemned Republican Socialist G8 protestors for having the temerity to carry red flags, the symbols of international socialism.  (The youthful McCathyites then camped out nearly 100 miles from the G8, reportedly near the Giant’s Foot [no pun intended] while of course their leadership salivated at the prospect of being permitted to join the chorus line of clapping seals welcoming the most insidious cabal of global war criminals and imperialists to Ireland!  However, the above statement from Adams is a completely rational assertation from a party whose well documented aim is for a unitary Capitalist Ireland that sees no contradiction in gladhanding the world’s most vicious imperialists, such as Obama et al.

History Vindicates Irish Republican Socialism

Ironically for a party who at one stage, using crude reductionism, viewed the modern partitioned 26 counties as a neo-colony of (British) imperialism (a view that was jettisoned during the heyday of the Celtic Tiger), it is now entirely comfortable with a future where Ireland would be a minor cheerleader of Western imperialism as it massacres it’s way around the world in search of oil, commodities and profit.

In conclusion, Connolly’s Republican Socialism, his militant trade unionism, his adherence to Marxism, his membership of the Irish Socialist Republican Party and his rejection of one-dimensional nationalism, are irrefutable and uncomfortable truths for those who have erroneously attempted to hijack his legacy.  The contradictions of these attempts are glaringly obvious for those whose minds have not been befuddled by neo-liberalism’ double-speak nonsense and blatant revisionism. By the same token the ‘gas and water socialists’ of the Brit-centric Left and two-nations ‘socialists’ who choose to ignore the British imperialist elephant in the living room who periodically pay homage to Connolly, conveniently chose to ignore his central tenet that national liberation and true socialism are symbiotically linked.

Today’s heirs of Connolly’s legacy are those who unreservedly adhere to his most oft quoted ‘thesis’ that:

“If you remove the English army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain. England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs.”

Saoirse go deo!





Alex McGuigan,
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