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The Hezbollah – Lebanon’s Broad Front Resistance Movement

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Forget Israeli, US and Imperialist propaganda – make up your own mind….

Belfast IRSP Join with Today’s Anti-Austerity March in the City

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Source: IRSP News 18/10/2014



The Irish Republican Socialist Party in the Belfast joined with over a thousand fellow Socialists and Trades Unionists at a Congress organised rally against austerity measures at Writers’ Square in the city before marching through the city centre, around City Hall then finishing off at Donegal Street.  The very positive march was well received by the general public in Belfast City Centre on a busy shopping day.  The only minor incident was when right-wing Loyalist ‘flag protesters’ from the safety of the gated grounds of City Hall shouted sectarian comments at the march in general and the IRSP in particular.  However, they were roundly ignored by all.  Needless to say none of the pro-establishment parties or their ginger groups, who are facilitating and rubber stamping cuts and austerity measures, saw fit to join with the organised working-class today..

It is a goes without saying that the IRSP whose politics are anti-capitalist, pro-working-class and anti-imperialist will continue to fight against Westminster’s, Stormont’s and Leinster House’s draconian offensives against ordinary working people.  The IRSP concurs with Republican Socialism’s ideological forefather, James Connolly, when he stated over a century ago, words that are are as applicable in today’s unequal society,that,

“Yes, friends, governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class”


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Saoirse go deo!

By Alex McGuigan

The Command Economy by Tj O’Connor

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TJ O’Connor‘s ‘The Command Economy’ is a well presented and educational introduction to central planning and Marxist economics. The author successfully manages to present the fairly dry discipline of Marxist economics in a manner that is readable and understandable to the non-academic.


The Command Economy’s introduction section gives an overview of the benefits of a planned economy:

“A central planner can achieve an economy that is more efficient, more just and with faster growth than the free market with the correct information and computation 

Without going into the often confusing competing interpretations of the Soviet system within wider Marxism, the author simplifies the subject for the reader by pointing out that that the Command Economy has been the only real alternative to the Capitalist economic system:

“An important and defining feature of the USSR that has often been neglected in favour of political critiques and sectarian point scoring, is the command economy that it operated on. This remains the only alternative economic model to the market to be practised on a large-scale and for much of its history was remarkably effective”


The Workings Of The Command Economy And It’s Flaws

The author then analyses the workings of the command economy and its flaws, notably inadequate politicisation and information. Concrete examples of logistical flaws in the production of commodities within the Soviet system and how they therefore were unable to develop high tech industries, are given in a highly readable, understandable manner. With examples of central planning difficulties that effected both Cuba and the USSR:

“The biggest failure of the command economy has been in farming. Even after largely phasing out small peasant plots, and collectivizing much of Soviet agriculture, the economy continued to depend on those small private plots for much of the country’s food. This was partially because of the ham-handed and crude way collectivization was implemented from above, also because the peasants who were the most successful tended to often (but not always, of course) resist collectivization, and also because infrastructure to deliver goods to market often lagged behind..”


 The Benefits of The Planned Economy

TJ O’Connor in the third section of ‘The Planned Economy’ accurately specifies examples of a state-controlled economy’s multiple benefits using the Cuban, the Peoples Republic of China and the USSR. Included in this section is a quote from Che Guevara’s speech to the Inter-American Economic and Social Council in 1961. Guevara outlined the immediate benefits from the nationalisation of the economy as the starting point in building a Socialist society in Cuba, where previously it had been the international brothel of imperialism:

“In all these areas we carried out a revolution, and we also carried out a true revolution in education, culture, and health care. This year illiteracy will be eliminated in Cuba.”

Quite clearly, the command economy addresses human need in a way that would be impossible in a free market economy. In essence, the command economy utilising the current advances in technology etc has more chance of succeeding now than previously.


The Command Economy Will Succeed in The Future

TJ O’Connor’s final section in The Planned Economy acknowledges the limitations of previous attempts at implementing a Socialist economy in the likes of the USSR where circumstances beyond their control frustrated their success. The stark choices faced by the USSR following the unsuccessful Socialist revolutions elsewhere, the zero option of ‘Socialism in one country’ and the massive economic leap that the fledgling Socialist state had to make from Feudalism are explored. The author makes the final point that a planned economy in this era, harnessing all the resources of previous Capitalist production can and will succeed.

About The Author

TJ O’Connor is a senior member of the Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America (IRSCNA), the Irish Republican Socialist Movement’s representative body in the USA and Canada.  TJ has been a lifelong political activist, not limited to Irish/American issues but to revolutionary socialist campaigns and issues effecting the working-class in North America   The Planned Economy by TJ O’Connor is available to read in it’s entirety on Google Documents or by contacting the author directly via the IRSCNA website contact form. The Command Economy is an excellent and educational introduction to the dynamics of Socialist economics.

Alex Mcguigan


IRSP PRO Interviewed By Catalan Publication Diagonal

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(Alex Mcguigan, IRSP PRO and Joan Mas Autonell reporter for the Catalan Newpaper ‘Diadonal’ at Costello House, Belfast today)

Joan Mas Autonell, a reporter from the Catalan publication ‘Diagonal’ visited Costello House to conduct an interview with the Irish Republican Socialist Party.  After formal introductions and meeting some of the Teach na Failte full time staff, the interview got underway.

The IRSP PRO outlined the politics of the party stressing the Marxist and Connollyite ideology of the party, that national liberation and the struggle for Socialism were of equal importance and at the core of the party’s raison d’etre.

 Other issues covered during the interview were:

. The failure and counterproductive nature of the Good Friday & St Andrews Agreements

. The current economic situation

. The current ‘austerity’ measures designed to screw working-class people to despair

. The fact that over 5000 British troops are still stationed in the north of Ireland

. The continued repression of Irish Republicans and the use of selective internment of those who  challenged the status quo

 . The IRSP’s recent involvement in electoral politics after a 30 year gap from fielding candidates

Other issues relating to the proud history of the Republican Socialist Movement were discussed and in the room the interview took place where framed pictures of Gino Gallagher, Seamus Costello, Ronnie Bunting are displayed amongst others, it was explained to  Joan Mas Autonell that at every juncture in our movement’s history out most able and articulate leaders have been assassinated by pro-British death-squads, which is a fair indication that our politics have always been a serious threat to the ruling classes in both the 6 counties and indeed the Leinster House regime.

It is hoped that yet another link of solidarity will have been forged and that Diagonal will have a much clearer understanding of the politics of the Irish Republican Socialist Party.



Here is a link to the Diagonal website, there is an option to translate the content to English or any other language:

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