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Michael “Mickey” (though here “Micky”) Devine was a founder member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) in his native Derry (The Plough & The Stars) and also of the INLA (IRSP Derry). The mural on the gable shown above includes the socialist symbols of the red star and the plough, great bear (ursa major), or “big dipper” shining over the towers of Long Kesh, where Devine died on the 21st of August, 1981, after 60 days on hunger strike, the tenth and final striker to die. Fern Road, Derry.

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Extramural Activity

“In memory of our fallen INLA volunteers, upper Springfield area: Hugh Ferguson, Ronnie Bunting, Noel Little, Hugh O’Neill, Micky Kearney, John McColgan, Paddy “Paddybo” Campbell. Comrades: Barry “Baz” McMullan, Sean “Shanto” fleming, Harry O’Hara, Paul Collins, Bernado Brownlee, Emmanuel Kelly, Michael Conlon, Billy Lynch, James “Harpo” Murray, John Kennaway. Saoirse go deo [freedom forever].” Ferguson was the first member of the INLA to die, in 1975 in the feud with the OIRA. Bunting and Little/Lyttle (both Protestants) were shot dead in 1980 in Bunting’s Andersonstown home by masked gunmen from the UDA or SAS with RUC complicity.
Whiterock Road, Belfast, next to the Kevin LynchMarian PriceKevin Lynch wall.
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A heavily armed MI5-tasked TSG Gang raiding a member’s home, terrifying their very young children

The full scale repression of the IRSP (Irish Republican Socialist Party) by the MI5-tasked PSNI/RUC has now become a near daily feature. The raids are apparently carried out by the heavily armed, masked thugs of the PSNI’s Tactical  Support GROUPS. The following  ‘smear’ stories are willingly broadcast and printed with no balance or redress by the tame media. (An American friend described these pro-police hacks as ‘presstitutes’ but I felt it would be a slur on a very old and much more respected profession).

To humanise this attempt to ‘take down’ a perfectly legal, registered political party and  it’s highly respected community group, Teach na Failte, there appears near daily appearances on local news programmes in the north of Ireland of depicting ‘family-friendly’, jovial PSNI ‘peelers’  grinning like apes as they woodenly interact with the latest bunch of Uncle Toms from a working-class community organisation prepared to support them uncritically.

irsp 2

A heavily armed RUC/pSNI paramilitary raid the IRSP’S Belfast office. The media just happened to be on hand for this raid… 

After a decade with a new name, new uniforms and of course newer, more lethal weapons the PSNI still function as an imperialist counter-insurgency agency.
As to qualitative change in policing in working-class areas of the north of Ireland, the PSNI is still engaged in widespread harassment of Republicans who have not bought into the Stormont mini-parliament or who have failed to sign-up for the thoroughly pacified community workers’ safe-list. A recent hard-hitting statement from the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) condemned the PSNI’s blatant political policing and it’s continuing harassment of working-class communities, especially in the north-west. Prophetically, an IRSP spokesperson stated:

“The PSNI’s abuse of the stop and search powers comes as no surprise to the IRSP, or any other republican in Strabane. In a 12 week period from April to June the PSNI used their stop and search powers 756 times in the town turning the district into a mini police state.
This local statistic is only a small portion of the overall harassment of republicans opposed to the sectarian puppet executive sitting at Stormont”.

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Unlike other parties who have quite blatantly endorsed Neo-Liberalism and taken the proverbial Shilling, in return for the power of patronage and ‘political respectability’, Irish Republican Socialists correctly view all police forces in both the North of Ireland Ireland’s GARDA as armed guardians of the Capitalist system and no friend of working-class people. Even in a unitary Capitalist Ireland, the police would fulfil the same role. James Connolly, the father of Irish Republican Socialism correctly identified the continued repressive role of a police force in an Ireland which had not achieved the economic liberation of it’s proletariat. In Connolly’s 1899 article in the Workers Republic, entitled ‘Let Us Free Ireland’ he wrote:

“Whoop it up for liberty! After Ireland is free, says the patriot who won’t touch socialism, we will protect all classes, and if you won’t pay your rent you will be evicted same as now. But the evicting party, under command of the sheriff, will wear green uniforms and the Harp without the Crown, and the warrant turning you out on the roadside will be stamped with the arms of the Irish Republic!”

Despite this latest, policy-driven intense targeting of IRSP members, raiding supporters’ homes and party office offices, it would be folly for the latest ‘Viceroy’s plans to ever hope to put the party out of business. These ‘securicrats’, spooks and their cabal have a very poor knowledge of Irish Republican Socialism’s resilience in the face of much more concerted attacks.

By Alexander McGuigan,

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A Childhood Tale – Grip Tight And Hold On!

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In the town I grew up in, the local volunteer Fire Brigade used to have their weekly practice drill every Tuesday at 7pm. As the Fire Station was close to our home, one of my brothers and I, used to wait on a blind corner each week and jump onto the rigid ladders at the back of the smaller Fire Engine. It usually involved a safe enough, 20 MPH journey to a nearby small lake, where we would alight unseen and the Fire Brigade, in anticipation of some Towering Inferno scenario, would pump water through their hoses for half an hour or so, then return ‘safely to base.’

One particular Wednesday, we boarded as normal BUT everything about this Wednesday night’s Fire Drill was pretty far from ‘normal!’ Some selfish fiend had obviously reported a real fire! The Fire Engine we were clinging to, took off at high speed towards the next town! My brother shouted over to me, ‘will we jump?’ I loudly replied, ‘Fack No!’

In a bizarre coincidence, as we hurtled unwillingly en route to some damned fire,  we actually overtook our Mother’s car as she was collecting a younger sister from Irish Dancing. I imagine she had to do a double take at the sight of two sons careering at speed attached to the ladders of the local Fire Engine! Thankfully, it slowed down sufficiently at an angled junction allowing us to dismount reasonably safely.

In those days video games weren’t yet of graphic sufficiency to attract the loyalty of their current legion of child devotees. We used to call our, relatively innocent, escapades ‘our adventures.’ Two school friends definitely trumped all our adventures to date, as they hitched lifts to Dublin, stowed away on a Tanker in Dublin bound for the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. But that’s a story for another day… 


Alistair MagUiginn

So You Think You Know Me? by Allan Weaver

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Alan Weaver’s account of growing up in a working class estate will resonate with many and fascinate others. This book is neither a rags to riches nor Damascene conversion, it is the sometimes two steps forward, three steps back, progress that many of us have experienced in life. Weaver’s account of violence, prisons and personal trauma is not glamorised nor is it underplayed. Set in the West of Scotland, it is refreshingly free of the false consciousness of Tartanry or Kailyard themes, and readers will recognise familiar universal aspects of proletarian life.

Criminology departments and other branches of academia will undoubtedly utilise ‘So You Think You Know Me?’ There is personal redemption to be found in this account of alienation and brutalisation experienced by so many within our inegalitarian society. There is much dark humour in the recounting of Alan and his pals’ capers leading to their entry into the tender mercies of the classist criminal justice system.

So You Think You Know Me? has received consistent five star ratings on Amazon and it is available from most booksellers. Alan Weaver’s first book should definitely not be his last!

Edel ‘Lola’ Carroll – Anti-Fascist Fighter

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lola 3

It was with great shock and sadness we learned of the death today of lifelong Anti-Fascist and Irish Republican activist, Edel ‘Lola’ Carroll.  Lola was subjected to constant threats of violence, often on a daily basis, by the dregs of the British Far Right and in the past had been seriously assaulted by Fascist thugs.  However, she remained fearlessly undeterred and relentlessly campaigned against racism, imperialism and the forces of reaction.  Our deepest sympathies are extended to Lola’s family, friends and comrades.

A crowdfunding page has been set up by close friends and comrades of Lola to try to give this lifelong Socialist activist a fitting send off.  Donations can be made via this LINK

As was anticipated, on hearing of Lola’s tragic death the dregs of the Far Right used social media to harass grieving family, friends and comrades. I have no intention of posting screen grab examples of their threatening, misogynistic, racist and ghoulish messages. Suffice to say, one would probably only encounter such deviant language within the confines of a prison’s Paedophile wing, which aptly enough, is exactly where a growing number of Far Right Patriots are being decanted into for some of the most heinous crimes against children.

The ever popular podcast, FemAnonFatal Women On The Front Line, has been dedicated to Lola, paying tribute and respect at the passing of one of the Anti Fascist movement’s indomitable activists. The Women On The Front Line podcast can be accessed via this Link.

lola 2

I measc Laochra na Fhrith-Faisisteach go raibh a anam dílis.

Beidh ár lá linn! 



“Islamophobic Terrorism” by 2 Max Report

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Source: 2 Max Report

2 maxed report

Read ‘Islamophobic Terrorism’ by 2 Max Report:  Here!

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